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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

966114766611 4 hours ago

i want to know that number

(605) 202-3001 7 hours ago

If it says "Consumer Svcs" in the CallerID, it has to be the typical "Rachel" credit card phishing scam.

(660) 268-5987 8 hours ago

Yet another THIEVING SCAMMER. Time to String them up naked by their gonads and leave them for crows and buzzards to pick clean.

(903) 343-3047 8 hours ago

This sicko perv keeps sending me dirty pics of his nasty junk!! He answered my as in east tx craigslist casual encounters ad now he wont leave me alone! Michael Merriman 903-343-3047

(801) 349-1060 9 hours ago

Initially left a voicemail with a concerned tone. A man saying that he's from Get Gephardt's office (investigative reporter for a local news station that dramatically exposes fraud by Ponsi schemes or corrupt businesses) and needs to speak to the owner or PR person for the company. Multiple call-backs go to a voicemail inbox with a generic robotic greeting and no mention of any company name whatsoever. Turns out after calling back and actually reaching the original caller that it's a sales scheme for becoming a "Gephardt Approved Company". The sales tactic for this is worthy of being exposed by the real Gephardt - before he became a retired sell-out (now retired from the news station, he hawks these "approvals" for a fee, just like the Better Business Bureau does for "grades" that they sell companies).

(779) 201-4191 9 hours ago

Some survey, I told them to never call again.

(914) 200-4350 10 hours ago


(315) 791-4466 11 hours ago

Boiler room in India. HANGUP ON THEM!!!!!

(303) 358-3642 11 hours ago

Don't know who they are but they are blocked from ever calling my phone again.

(818) 890-6843 11 hours ago

**IRS SCAM** - recording says the IRS is filing lawsuits against me, to call number (347)708-0070