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7608974929 11
Steven Russell Clark
North Carolina
860) 871-34598608713459EVERSOURCE ENERGY48 Tolland Stage Rd
Tolland CT 06084-2321

8608713459 vernon rkvl ct SCAM!
 2hours 9minutes
Running a scam by selling car cheap with a story that someone has recently passed away so they want to get rid of car quickly because of painful memories so they are selling it.
 2hours 19minutes
This number is running a scam claiming to be tech support for EBay.
 2hours 24minutes
Craigslist scam in the Bay Area of CA Same Michelle Wilson in Springfield Missouri. After searching on the internet about the BOAT she is selling and also if there were any signs of a scam going on about this boat. The BOAT is a 2001 Baja 25' outlaw off-shore performance BOAT. I have gone back and forth with her by email, phone texting, but won't call and talk to me. So I sent Machielle first as well and only would do the escrow purchase and has to be shipped. Called number to mess with them. African man answered. Said Michelle was in a contract and it had to be shipped. Husband had died moved to Missouri . Address in Springfield for this international auto shipping company is a vacant building that used to be Ferguson Diesel. Currently for sale. Decent web site though. I told the seller I would drive to Springfield and pick up the BOAT to save her shipping and would pay cash. Only Watch out. If they clean their act up a little bit and fine tune some stuff it could get more unsuspecting people.
 5hours 58minutes
Somebody that supposedly that was claiming to be a woman was sextexting my 14 yr old son from this number, very disturbing they made intial contact through Facebook or Instagram and took it to phone chat , we have screen shots and everything, found the Facebook page was all photos stolen from the web , my son is 14 yrs old , why is a claiming 30 yr old something woman , Adult period regardless of Gender sextexting my under age son and probably others ??
 7hours 45minutes
okay i can
Haryana India
 7hours 54minutes
Facts about DVV Auto Shippers in Springfield, Missouri.

A 2011 Land Rover Range Rover appeared on Dallas Craigslist. Its now pulled.

A woman by the name of Michelle Williams stated that she lived in Dallas, husband died of a heart attack, she moved to live with family in Springfield, Missouri.

I asked about a pic of the the title. She sent the front only with no back copy. The front stated the mileage of 35,111 in 2011. I was told that the current mileage was 35,111. Impossible. The VIN on the title is SALSK2D4WFA249454.

I was sent a carfax of the exact same color, year, model, location of car in Missouri. It looked the same EXCEPT the VIN is SAESK6D46BT761153. NOT THE SAME CAR.

Went to the DVV website. It looks professional with mulitiple pages. The address is 2727 North Partnership Blvd in Springfield. No such address exists.

On the title is states that Michelle Williams lives at 2698 West Village Lane, Springfield. No such address exists. the highest number on the block is 2663 which is a corner house.

When talking to the heavy broken English man on the phone at the DVV contact phone number from the website, he stated that all "items" meaning cars, boats, etc. must be shipped to the person's home address according to federal law. I asked if there was a policy for cancellation of the sellers contract. He said it could be cancelled for a cancellation fee. I asked how much that fee would be and the phone was hung up. I called back five times in a row and the phone was answered each time then hung up each time. This was being answered at 8:30pm central time.

I explained that I had spoken to my bank and was willing to gain a cashiers check in the exact amount for the Range Rover and was willing to come to DVV to pick up the car with the sellers agreement. I was told they must ship the car to the buyer and no person is allowed on site.

They kept probing for full name which I never gave. Only the first name. They probe for full address and current phone number. Neither did I give. They did get email address in order to have "their mother" send you the info and pictures of the car, which they sent pictures, fake title with fake address, and a carfax on another car that looks exactly the same in information.

I can only hope that the pictures, title, and carfax don't have any viruses attached.

