7738390517 32
4692064322 23
8582818430 21
2012994315 19
8563913774 14
8002914814 13
7033450597 13
4242578175 13
9495228717 12
4099655792 12
Called several times, stops on the 4th ring. Leaves no messages.
 1hour 3minutes
Fraudulent, scammers- if
you received a call from this # don't answer your phone .
 3hours 59minutes
This # claims to be an agency for government for free federal grants
 4hours 3minutes
Many calls but does not say anything
 4hours 16minutes
I have asked this caller to NOT call this number again and they continue to call
 4hours 39minutes
Calls daily soliciting senior service
 5hours 8minutes
He called me by my first name. I told him I would take a message, but I do not know them and he would not tell me what it was about, unless I was the person he was asking for.
 5hours 28minutes
This is a scam! They called me and a foreign speaking person answered the phone and I told them I didn't understand them and requested an English speaking person. They then put on another broken English speaking person who was clearly reading from a prepared page. I even heard her turn the page. She couldn't read. She didn't understand context. When I began to troll them they got angry and threatened me. I laughed hysterically and continued to troll them. They hung up and blocked my number. Don't waste your time
 5hours 49minutes
 6hours 12minutes
This is a scam! They say their part of the "tax office" & there is a problem with filing. If you don't call back within 24 hours legal action will be taken.
 6hours 19minutes
Loan servicer calling about a payment that was not received (misdirected)
 6hours 31minutes
It's illegal in my state for solicitation calls be placed to a cell phone without written or verbal permission from the cell phone holder or prev or current business relationships in the last 1 & 1/2 yrs. I do not give my cell phone number out to businesses so calls like this are just an illegal scammer calling.
I report each & every call I get because I do not give my cell phone number out to businesses.
 6hours 51minutes
This is clearly a scam. Its a recording saying that you owe the IRS or that there are charges against you and the police will arrest you. They continue to call me from various numbers in various states and I keep blocking them. Report these to consumer information. Also the IRS sends letters and warnings if you actually are in trouble.
 6hours 52minutes
Got voicemail from this number. The woman has no foreign accent but the message sounded really sketchy. She gave badge no 4512 and claimed a tax fraud charge has been filed against me and I should contact them immediately. When I dialed the number, it says "Angels Camp, CA" and the line gave a busy signal. Scam!
 6hours 53minutes
What Company is this
 7hours 15minutes
I recieved a recording saying there are four charges against me from the "local cops" haha Nice try.
 7hours 20minutes
Called and left a message saying they had a complaint and this was their final attempt to reach someone I do not know. I get calls for this person constantly and have made several requests to stop calling me as the person they are trying to reach is not at this number and I do not know this person. They left this phone number 855-205-0916 on my voice mail so I called and got a recording saying that the person at that extension was busy and to leave a voice message. Voicemail says that mailbox is full and an error occurred. The number does not come up on caller ID. All it says is out of area with no number showing.
 7hours 32minutes
Received two calls from this Katherine, claimed there is a FBI investigation against, two different numbers left:
 8hours 6minutes
SCAM. It's a recording "the IRS is filing charges against YOU..." and then I hung up and blocked further incoming calls from this number.
 8hours 15minutes
Caller ID: Unknown Name, no message. SCAM
 8hours 37minutes
Called, but sent to voicemail. Got a very lengthy VM of a bunch of people just talking and laughing. No official message was left. Figure they didn't know the line was live. Didn't sound like a work environment.
 8hours 38minutes
Called and did not leave a message.
 8hours 48minutes
Caller insulted a business.
 8hours 48minutes
Keeps calling and I try to call back says not working number
 9hours 16minutes
Keeps calling but when I try to call the number back it says not a working number or has been disconnected
 9hours 18minutes
apparent spam call, no name but "St. Louis, Mo"
 9hours 41minutes
I also received a phone call from a "DTV representative" offering me a promotion sponsored by Amazon. I would have to pay $300 for 5 months of service which immediately threw up red flags. I did give them some thought given the fact the DTV number came up on my caller-ID and they had my account number. They were off on one of the details on my account when I pressed and gave me another "promo number to call" 1-888-806-6261. I also called DTV and was told it was a scam. Thanks for everyone's posts that prompted me to make this one. This was pretty well organized and I have no doubt may trick many.
 10hours 9minutes
whose number is this. i got a call, but when i called back , it says press 9 to put in do not call list
 10hours 31minutes
Called and I denied
 10hours 38minutes
This number belongs to a racist piece of crap that posts all over facebook, the internet, youtube, and uses stolen photos and videos claiming to be his own.
 10hours 53minutes
They just called im a T-Mobile customer. I asked him what card calling from and he couldn't tell me only that he can see my accounts and I have balances over $3,000 correct? The voicemail said if I call back I can lower my rate for both Visa and MasterCard. I'm in Hawaii bullcrap I hung up
 10hours 54minutes
7/21/17 - missed call today from phone #: 707-287-9837. Look up shows it is a "Non-fixed VoIP phone number."
(Skype or Google Voice)...When called back - Auto answer: "You have reached SolidQuote.com". At their website their contact information does NOT include a phone number. My cell # is on the "Do Not Call" Register, so this company is in violation of illegal solicitation. I've filed a report with the FTC, and recommend others do the same. https://complaints.donotcall.gov/
 10hours 54minutes
This is part of home improvement scam number.
 11hours 4minutes
This is an number that shows in caller id but is no longer in service when you return call. Home improvement scam.
 11hours 8minutes
 11hours 20minutes
I have received 5 calls in the last 24 hours as of this posting. There is no name in the caller ID. The calls were transferred to my answering machine; no messages was left. I can only find complaints about telemarketers when I search for this number online. I cannot find a legitimate business with this phone number.

The number is most likely spoofed; I live in the GTA; we are still being targeted by "Air Duct Cleaning Services"; I suspect it is them. I will leave this number blocked.
Ontario Canada
 11hours 21minutes
Who is this
 11hours 24minutes
This is a scam, robo call threatening legal action.
New Hampshire
 12hours 21minutes
888-544-7515 -aka- 888-245-0673 -aka- 888-676-3337 is sending out Spam Faxes for Unclaimed Steel Buildings. Blocking all 3 numbers and reporting the Spam Faxes directly to the FCC.
 12hours 25minutes
888-544-7515 -aka- 888-245-0673 -aka- 888-676-3337 is sending out Spam Faxes for Unclaimed Steel Buildings. Blocking all 3 numbers and reporting the Spam Faxes directly to the FCC.
 12hours 25minutes