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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(402) 769-2424 24 minutes ago

Once again,Obama and the government can listen in and record anyone's phone calls to their sweet little grandmother but won't go after these bastards...NOT CAN'T!....fine them, put them out of "business" and jail them!

(877) 504-1892 2 hours ago

Has called twice but doesn't leave a message.

(206) 922-0880 14 hours ago

FROM AMAZON - DO NOT ANSWER OR RESPOND - This is a fraudulent 'fishing' call. I just spoke with Amazon directly and they were adamant that this call did not come from them at all. They were surprised that anyone would report this number as trustworthy - my guess it those who reported this as trustworthy are part of the scam.

(898) 835-6076 17 hours ago


(928) 514-0252 18 hours ago

Another idiot from same area code within 1 minute, calls, presses telephone buttons while still on the phone and hangs up.... idiot

(928) 530-1101 18 hours ago

idiot alls, keeps pressing telephone buttons while they are on the phone just annopying, so i cld them back did them same and told then to stop calling on their voice mail.... idiots........

(774) 205-8012 21 hours ago

Call from MA claiming to be collecting money for FL police officers.

(412) 339-1658 22 hours ago

caller id says "14123391658" and the number again, do not know or trust this caller - caller hung up when answering machine kicked on

(415) 145-8446 22 hours ago

Obviously a disguised number. What phone number starts with a 1? Whoever it was hung-up when the machine answered.

(312) 526-4106 26 hours ago

no way would Ip were weorked would call on a saturday and no reason for call-0 this is a scam stop calling