Identification on my tel: only 00000000. (8 zeros) . There is a silence and then a robot says good bye
Quebec Canada
 Sep 12th, 2015
I had a call from this number. Caller, male, had Indian-type accent (call centre?) and asked for Mrs + my partner's surname. I said no-one by that name lives here (true) and hung up. Phone rang again immediately. Caller said "Why did you hang up?" I said "I told you - you asked for someone who doesn't live here". He said "Who should I speak to then?" I said, "You should know who you want to speak to - you rang me" He hung up.
 Oct 09th, 2014
I was also called by this number and was told that I won a voucher worth R5000 I knew it was a scam cause I never entered any competition
 Sep 26th, 2014
left message saying my name and then hanging up.
 Feb 27th, 2014
None what kind of number is this
 Feb 07th, 2014
How can ph co allow this
 Feb 04th, 2014
I finally answered this call and asked who it was and why the number comes up this way. She said she was from a pet rescue that I was looking at online and the number come up that way because its an automatic dialer. I told I wasn't interested.
 Jun 11th, 2013
Started calling me yesterday.
 Jun 11th, 2013
This is a scam to disable you computer. After you follow their instructions they want big money to repair it. Thank our wonderful phone companies and government for this headache.
 Jun 04th, 2013
When is the phone company or some other entity going to give the consumer better ways to stop being harassed by these types of phone calls? It's absurd that these idiots can transmit a number that doesn't even have the appropriate amount of digits to even BE a phone number. It's ridiculous that the phone companies that we all pay for our service doesn't help more in protecting its consumers from intrusive, annoying, harassing and potentially predatory phone calls!
sick of this
 Jun 04th, 2013
Recieved a call form +0000000 at 13.23pm today. I missed the call but very confused on where this number would have come from.
joanna moloney
 Mar 22nd, 2013
The man said that there was something wrong with my wireless router and I should go to my computer so he could help me fix it, I hung up, he called back twice, but I did not answer.
 May 24th, 2012
please do not call this number anymore I will have a warrent for you if you try to call again
lona white
 Nov 04th, 2011
I'll also get calls from 00000000. I get these several times a day
L. Carleton
 Sep 15th, 2011
she called at 9:31 and we spoke for like 8 secounds
 Jun 24th, 2011
she might have benn indoneasion other than hispanic or a mix
 Jun 24th, 2011
she the ladie that called me seemed to be hispanic but when i asked who is this she said nothing but hello thats all she said i am freaked out and there were like kids in the back ground screaming and i think playing and it was staticy too i wonder who it was
 Jun 24th, 2011
Over 40 call in 14 days
 Apr 11th, 2011
I have absolutely not other information -- totally weird
 Mar 03rd, 2011
Over the past two weeks...I have been receiving calls at least 4 to 5 times a day from this #. They don't bother to leave a message. I'm afraid if I answer this call...I'll see the charge on my bill. It's formated to be a foreign caller. They've called during during the week and on the weekend.
 Feb 26th, 2011
Stop calling my number from this 00000000 because whom ever you are be a man or woman and say something. I,m a full grown women and welling to talk to you if thatis what you want to do.
 Apr 26th, 2010
I believe this is a masked number coming from india
 Mar 26th, 2010
no one on phone so i just waited and listened. They hung up after a bit. 7:55pm exact call time
 Mar 18th, 2009
this number has rung daily for almost a week now and is getting on my pip. Wot can I do?
 Mar 08th, 2009
This number rings me almost every day asking for 'Miss Kim Cooper'. I have told them no-one of that name lives here yet they still ring. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I do?
 Feb 10th, 2009
i recived this phone call today with 00000000 on my cell phone all i got out of them was they are trying to sell me meds if i asked there name they would hang up. i could tell this was a tell a marketer
john carter
 Jun 11th, 2008
I don't know who it was that called, but they didn't leave a message. It's amazing what garbage individuals will come up with to make money in any way possible.
Benjamin Rice
 Jan 30th, 2008
At times I get calls with a total of 9 0's but this is the first time there were 8 0's. Not sure if they are related.
 Jun 27th, 2007
I just received a call from this number, and answered it. It was an automated message from some loan service congratulating me on my new debit card. Then you're given an option to either continue, which of course I didn't, because I knew they would ask me for a bunch of personal information, or the option to opt out from receiving these calls, which I chose. Then you're told it may take up to 2 weeks to be dropped. I reported the number to the National Do Not Call Registry, as I have been registered with them for over a year. I received an identical 2 days ago, but the number displayed on my cell phone was just "00000000". DON'T TALK TO THESE PEOPLE - IT IS A SCAM AND THEY WANT YOUR BANKING, ETC INFO OR WILL TELL YOU TO SEND THEM MONEY FOR SOMETHING THAT'S BOGUS.
 Nov 03rd, 2006