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I recd a call about a lawsuit being filed against me in mississipi. Never been there
Said a lawsuit is being filed by the US government.
I got a call saying an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States Government.
North Carolina
Scam call

A recording talking about renewing a car warranty. Don't answer.
Called did not leave a message most likely a cloned phone number
Same here just got a VM saying the EXACT SAMETHING about the US Gov has filed a lawsuit in my name, though funny. NEVER ACTUALLY SAID MY NAME. One would think if the Gov is gonna sue you, in your name, they would at lease say or use it when calling you! 不不不不不
Irs scam.
I received a call from this number, did not answer and there was no voicemail. I called back, there was a recording: You have reached the non-working number for Boeing Company ...
Was an automated call, person speaking Chinese.
 1hour 6minutes
I am getting threat from this number , i want to know who is this
Uttarakhand India
 1hour 30minutes
Yep. Fraudulent. Despicable. Fungus Clones.
 1hour 34minutes
Check here: http://bit.ly/2HwvM1m
New York
 1hour 35minutes
It was legit. I applied for a Chase Card and it was to confirm that I applied for it. They identify themselves as Chase when they answer. They did not ask for personal info other than my cell # to text me a code to read back to them.
 2hours 17minutes
 2hours 19minutes
Seems like an IRS scam
 2hours 21minutes
is a recorded message supposedly from the IRS saying they are monitoring all your assets. Hung up after hearing this. Probably some scam at the end trying to get PII.
 2hours 21minutes
I'm on the do not call list. I do not know this number, This is just a scammer calling then
 2hours 31minutes
Dylan Thomas calls several times a day wanting to sell warranty for a car we don't own any longer. Will not remove our numbers and has started calling from spoofed numbers.
 2hours 53minutes
I think its one of those scummy collection agencies that buy up bad debts for 1c on the $. They keep call won't tell me who they are and hang up when I refuse to tell them who I am.
 3hours 18minutes
Same here about the lawsuit! Losers!!
 4hours 24minutes
Said something about fraud and a lawsuit from the government is being filed against you
 5hours 52minutes
Same here.. called an left message about a law suit
 6hours 13minutes
Got a nude photo at 11:40 at night. Scam trying to get me to Chat about a sex app
North Carolina
 14hours 13minutes
I got a message from my computer saying I needed to call this number that it was from Microsoft and that I had a virus. I called they picked up on first ring. They ask me what I was doing online. I went thru the process thinking they where really from Microsoft. Until the last step that said I needed to update my computer. I hung up and then Google this number and I came up with this information here. Who are they? I shut down my computer and turn it back on. Was this enough? Should I do something else. Are they hackers?
 14hours 30minutes
who is this?
 14hours 32minutes
Low life, Northland Group Inc is a debt collection agency that uses any tactic to try to collect money owed. One of their biggest clients is Citibank. They will try you at least twice a day. This is not the only number they will use. They have several. They operate out of Edina, MN. If they contact you, request their mailing address and write a letter telling them you wish no further contact from them. If the calls do not stop, you have a right to sue them.
 15hours 30minutes
Called for my daughter. Did not identify themselves.
 15hours 44minutes
Scam recorded vm.
 16hours 59minutes
VoIP number
New York
 17hours 10minutes
called, left no information. when it went to answering machine the call disconnected
 17hours 38minutes
this # is a BIG criminal enterprise - 202-455-8888 report to
police ;-)
 17hours 41minutes
 17hours 50minutes
American Energy Management Corporation

221 Boston Post Road East # 350
Phone:(508) 480-8200

Energy scam!
 17hours 55minutes
Prerecorded message from scammer about getting a business loan.
 18hours 12minutes
Prerecorded scam message from Smart Choice Processing about credit card processing.
 18hours 22minutes
CID New York Ms Robot IRS Scam Voice mail once and one hang up not answered while I was out.
 18hours 37minutes
I missed a call today from (716)543-9650, but they left an automated message. It was a partial message because it didn't wait for the greeting to end before it started, but this is what it said "....as there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you. The number to reach us is 518-636-7752. I repeat 518-636-7752. Thank you" As you can see, that is not the number the call came from. Also, since they didn't wait for the greeting to end before starting the message, there was no mention of WHO they are pretending to be.
West Virginia
 19hours 33minutes
said they were the IRS and they were coming to arrest me. Ha ha. I called them back. I talked to a Mr. Rollins, Employee #GS100692. he would not confirm that he was with the IRS, but insisted on getting my name first. Come and find me!
New York
 20hours 5minutes
just got call about tax fraud! WHAT
 20hours 11minutes