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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(901) 581-1302 3 hours ago

Phone rang, no message.

(888) 258-7775 4 hours ago

This number was left on my answer machine to call back.
The original call came from 856-661-7873 a local phone number around Merchantville/Pennsauken NJ.

Recording said ........"but your status will change in the next 24 hrs. to decline unless we hear from you immediately. Please call 888-258-7775 with auth code _____ & speak with your agent today. Again that number is 888-258-7775. Thank you & have a great day."

Another web site I used said the regular phone number was a personal number .

(385) 529-6745 4 hours ago - 385-529-6745 - "Rachel from Cardholder Services"

If you want to hear the call, it's recorded here: - +13855296745

(888) 710-0201 5 hours ago

My wife has had this number call her on several occasions. She called them back and was told they work with people who have back injuries or bad backs.

(802) 201-5896 5 hours ago

Caller has called and hung up before. This time, he (with an African or Nigerian accent) claimed to work for Microsoft, and he said my computer had been hacked. He said he was going to help me and asked me to turn on my computer. He proceeded to tell me what to click and each time would ask what I see. This was an attempt to make sure I was doing what he asked while he was trying to work his way to my personal information. I let him continue this until boredom overtook me. I was never on my computer. I don't have to be on it to know what would open, so I faked it and made keyboard noises. When he thought he was about to get information, he asked what I saw again. I said, "I see a d*****s ******g scammer who thinks I'm stupid and will fall for your stupid ****, you stupid..." Well, you get the idea. He stuttered and I hung up. :)

(281) 671-1058 5 hours ago

No message. Hung up.

(201) 778-0169 5 hours ago

clled back and offered opt out option

(405) 563-9002 5 hours ago

This is a scam.

(405) 563-9002 5 hours ago

Been receiving calls from this number every day for a couple of weeks. Children's Cancer shows up on caller ID but there is never a message on voice mail. It just records a dial tone. I am on the National Do Not Call registry.

(313) 749-9036 6 hours ago

Same shit, different day, different calling number. Credit card scamming assholes. Wish it really were my "final notice" to "reduce my interest rates". What a bunch of fricking peter puffers!