The current phone number being used: 877.624.5079
 8hours 15minutes
Just received phone call saying they were the cops and I had four counts against me and needed to contact them at this number
 9hours 7minutes
Threatening phone call going to send local authorities to my house.
 10hours 26minutes
04/19/2018 1-888-918-7313 is a legitimate number. It is Visa Card Services. In this day and age of scammers, I did a reverse confirmation. I called the main number to the credit card in question and then went through the process and asked if my account had been flagged for any reason. The initial agent said yes and transferred me to the Fraud Detection Services Department. I again scrutinized the information given to me and confirmed the case number that was given to me. This agent confirmed that this was a valid case number and verified my account purchases.
 11hours 52minutes
Called us twice and asked us to call them back. Threatened us with arrest. Hardcore scammers do not answer.
Ontario Canada
 12hours 42minutes
Scammer. Called and asked me to send him money then started yelling profanity
 15hours 7minutes
Got a text msg: GoOd AfterNoOn Howz Ur DaY GoinG? Also had 3 emoji's: helicopter, red pepper and a boat...
 15hours 17minutes
"We will be forced to send authorities to your home for 4 counts against you"
 15hours 19minutes
this # calls my cell with no response
District of Columbia
 15hours 25minutes
Robocall about carpet cleaning
 15hours 26minutes
scam dvv 877 624 5079 this was another scam the women goes by eduarda montoya rosario got same story on a 2015 keystone laredo trailer about husband dies of heart attack.scam
 15hours 34minutes
This is definitely a scam!!! I got the same vm message stating that a lawsuit had been filed against my name. I knew this wasn't true so I called the number back to confront them and got their vm (not even set up on an automated system) that started with "Thank you for calling the IRS..." and went on to say that they were not available to talk right now and that I should call back later.
 15hours 45minutes
 15hours 58minutes
Threats of sending local authorities to "haul" me off on 4 counts of who the heck knows!
 16hours 7minutes
An unwanted call from this Los Angeles VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was boiler room noise in the background before disconnect -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The website www.whitepages.com has flagged this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!
 16hours 27minutes
Part of a NYC real estate harassment web using different telephone numbers and sometimes claiming to be the Chinese Consulate.
New York
 16hours 28minutes
Scammer/Fraud! Dont answer!
 16hours 46minutes
I got a call as well. DO NOT do any surveys on SURVEYMONKEY these third parties or what ever they are contact you immediately.
New York
 17hours 0minute
Just had a call from this number. Same as other callers have experienced, this caller with Indian accent was advertising very low AT&T/Direct TV rates. Said if you prepay with a Amazon gift card for $360.00 you will have the service Internet/Phone/TV for $89.99 a month for 2 years and get a rebate of $150.00 with a VISA prepay card if you sign up by 9:00 pm. If it is to good to be true, it probably is...a scam.
 17hours 26minutes
Got a text from 918-923-0409 and then an email from Shirley Booth saying the same thing as the others below. Scam.
 17hours 30minutes
Voicemail left: “This is the final notice from the IRS internal revenue service there is a legal lawsuit has been filed against your name so if you need more information give us a call back on our department
 17hours 36minutes
Texted me about money owed to the irs, I don’t owe the irs.
 17hours 38minutes
a company called
New York
 17hours 38minutes
Received a call from 716-200-1135 (Buffalo, NY). They left the following voicemail:

"This message is for _____, this is Sonia, I'm calling in regards to Jessica Lloyd, please call me back today at 800-242-1583." And included a reference number. Did not identify themselves or what this was regarding.
New York
 17hours 38minutes
Just received a call saying I was gonna be arrested if I didn't call them back at this number.
 18hours 14minutes
Claimed to be from Direct TV calling me because I'm a Direct TV customer (I'm not) and they wanted feedback. As others have said, Indian accent. I tried to ask if he had my account number and what services did he think I have, etc. He kept saying he was from Direct TV. I hung up.
New Jersey
 18hours 23minutes
We got this same message today in Indiana
 18hours 48minutes
Political solicitation
 18hours 55minutes
People's Court; Stamford, CT; unsolicited call - did not answer, listened to message but did not return the call.
 18hours 56minutes
Left message stating I have allegations against me and to call back. Twice in 2 days from 2 different numbers.
 18hours 56minutes
We just came across a story about a woman name Sharon Bowman who is in the Air Force and needs to sell this vehicle immediately. Everything else is pretty similar with the DVV Auto Shippers..here is the e-mail we received...hope it helps. It's not looking so good for us either. People suck!
My name is Sharon Bowman and I'm the owner of the 2012 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali 4X4. It is a one owner truck. It has never been in an accident. It is a non-smokers truck. Mechanically, the truck starts up and runs beautifully. The transmission shifts perfectly. The suspension is solid, brakes have no issues, and the steering (alignment) is straight. The engine compartment is remarkably clean. It has a 6.6L V8 Duramax turbo diesel engine with only 131k original miles and Allison automatic transmission. The title is clean and clear without any liens or encumbrances. It has no leaks or drops and does not smoke. Owner's manual and full service records included.

I drove the truck when I was serving in Missouri at Whiteman Air Force Base. Last week I was deployed to Alaska at Eielson Air Force Base, we are making final preparations before deploying to Syria for a year and do not want to store the truck as there is no one to drive it. The truck is in Springfield, MO in DVV Auto Shippers possession and it will be delivered from there on my expense. Delivery will take 3-5 days depending on the weather and traffic conditions. I signed and notarized the title and the bill of sale and you will receive them along with the truck.

The price I'm asking for the truck is $14,700 and the reason I'm selling it way below market value is because I don't have time for negotiations. First come, first served. The financial part will be managed by DVV Auto Shippers and you will get 5 days inspection period before committing to buy the truck. Using DVV Auto Shippers we are both 100% covered during the steps of this transaction. They will keep your money until you get the truck and I get paid only if you decide to keep the truck after the inspection period of 5 days ends. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the truck, DVV Auto Shippers will send you a full refund immediately and one of their drivers will pick up the truck at your location and bring it back to the warehouse.

If you are serious about buying the truck, please send me your full name, shipping address and phone # and I will get everything started as soon as possible with DVV Auto Shippers. They will contact you right away with all the details of the transaction and will explain better the entire procedure. Please see the attached pictures and let me know what you decide.

Thank you and God Bless!


Senior Airman Sharon Bowman
354th Communications Squadron (CS)
Cyber Systems Operations Technician
Eielson Air Force Base (AFB)
2630 Central Ave #3349
Eielson AFB, AK 99702
 18hours 58minutes
 19hours 2minutes
Yeah, gotta call from this number threatening me with charges from IRS
 19hours 11minutes