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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(877) 504-1892 8 minutes ago

Has called twice but doesn't leave a message.

(206) 922-0880 12 hours ago

FROM AMAZON - DO NOT ANSWER OR RESPOND - This is a fraudulent 'fishing' call. I just spoke with Amazon directly and they were adamant that this call did not come from them at all. They were surprised that anyone would report this number as trustworthy - my guess it those who reported this as trustworthy are part of the scam.

(898) 835-6076 15 hours ago


(928) 514-0252 16 hours ago

Another idiot from same area code within 1 minute, calls, presses telephone buttons while still on the phone and hangs up.... idiot

(928) 530-1101 16 hours ago

idiot alls, keeps pressing telephone buttons while they are on the phone just annopying, so i cld them back did them same and told then to stop calling on their voice mail.... idiots........

(774) 205-8012 19 hours ago

Call from MA claiming to be collecting money for FL police officers.

(412) 339-1658 20 hours ago

caller id says "14123391658" and the number again, do not know or trust this caller - caller hung up when answering machine kicked on

(415) 145-8446 20 hours ago

Obviously a disguised number. What phone number starts with a 1? Whoever it was hung-up when the machine answered.

(312) 526-4106 24 hours ago

no way would Ip were weorked would call on a saturday and no reason for call-0 this is a scam stop calling

(312) 578-7017 24 hours ago

Listed as from "Chicago, IL". While I know a few people in Chicago, this is no one of them. Left fours seconds of a voicemail message about "three bottles".