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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(712) 308-7850 20 minutes ago

Called my cell phone. I reluctantly answered and got a robocall that started "I know that you probably hate these calls, but trust....," and that is when I hung up. You're damn right I hate these calls, you freakin' moron!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm not about to trust anything you tell me!!!

(202) 706-5642 29 minutes ago

Don't answer. Credit card scammers! Number probably spoofed.

(408) 211-3111 31 minutes ago

Scammers trying to get your Social Security and banking information.

(561) 221-6911 31 minutes ago

Yet again, another scam call that will not stop. 8th call of the day....

(949) 770-8100 40 minutes ago

Hit accept button on my phone and gave 5 full seconds for caller to initiate conversation. As soon as I said "hello"...they hung up. Suspect this is either robo or person cold calling to ensure number is viable and then they would add your name to some list for others to call you with marketing/solicitation cold calls.

(619) 378-0051 43 minutes ago

Caller had Indian accent talking/threatening about money owed to IRS. Yeah, right. SCAM!!! I hung up. The number is probably spoofed.

(203) 295-3422 50 minutes ago

FRAUD = National Center for Aging. Caller wants to send seniors a "Life Alert" type system worth $20, for which they will charge Medicare an exorbitant fee.

Total scam.

(410) 476-2014 52 minutes ago

FRAUD = Robocall from the Veterans Assistance Foundation, one of many sham organizations soliciting donations to help veterans who never see any of the money.

(676) 386-4563 52 minutes ago

A man called, asking to find out who is the person that pays for my internet service. I knew it was a scam and I hung up on the person.

(443) 296-2916 55 minutes ago

Caller wants me to contact my state representative to combat a proposed law taxing online travel agencies.