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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(913) 215-9790 42 seconds ago

I did not answer the call, but the guy apparently couldn't figure out he was talking to an answering system. He gave his first name and whom he represented before giving up. It is likely he was trying to sell an extended auto warranty.

(855) 315-3652 25 minutes ago

Caller didn't leave message Another web with complaints state caller pretends to be a time share place RCI & wants to talk about things, wants a meeting. Some people have called RCI up & RCI verified it is nothing to do with them. Another scam.

(513) 725-0992 50 minutes ago

Call if from Cincinnati, OH (so it claims, but phone number is spoofed which means fake).
Caller didn't leave message.
Another web with complaints on this caller, they state the caller doesn't leave a message & those who do answer the phone, the caller hangs up.

(936) 367-4092 1 hour ago

Caller ID showed Web Ranking...........but recording was the scam bull crap GE Home Security crap

(931) 534-2091 1 hour ago

Called and I couldn't get to phone fast enough. Stopped ringing after three rings. Caller ID showed unknown. Did not leave message. Quick look up showed from Clarksville, TN.

(360) 718-9611 1 hour ago

Level 3 Communications
Vancouver, WA

(404) 554-6075 1 hour ago

Galaxy s4

(303) 384-6845 2 hours ago

answered this time
Mr. telemarketer, "We will be in the neighborhood tomorrow.... storm damage repair... "
Me, "I'm not the home owner"
Mr. T, "thank you, bye"

(702) 830-4093 2 hours ago

Merchant services trying to confirm credit card processing appointment to lower processing rates. Appt set by another caller, this phone number is to confirm appt or get you to follow through. Company says they work for your merchant services company and want to move you over to lower rate; but it's not true. They say they are "over" all merchant processing companies. But it's just a really creative way to get you to provide your statements and sign you up with a new company.

(206) 949-8000 2 hours ago

Called, hung up and did not leave message. Don't know anyone in Seattle Wa.