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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(662) 985-7978 5 hours ago

Call originated from Southaven MS, a Memphis suburb. Sounds like real estate/mortgage/finance/refinance scam. Left no message, of course

(901) 969-1620 5 hours ago

Call several times a year. Leave no message, so they are bogus. Get a job.

(519) 315-2617 5 hours ago

Ontario Canada? Woman said one word & that was "good bye".

(205) 639-0479 5 hours ago

warranty scam, spam.

(855) 229-4378 7 hours ago

We are on the no call register and have been for 5 or 6 years or more, does this stop IDIOTS,NO? The caller I.D. showed TOLL FREE CALL, we were having power surges and it turns one phone on that says: we are NOT accepting calls, while the other phone had a regular message, leave your number at the beep, the phones own message. So,they got a scrambled message, HA HA HA. We screen when these calls come and they have been coming in recently since we called in for Donald Trump and pressed one for support, then they want MONEY.. Advertized on T.V. so do NOT call it, has nothing to do with him. He is financing his own campaign, yet these hoodlums wanted money when we called, so we hung up. We block their numbers and then they call from another number. We would like to know why,if Donald Trump is financing his campaign, why are they wanting money?? They will NOT get one red cent from here or any other person wanting money for any bullshit like this! We have NEVER seen such crooks trying for the White House or such CRAZY behavior. We do pray Killary Hillary does NOT get it, or Bernie Sanders. Can you just picture his fat hog wife with stringy hair as the first lady,I think ,NOT! Plus, she is approx. 30 years his jr. We do NOT like that. An old man and her sugar daddy(boy what a catch)YUK, does NOT need in the White House to represent our country. At least Trump has class not ass. These people calling know they are blocked and then call from another number,just to be a pest,if we answer they will NOT call back, by the time they hear what we have to say. It is to the point of harassment, now! This must be stopped! Will file charges with the phone company. We called from our cell the other day and they said put the number in if you wish to not receive calls, but it may take up to 30 days. NO, they just call from another number. We hate Idiots that hide behind a call like this or one that says incoming call. We know its not humans and its programed and robo calls,but still. Then you can NOT tell them how you really feel. They would not sleep for a week by the time we got finished with them.

(480) 643-9513 7 hours ago

Call from, a company I had asked a question via their website. They were responding to my question.

(401) 781-7770 8 hours ago

leaves a message to call a 800 number that's it no name of the \person they are looking for

(920) 240-4087 9 hours ago

This lady called and said there was a complaint filed against me from advanced America that I never paid and now I'm being charged for not paying and now they need my lawyers name and number I wish these ppl would get a life

(402) 769-2430 10 hours ago

Calls frequently. No message left. I don't answer calls from people I don't know. Hope they give up!

(804) 491-2130 11 hours ago

Caller starts out by asking for the lady of the house. My response is I don't want calls from this Organization. Caller asks agin for Lady of the house, Didn't you hear me, I DO NOT WANT CALLS FROM THIS ORGANIZATION TO MY HOUSE !!!

Caller says they will add me to their DNC list. I say Thank You and hang up.