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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(646) 285-0546 7 hours ago

Texted me that my Tangerine account is locked. Too bad I don't bank with them eh?!?

(617) 657-3019 9 hours ago

no name in caller ID says it all!

(917) 793-5513 9 hours ago

Got a call on my cell phone from 917-793-5519 at 12:33 pm. Said "hello" two or three times, but no one answered. I thought it might have been my phone, so I called back and found out that the phone number I dialed did not work.

If they are "LBX Diabetic" what do they want?

(928) 299-5097 9 hours ago

Robot Mr. Clay robo-call Carpet Tile and furniture Cleaning left a voice mail.

I'm in the 303/720 area code ??? must be a Robo call service bureau.

(267) 603-9510 10 hours ago

very rude girl on phone asking for my brother whom I've not spoken to in years. tried to tell her he doesn't live here, and to take my number off her list. she said she can't that its illegal. she said I guess when they come to serve him papers on wednesday, they will decide if he lives there or not. She told me to write down a number and have him call. I again said he doesn't live here, and I told her I would forward this number to my attorney!

(720) 440-5801 10 hours ago

received two unsolicited calls from 720-440-5801. Who are they? Legitimate salesmen or con artists?

(405) 708-7961 10 hours ago

The caller introduced himself as a health insurance provider and asked me if I was currently insured . I answered yes. The callers reply was ...Why?
Followed by the comment of...what's the meaning of life.? With my current situation a d impartiacular and ongoing struggles with health insurance since the loss of my last long term employment and insurance policy provided by and fully paid for by Tobias Associates in Pa C R a Z Y people out there! Disturbing to realize not just how but Why can these creeps be shut DOwN,!

(727) 469-7465 12 hours ago

Called my cell.....when I called it back to see who it was, said call cannot be completed as dialed.......spoofed number obviously

(844) 882-4641 12 hours ago

Another robo-dialed threat to serve me with a subpoena "at my home home or place of business". No reason given, no name, no nothing. Just a VM telling me I need to call in 24 hours or "else". Just another sleazy collection scam I suspect

(877) 691-5851 12 hours ago

630-246-3258 -aka- 323-691-5851 -aka- 717-557-0424 -aka- 877-691-5851 just called our business. Caller ID shows up as Bartlett IL. It was a woman with a heavy accent speaking broken English. She asked for the owner by name, but pronounced incorrectly. That along was a dead giveaway that it wasn't someone that we deal with or know, as the owner's last name is very common in our city and state. When we asked the company name that was calling, she stated that she was calling on behalf of BBI. When we inquired who BBI is, as we're not familiar with that acronym, she stated that it was Blind Bid Incorporated. Then she tried to go into her little spiel about Small Business Cash Advance, Small Business Lending, etc. Politely cut her off and informed her that we do not use any unsolicited business loan companies, and that we already have in-house lending from a family member. She then politely ended the call. We don't appreciate cold calls from some unknown lending company. The company is called Blind Bid Incorporated -aka- -aka- - and they are located at : 405 Cherry Hills Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 -aka- Michael Ohare, 17690 Grama Ridge Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80908 -aka- Michael Ohare, 4014 Brunswick Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039. Blind Bid, Inc is a company incorporated in the State of California, and its company number is C3163539. Blind Bid, Inc was registered on 9/30/2008. The company's status is listed as DISSOLVED. Interesting. So if their company is dissolved, how are they still doing business?!?