5554442222 53
3608191141 43
2692158187 24
8447113211 23
2456789000 23
3012987311 22
3462016434 18
6065179651 17
8009985202 16
3129067631 13
Reflex Wellness
NJ Bayonne
84 St. John F. Kennedy Blvd 1st flr, Bayonne, NJ, 07002
New York
 10hours 2minutes
This number as I've been told is the "Fraud Dept"for Merrick Bank card services,Although,a message always states to call back a #877-364-3507.
 10hours 36minutes
This number as I've been told is the "Fraud Dept"for Merrick Bank card seevices
 10hours 38minutes
Collections agency: Have received numerous calls over the last few months, but have never answered or called back. The irony is that I do currently have payment plans with a couple of hospitals and doctor's offices and have NEVER missed a scheduled payment - if they were for real, they should know this.

Just as an aside - once you give a hospital/doctor's office you name, address, and insurance you DO NOT have to give them your SSN. I know because I have been treated at several different hospitals and doctor's offices over the years and NONE of them have my SSN. If I pay online, I just have to remember whether the last 4 digits of my SSN are 7777 or 9999 or whatever they assigned.
 11hours 39minutes
It's just people asking for donations from alumns. Every school does this. Not a scam, but they do want money- your call.
 12hours 1minute
Caller ID: Genl Dynamics C
 12hours 51minutes
Called today around 4. Didn't leave a message.
 12hours 58minutes
Repeated calls with no one on other end. Phone identifies as a wireless caller. Called back to a recording that said, "The person you called is unavailable. Please try your call later".
 13hours 19minutes
Has called my cell 5 times without leaving a message.. =blocked
 13hours 32minutes
Generic "Card Holder Services" automated system. Press 1 to be connected to a rep. Fake person on the other line who could not tell me who i was or what company they were with. Told them to remove me from their list as i have asked them multiple times in the past. Then they hung up on me.
 13hours 45minutes
Just blocked this caller and several other callers. They call and never leave a voicemail...this number calls and calls at all hrs!!!
 14hours 13minutes
Bogus irs
 14hours 28minutes
Chase told me today this was a legitimate phone call. They said that although they can't verify the # they can see if someone from their fraud dept has contacted you.
New York
 14hours 30minutes
called, no message, do not recognize number.
 14hours 39minutes
same call - A man named Michael Scott called my cell and left a voicemail. The man said he wanted to serve me papers for court proceedings and said if I was not at my residents then they would come to my place of employment to serve me these papers and that they would have my manager or supervisor present.
 14hours 50minutes
504-435-4733 just called our business. Caller ID showed up as "Livingston LA". It was an illegal robocaller, female voice, claiming to be calling from Google. Press 1 to speak to a Rep, press 2 to be removed. Pressed 1, got on hold music, then the tell tale "Bloop" sound, then a man with a VERY heavy Hindi accent states "Thank you for calling Google, how may I help you with your SEO today?". Had - chickenonaraft.com - preloaded and let that blast into the phone for a few seconds, then hung up on them. This is nothing more than a Fake Google Listing Scam. Reporting the call as harassment and blocking the number.
 14hours 51minutes
Received a call at 3:04PM CT on 04/25/2017. Caller left NO message. Name was Branchville, NJ
 15hours 27minutes
9786446068 massachusetts
 15hours 28minutes
You've been selected for a free vacation. No caller ID name
 15hours 40minutes
Scam. This number is most likely a VOiP. If you're not familiar with that term, just google it.
 15hours 40minutes
This was a spam call from a Jimmy Perez. Left no message
 15hours 43minutes
This is the Oil Lobby calling for support.
 16hours 1minute
Happened to me today. It appears this thing is going on for over a week. Why cant these Indian scammers be tracked and locked up if they are in the US?
 16hours 16minutes
Spam with the name Vicki OLIVERIO attached to the number.
 16hours 43minutes
From Fredricksburg VA. Was called from a mobile phone. Now blocked.
 16hours 58minutes
Kelly "Recruiter" asked for a return call at 216-524-3177
 17hours 5minutes
Calls often no voicemail. Did not answer.
North Carolina
 17hours 21minutes
I just got a call on my cell from this number too. I didn't answer it. He called my house a couple weeks ago to.
 17hours 29minutes
Spam, or possible phishing attack.
 17hours 44minutes
I asked to be taken off their list, he asked if he could as a simple question, so he asked how old I was and then asked when I lost my virginity!!
New Jersey
 17hours 52minutes
Robocall, FAKE
 18hours 6minutes
Got a robo-call saying this is an emergency call from Microsoft, and that my Windows key has expired. I called back for fun, and got an Indian dude who was trying to get me to turn over control of my computer.. he got frustrated and hung up when he realized I I don't have a Windows computer...
 18hours 10minutes
I recently recive a call of this number, but I donĀ“t know why
 18hours 14minutes
Called 2x in a row one minute apart. No message left. Tried calling back, first time it went into a quick busy signal. Second time I tried it doesn't tell you who it is or give you the option to talk to an operator, it just says "If you'd like to be placed on our do not call list" so I chose that option. SO. TIRED. of these CALLS!!!!
 18hours 18minutes
Got a call from this number didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. If it was important then they would have.
 18hours 25minutes
".... Meant to receive it going through want for $7,800 in order to claim your money...." Total Scam!
 18hours 30minutes
 18hours 36minutes
no message
 18hours 41minutes
did not leave message
 18hours 42minutes