3153781819 30
8776245079 23
2028084472 20
9097468036 19
6075954205 17
8005315000 16
8454451843 14
8583529684 14
3478686510 13
9173838040 12
No msg
called 25 times in 2 minutes!!!
760-600-7695 Got tired about this number!! Left a msge… saying the local police will arrest me …
Fired after that you will be taken under custody by the local police as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 760-600-7695 I repeat 760-600-7695 … please stop it!!!!!
Same story Skid steer below market value. Husband died.... moved to MO. Have several different dresses and another auto hauler. Great fake website. Better than my real one...They could go legit and do websites. Hope feds track them down. Mine had an Indian/Asian Voice. Please FBI check them out. They have SC number also
Caller ID shows Sears Home Improvement. This is concurrent with a recent flood of home exteriors, new windows, home improvement "reply" calls to my cell phone. I'm not sure why they think anyone would contract for home improvement from a company that likely won't be in business this time next year.
Received a text from this number claiming to be Chase bank and my Visa card was frozen. Please call to unfreeze. I am sure this is not a chase number.
 1hour 5minutes
Microsoft key scam
 1hour 14minutes
Told me I owe IRS $$$. Just hang up. Annoy.
 1hour 22minutes
Caller stated that he was with a magazine I had been subscribed to and wanted me to take advantage of a special low-cost subscription. Turned out the cost was much more than what I had been paying. Then he wanted my debit card number; that is when I hung up.
 1hour 34minutes
Caller ID says Xodius Rampant.
 1hour 42minutes
Called several times today, no message
 1hour 43minutes
Leading Edge, no message left
 2hours 2minutes
3865791111, Hilton Vacation Club scam
 2hours 4minutes
this is fake
 2hours 5minutes
Is this a scammer
 2hours 10minutes
could not call back, sorry call could not be completed at this time? Suggests another time it would work. not normal and blocking
 2hours 21minutes
Threatens to send local police to arrest me if I don't settle 4 "delinquencies," whatever they are (tip 1: I have no known "delinquencies," legal, debt or otherwise; tip 2, you cannot be jailed for debt in the U.S.). They leave this number to call back to set things right. How nice.
 2hours 21minutes
Threatening legal consequences for back taxes owed if I didn't call back or have my attorney contact them.
 2hours 32minutes
Stated they were from neighborhood health plan
Looking for my wife, would not leave call back number or message only wanted to know when my wife would be home. I could not offer help as I do not know when wife is home or out. They ended up hanging up me.
 2hours 34minutes
I just got the same message on my phone a warrant for my arrest for Katherine Richardson & that's not my name SCAM... I called the number back & rang no answer message said "the number you are calling in not available to call back or leave a message!!!
 2hours 45minutes
Howdy (918) 375-2671 - Who Called Us

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Thanks whocalled.us
New Jersey
 2hours 51minutes
8572676035 wcf
 3hours 4minutes
Asking for my account number and not a chase customer
 3hours 41minutes
Called about a fax & documents regarding an unnamed debt. left this number to call back. Showed on ID as UNKNOWN . Will BLOCK CALLER
 3hours 51minutes
I had a missed call from this number I tried to call back but reached a disconnected message.423-252-6523
 3hours 59minutes
I had a missed call from this number I tried to call back but reached a disconnected message.
 4hours 0minute
credit collection and debt relief co,
 4hours 18minutes
Whos this
 4hours 46minutes
8555671825 shows Toll Free ID (supposedly) National Pain Center (supposedly) no name ID shown.
Asked them to identify their name and phone number and they hung up.
Definitely scam caller wanting to know eligibility.
 5hours 9minutes
Robot call demanding I call or my attorney regarding an IRS issue
 5hours 21minutes
Trying to get me to say the word "yes".
 5hours 38minutes
Someone called me at this number but noone responded when saying hello.
 5hours 45minutes
I got the same call at 12:02PM today. I asked my # to be removed from their call list and she Hung up on me!! SCAM!!! I Called back and got an Automated message saying the # is invalid or disconnected etc
 5hours 55minutes
It is your Sears credit card calling to get u to pay your balance before they either tack on a late fee or send your azz to collections!
If you don't like calls from debt collectors, stop spending money you don't have! It's not rocket science people!
 6hours 36minutes
It's Citibank calling to tell u to pay your damn credit card bill! Just pay the friggin thing & they'll stop call in u!
 6hours 39minutes
Rotocall: claims to be "Tracy from Life Insurance Companion". Has called 3 days in a row. Has also called from 423-522-6532
 6hours 53minutes
No message.
North Carolina
 7hours 12minutes
Left message stating IRS and had lawsuit pending on me
North Carolina
 7hours 13minutes
called and said they try to connect veterans with realtors. The man abruptly hung up when explained no longer in real estate business.
 7hours 29minutes
 7hours 33minutes