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3014991550 17
2133044290 15
2532031849 14
8556625294 14
2017837129 14
3473900851 12
4845079499 12
8883882173 11
This number keep calling me.
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 1hour 10minutes
 2hours 48minutes
Seems to be a police charity scam.
 3hours 15minutes
603-509-2584. Calls repeatedly and just hangs up when answered. I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine and called that number. It is a recording, very creepy garbled message about the Goffstown NH Police Department. The recording repeats 3 times and then hangs up on it's own.
New Hampshire
 4hours 15minutes
This number called Sept 27, it is a recorded message. He doesn't give a name but says hes calling regarding an "inforcement action by the US Treasury". I know it is a scam and have had several of these calls lately , I really wish they would stop. Hopefully people don't fall for this.
 4hours 37minutes
ID:Brewster Elec E. No message.
 5hours 16minutes
Approximated caller location is OXFORD, WORCESTER, Massachusetts. ZIP code is 01540. It's registered in CTC COMMUNICATIONS- MA.
 5hours 22minutes
person keeps calling saying I called them. But I have no history of this number.
 5hours 29minutes
Dorthy Bennett
Chestnut St
Framingham Massachusetts
 5hours 33minutes
Chris Silverio 1 (508) 202-1270. Framingham, MA.
 5hours 33minutes
Got a call from this number 9/23/2016 11:51am stating they were the IRS and they were going to sue me
North Carolina
 5hours 47minutes
Got a call from this number 9/23/2016 11:21am
North Carolina
 5hours 50minutes
Debit Free Solutions
 6hours 10minutes
Indian gentleman calls to inform me he represents a company that works for Microsoft. Informs me that my pc is infected. Told him to call somone else I wasn't buying it he hung up. Tried to call back number no one answers. Caller Id :Allday D F
New York
 6hours 32minutes
I got a call today from this number. It was a robo-voice looking for money for National Police and Troopers Association. I asked for website and they gave me www.nptadonations.org. I looked it up and the donations are not tax deductable, and this is actually part of the IUPA - International Union of Police Associations. The IUPA would not disclose to Charity BBB website - RED FLAG!! I came across an article that said in 2012 they raised $8.2 million, and $7.7 million was used to pay fundraisers. Of the remaining $500K, only $35K was used for scholarships etc. and rest was used by the union for negotiations. MAJOR SCAM!! I ALWAYS ASK FOR THEIR WEBSITE BEFORE I DONATE AND THEN I LOOK THEM UP ON CHARITY BBB AT http://give.org/charity-reviews/national/ AND CHARITY NAVIGATOR AT http://www.charitynavigator.org/. These sites can help you see their financials including how much goes to the program, fundraising costs, and what the CEO earns. Here is the article http://www.newtoseattle.com/2013/06/26/police-charity-ranks-among-the-scuzziest-trolling-in-seattle/
 6hours 53minutes
Keeps calling me
 7hours 14minutes
This # calls me 10 times a day & hangs up. I need to contact them to take me off their phone list.
New Jersey
 7hours 23minutes
No one talks, just hangs up. Tried calling back and get nothing, No ring, No busy signal, just a blank line.
 7hours 27minutes
need to know they are
 7hours 31minutes
856-295-9713 just called our business. Caller ID showed up as FPT. It was a female caller with a very strong Hindi accent. She claimed to be calling from FPT (Found out after a Google search that they are called Future Payment Technology), as we couldn't make out what she said due to her heavy accent. When pressed for more information, she then changed her story and claimed to be calling from Merchant Services. That's when our secretary knew right away that it was a scam phone call. Told her not interested, hung up on her, and blocked the number. Typical scam outfit bouncing numbers out of Canada into the USA, all out of a boiler room located in either Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.
 7hours 35minutes
Direct TV.
 7hours 41minutes
1 888 676-1174 sent me a text "This alert is to notify you of an issue with your Discover card. Please call 888-676-1174. When I called the number it asked for my 16-digit number. When I put that in, it asked for my 4-digit expiration number. I immediately saw red flags. If it was Discover, why did they need my expiration number? The 16 digit number should be more than enough. I thought this is a scam that wants to use my information to charge things. I'm going to call Discover to ask about this.
 7hours 48minutes
 7hours 57minutes
Google scam scumbags, BLOCK!
 8hours 3minutes
Solicitation for "Texas State Troopers Association". Hardly any of the telemarketed money actually goes to the intended people. This is a For Profit telemarketing group. Do not answer.
 8hours 29minutes
Left text message with attachment. Do not recognize number. Did not open,
 8hours 33minutes
local area call
 8hours 36minutes
Another Treasury threat scam.
The call came from a blocked caller but the voice message left this number.
 8hours 36minutes
robocall offering refinancing
 8hours 40minutes
Debt collector fishing for info.
 8hours 50minutes
SCAM - I received a call from this number informing me that IRS was filing a lawsuit against me unless I called immediately. Do not reply to these calls.
 8hours 56minutes
telemarketing company based in manchester, england. i need the address.
Edinburgh, City of United Kingdom
 9hours 0minute
US Treasury scam
 9hours 1minute
I didnt answer when they called, its the second call today from an area code I didnt recognize and it comes across caller ID as unknown.
 9hours 10minutes
Telemarketer don't answer
 9hours 12minutes
Scammer trying to sell extended warranty
 9hours 20minutes
SCAM!! report this number, they called saying I owed $13,800 and that I had to pay ASAP. its FAKE!! watch out people
 10hours 28minutes
Caller "Kevin Mason" pretending to be from US Treasury
Cannot call them back
New Hampshire
 10hours 33minutes
Bogus marketing call about computer issues
 10hours 43minutes