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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(866) 766-1255 5 hours ago

Ralph Barrientos, 19 Buckley Hill Rd., Morristown,NJ

Sells Mini meds (fake insursnce, you get $100/ day for 30 days. The average daily hospital rate is $1,800.00).

Extremely cheap, scrutinizes bill in restaurant, pays his workers to do gopher work.

(678) 273-2148 6 hours ago

Well I suppose i should be weary as well. i posted something on craigslist as well and got an email from the same guy. I haven't gotten a second email yet however, but now I know it's probably a scam.

(800) 895-6405 6 hours ago

This number called 7 times in the same day-12:11 when I was having lunch, 1:54, 3:20, 4:42, 6:01 when I was having dinner, 7:09 and 7:55 p.m. It rang 5 times each time. I would have thought since it was an 800 number it might be important - IF it would have rang the 6th ring and let the answering machine answer. It was very irritating and I hope I am the only one that was bothered that much!

(901) 594-0427 9 hours ago

Caller ID showed just the phone number. Didn't leave message. Obviously a scumbag.

(806) 611-6600 9 hours ago

ladysaid she was from California when we asked where her company was from- caller ID on our phone says Texas. She had a foreign accent & I couldnt understand her anyway.figured it was a scam. she said there was a Microsoft computer problem wanted me to turn on computer. I hung up

(467) 559-4364 10 hours ago

Phone rang, call from this number, answering machine picked-up, call disconnected.

Well, I have no clue who the call was from & not going to worry about it because I've programed the number into the call blocking feature of my phone. Call all you want idiots. I won't get a single ring & you'll be instantly disconnected each & every time you call.

(866) 288-0199 10 hours ago

out of area

(312) 548-6735 11 hours ago

Left message on answering machine - collecting data for Eagle Scout directory

(678) 273-2148 12 hours ago

I posted an ad to sell some college textbooks on Craigslist and someone named Stephen answered me. The initial email didn't raise any red flags and he provided the email address I responded to that and lo and behold, the details of the second email did not match what was said before -- such as a "certified bank check" sent by postal service or UPS, when it was supposed to be cash. Plus the reply came from Stephen Kieny at with a phone number of 678 273-2148. I smell a scam!!

(312) 465-3250 12 hours ago

I am not sure who called me but this number was left along with no message. The number has shown up at least twice before in the last 3 months. On a whim, I chose to willfully call the number back much much later in the day and got no reponse, not even a recording. Who ever is using this number is using it for abusive reasons.