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this number called me and i call back and it says that number has been disconnected
Fraud! Some Indian guy claiming he is an officer.
Auto Protection One - Car Warranty SCAM
New York
debt forgivness scam
North Carolina
Harassing calls at all hours
 1hour 17minutes
Credit Card Services
 1hour 54minutes
Scam about payday loan.
 1hour 57minutes
“There was a fraud and misconduct on your tax which you are hiding from the federal government this needs to be rectified immediately so do return the call as soon as you receive the message the number is 202-470-0077 I repeat again 202-470-0077 thank you…”
 2hours 14minutes
Caller stated they were in my area upgrading wires and wanted to know if I was interested in upgrading my home security. They would come in and wire my home. I hung up.
North Carolina
 3hours 4minutes
Pos Indian scam
New York
 3hours 43minutes
8 calls in two days. Other sites report it as medical alert scammer.
 6hours 14minutes
Unknown Number
Karnataka India
 9hours 50minutes
*Gotta love stupid criminals!*
Caller rang my office number at 9:35 am.
I answered: "XYZ Police Department, what is the nature of your call?" Caller proceeded to ask me if I was the "homeowner". I restated: "You have dialed the XYZ Police Department, what is the nature of your call?" Caller then told me he was from Windows and some one hacked my Gmail account. Apparently they can't even understand not to call the Police.
Case has been referred to the proper authorities and is being investigated.
New Mexico
 13hours 11minutes
I got this same call today on both my business and personal cell. WTH. What is there to do about it?

 15hours 29minutes
Office Jack from IRS called and threatened with immediate arrest by sending local law enforcement unless I took immediate action to cooperate.

How do these scumbags from third world countries get our private information?

I know the answer. Thank you Corporate America (credit card companies, telephone companies, etc) for selling us out for your greed.
 16hours 47minutes
dam person geez stupid i DON'T answer but onceu do>- they can! get info dont answer people. That's idiotic.. So,person calls,i answered,there is no one and no sound, ps they can! leave a message another farud..scam sign people!! you DONT have to no one does answer! Jennifer
 17hours 3minutes
 17hours 11minutes
National Auto Warranty Center
 17hours 59minutes
National Auto Warranty center
 17hours 59minutes
Tried to sell car warranty.
 18hours 1minute
Scam number, says it is coming from Wal-Mart in Reno, NV.
 18hours 24minutes
I had the same thing happen where a pop up on my screen came up stating to be from Microsoft and To call them within five minutes. I decided to call and the person I spoke with was an Indian man who was very rude and I hung up on him. He said he was helping to fix my computer but it seemed like a big scam. I didn't do any of the things hey said to do
 19hours 26minutes
who called
 19hours 32minutes
Calls several times a day from 7 in the morning till 10:30 at night and they never leave a message. And my caller ID state caller is a D. King since we do not know a D. King we do not answer the phone. But this D. King is getting to be a real pain in the butt
 19hours 36minutes
New York
 19hours 50minutes
Who is this
 19hours 52minutes
Recording claiming to be licensed contractor for BC/BS.
 19hours 54minutes
Caller ID Unknown Name, no message.
 20hours 17minutes
Caller ID Unknown Name, No message. No legitimate caller hides their identity.
 20hours 20minutes
This number called to gain information dealing with annual income!
 20hours 23minutes
This No. called me and a computer voice saying that he is a I.R.S detective and their record shows that I have committed I.R.S fraud, TOTAL B.S
 20hours 24minutes
 20hours 29minutes
Same call. Whats the point of this? Collecting information???
 21hours 9minutes
Home Care Pulse - If you received a call from this number, HCP was contracted by your home care provider to perform a brief satisfaction survey.
 21hours 15minutes
Called talking to my answer machine as if I answered call.
Hello.......hello is anyone there.......nobody answered, disconnecting call now.
 21hours 37minutes
 21hours 58minutes
 22hours 0minute
Scammer calling from cell phone in Oklahoma. I don't give my cell phone number out to businesses, I refuse. So this is nothing but a scam.
Caller asks for unknown woman's name, then goes on to say then maybe you can help. I'm ____ with Breast Cancer Research.
 22hours 10minutes
ID said Los Angeles, CA. Left no message.
 22hours 22minutes
Recorded message saying someone filed a compliant against me.
 23hours 47minutes