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keeps hanging up when i pick up the reciever
Received a call from "David" returning a call regarding TV ad about a back brace. He hung up when I told him I did not call about a back brace and NO, I'm not on medicare.
IRS scam. Bull shit threats and all.
THE IRS DOES NOT CALL. They always send a letter.
Unintelligent inbreds at University Federal Credit Union out of Utah. They are looking for previous number owner and keep harassing my phone even tho I told them that the person they are looking for does not own the number and I am not in their state nor do I know the person. They are rude as hell on the phone and are in violation of federal law! Don't do business with these scum
Calls and hangs up every day.
Debt collector?
I wish the stop mother me
This number keeps calling me
 1hour 22minutes
I also rec'd a call, and have been on the do not call list since 2012. You should file a formal complaint at:

Just learned that this number is:
+1-857-626-3030 - Clark Tofolla - Cutter St, Belmont, Massachusetts
 2hours 2minutes
It's a scam. Don't fall for it
 2hours 3minutes
Called during work day but I didn't answer because I have no family or business at this number in South Carolina.
 2hours 11minutes
Said they were returning my about back braces--hit 1 got a salesman twice both who hung up when I asked to removed
 2hours 14minutes
Just got this call. Caller ID says "Unavailable" I did not answer. I don't answer callers with ID "unavailable" and area codes in which I have no family, etc. I will block this call if it happens again.
 2hours 34minutes
 2hours 51minutes
Well UNKNOWN, sure is a little bitch. Not everyone is in the wrong, i've been fighting these assholes at Supermedia for over a year. They're a ripoff and published info wrong....ummm hello you get my info wrong...no one is going to call me....so WTF should i pay your ignorant ass?
 2hours 56minutes
Credit Card offer/scam.
 3hours 8minutes
Canadian Pharmacy. Soliciting.
 3hours 30minutes
 3hours 45minutes
I got a text from this number saying "Excuse me, do you have a Band-Aid? I skinned my knnee when I fell for you."
 4hours 8minutes
Inappropriate text from an unknown source.
New Jersey
 4hours 25minutes
Caller didn't speak when phone answered. Caller ID showed "Final Solutions"
Complaints on another web say:
Offered funeral insurance
Tailoring social security benefits
Caller hung up when they answered the phone
 4hours 43minutes
Threatening messages telling to send important document Austin Tx.
 5hours 24minutes
These people called claiming to be calling about enforcement action from the US Treasury regarding a prior year tax return and even had information regarding an amount that my return was offset. I believe these people have somehow stolen our information i made sure to take names and federal id numbers as they said with a call back number. I will be contacting the irs direct to notify them of this security breach
 5hours 48minutes
I received a call from 401-472-9205 on 9-28-16 at 3:21PM, caller ID said: "UNKNOWN NAME". I always let my answering machine answer all unidentifiable calls. They left no message.
Rhode Island
 6hours 10minutes
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 6hours 14minutes
It is a spammer/spambot mass messaging people trying to either get passwords or credit card information. If you get a link from anyone you don't know, it is wise to not click it in order protect your security.
 8hours 53minutes
 9hours 42minutes
Same as previous poster. This # called 10X in 4 days-6X today! I also called them and heard msg but couldn't understand it. I've told them not to call several X's, even recorded it but they keep calling. Any suggestions?
New Hampshire
 9hours 50minutes
This number keep calling me.
 14hours 7minutes
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 14hours 50minutes
 16hours 28minutes
Seems to be a police charity scam.
 16hours 55minutes
603-509-2584. Calls repeatedly and just hangs up when answered. I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine and called that number. It is a recording, very creepy garbled message about the Goffstown NH Police Department. The recording repeats 3 times and then hangs up on it's own.
New Hampshire
 17hours 55minutes
This number called Sept 27, it is a recorded message. He doesn't give a name but says hes calling regarding an "inforcement action by the US Treasury". I know it is a scam and have had several of these calls lately , I really wish they would stop. Hopefully people don't fall for this.
 18hours 17minutes
ID:Brewster Elec E. No message.
 18hours 56minutes
Approximated caller location is OXFORD, WORCESTER, Massachusetts. ZIP code is 01540. It's registered in CTC COMMUNICATIONS- MA.
 19hours 2minutes
person keeps calling saying I called them. But I have no history of this number.
 19hours 9minutes
Dorthy Bennett
Chestnut St
Framingham Massachusetts
 19hours 13minutes
Chris Silverio 1 (508) 202-1270. Framingham, MA.
 19hours 13minutes
Got a call from this number 9/23/2016 11:51am stating they were the IRS and they were going to sue me
North Carolina
 19hours 27minutes