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Houston Menjivar
Whirlaway Dr
Austin, Texas
 2hours 23minutes
Some super foreign guy claiming that I won grant money. Just a bunch of crap. Never found out how much "money" I would be receiving....I don't know how people buy this stuff. Nothing is free and no one calls to tell you that you won money....ridiculous
 7hours 9minutes
 7hours 55minutes
Don't know who it is
 8hours 51minutes
Whoever owns this number just likes to fuck with people ignore it
 10hours 36minutes
caller id says EPI Inc.
called after 9pm EDT.
no message left.
 11hours 36minutes
Spam to look like last Vegas metro substation
 11hours 43minutes
Calling me about "supply charges" on my electric bill... I moved from MA 5 years ago!
 13hours 22minutes
I have had 4 calls in the last 2 days. I know it is a scam. Call number and it is not working nbr. Creeps!
 13hours 59minutes
Scam caller. Id shows as local call but area code is not local. Blocked caller.
North Carolina
 14hours 10minutes
They collect for Norwalk Community Hospital.
 14hours 46minutes
Pops up as Claude Murre but no message. But it pops up as a different name when I receive calls. Could pop up as "potential scam" have a name, or just say "Bellevue Cell Caller"
 14hours 51minutes
not recognized, did not leave any voice mail.
 15hours 6minutes
Call three times start at 9
Ontario Canada
 15hours 10minutes
Just got the same voicemail. Glad I checked. Popular opinion seems to be that it's a scam.
 15hours 12minutes
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 15hours 16minutes
Definitely a scam. I’m 18 and don’t have an electric bill. There’s no way they were actually calling me about my “charges”
 15hours 22minutes

South Carolina
 16hours 20minutes
South Carolina
 16hours 20minutes
Number display only no CID
 16hours 36minutes
Got the Robo Call today - Claimed to be microsoft and needed me to cal to renew my subscription. Oh Yeah! everyone else pops stuff up on my computer and Microsoft needs to Call - I don't think so..... SCAMMER
 16hours 40minutes
Called from a restricted number ut then left me a message about "supply charges on my electric bill" and left this number. Definitely a SCAM!!!
 17hours 4minutes
I was told to call this "IRS" number to avoid criminal charges. SCAM
 17hours 10minutes
Same - they've been hitting my landline at the office, which is not a number that any financial company has on me, claiming they're from the IRS or something, trying to sound official. Just hang up on them. The IRS does not call you.
 17hours 13minutes
I just got a call from this number today. Same message that it was a federal judge magistrate. I know it's a scam, but how did they get my number???
 17hours 17minutes
Didnt say name or business but wanted to talk about my electric bill. Scam
District of Columbia
 17hours 19minutes
called back to see who it was and after two rings goes to a busy signal
 17hours 19minutes
Scam. Do not answer.
 17hours 27minutes
It's spam
 17hours 40minutes
Scam artist peddling credit cards. Told him he would have to give me a blow job before I would listen to his sales pitch or else he could put me on their do not call list. He then said a few choice words and I ended by asking why telemarketers have such short dicks.
 17hours 55minutes
Usually when a person speaks Spanish they transfer you but they just said they will call back mostlikely a scam
 17hours 56minutes
I've gotten the same call twice today with voicemail saying to call federal agent at that number. Unknown caller.
 18hours 5minutes
Caller ID said DCH Systems. When I called it, got a recording the number had been disconnected. So looks like scam call, even as other sites assign to several individuals.
 18hours 7minutes
Mr English 2nd language "Windows Tech Sup" CID Donohue Joseph
Me- "Send them out my windows need cleaning" click
 18hours 19minutes
Telemarketer regarding property
 18hours 20minutes
Repeated hang up calls.
 18hours 23minutes
Ealing United Kingdom
 18hours 23minutes
definitely a scam. contacted my real company and they confirmed
New Hampshire
 18hours 29minutes
Multiple calls, no messages
North Carolina
 18hours 46minutes
I also received a call from this same number. same woman automated voice and same message i ignored it for few days but i decided to call back with different phone they picked up imminently the male that answered had a European accent i hang up right away.
 19hours 12minutes