Sep 25th, 2013
i start getting quiet few calls from that "famous " 0000000000000 no couple of days ago..i answered it once, and as most of you says, all i get is silence, but i dont wait for more than 5 seconds. i stopped answering them all together now!!
 Mar 15th, 2010
This number calls me on a regular basis, really getting sick of it!I have answered it once before and it was a recording saying that I had won tickets to a cruise don't know about anyone else but either its a hoax or I am a very lucky person! Apparently I have "won" tickets to a cruise over 10 times,wow I must be very lucky?! Ya right! Watch out for the # 0000000000000 is all I can say
 Jan 21st, 2010
didnt answer this call as it was screened pain in the ass
 Oct 06th, 2009
Received a call from this number on my cell phone. I don't give out my cell phone number since I only use it for emergency or other important calls. A man left a message on my voice mail to call "Steve" at 888-992-23?1. He knew my full name also. He had a very thick accent (jamaican maybe) and it sounded like he was in a large empty room (hollow sounding).
 Mar 10th, 2009
Unknown Name with number as 000-000-000-0000, is this just another political 'Obama vote for me i'll set you' free BS call?
 Nov 01st, 2008