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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(888) 321-9438 5 hours ago

Says NRA, but I get calls from the National Rifle Association and this isn't any of their numbers. If it is a debt collector, I don't know why they are calling me. I don't have any outstanding/overdue debt. I have one credit card and it carries a zero balance. I have reported them to the Do Not Call Registry, because there is no reason for them to call me.

(442) 229-2169 7 hours ago

Harassing calls

(213) 257-5233 9 hours ago

This phone number is still viable. And has been reported.

(405) 339-7333 9 hours ago

This Number Belong to COX CABLE SERVICE
they will call you to sell you more services by COX
or if you owe them money they will use the sa number of 405-339-7333
Depending on your status with cox this could be a good call or a nightmare call.

(918) 728-3498 10 hours ago

Prerecorded message asking for donations; acting like they are a legitimate Thrift Store. They wanted you to call back a different number. Read on another site that this is really a scam.

(626) 171-7171 10 hours ago

This is a sleazy scam! Area code is Azusa, CA, but is clearly relayed to another country, probably India. English is definitely not "Steve"'s first language. Anyway, he said he was from tech support, and there was a problem with my computer. Pul-leeze!!! I'm so tired of this kind of crap! After years of being firm but polite and getting my time wasted. I fought back. I said one the most vulgar, vile insults I could think of, and took a cheap shot at his mother! Guess what? Apparently I struck a nerve! I hung up and the idiot called back, THREE TIMES!! I kept hanging up on him, and it was very satisfying.

(706) 166-3003 11 hours ago

I didn't answer the phone because I didn't recognize the number. I later used my burner cellphone to call back, just to see whose number this really was. Turns out, it's not a legitimate number.

(913) 201-0217 11 hours ago

You have won a free cruise scam.

21210 11 hours ago

Got phone call... Left no message

(832) 871-3681 13 hours ago

Keeps calling asking for someone else. They have obviously looked up cell phone records because the person they're asking for is the primary on my account, however my number is not their number. Also, this caller REFUSES to identify themselves by anything except first name, when obviously this is not a personal call.