9138397310 52
8443773669 17
2138078006 17
4758822490 16
2566666431 15
7795524039 14
8443788610 12
7149277654 12
8665209144 11
8183054967 11
CID says SSI, everytime they call, it is a different number with SSI. I don't have anything to do with SSI, and if you try to answer and hang up right away, they tie up your phone line.
 3hours 18minutes
 4hours 32minutes
Calls all day into late evening.. not ADT I called them direct and there is no problem with my account
 4hours 57minutes
 5hours 24minutes
X-PertZ Furnace Cleaning
Alberta Canada
 6hours 17minutes
3612883069 research center
Corpus Christi, TX
 6hours 19minutes
8572628730 boston
 6hours 28minutes
6099575451 atlantic city nj scam
 6hours 31minutes
Got a chimney that needs cleaning - we''ll go it for you.
 6hours 39minutes
Who is this?
 6hours 53minutes
Robocallers and scammers calling often and never leaves a message
Rhode Island
 7hours 24minutes
This preacher comes on and starts talking about the troubles you have had and how you can get help, PRESS THE NUMERICAL BUTTON ONE NOW PRESS ONE NOW, like that. I've gotten several calls from him over the last week, on my business phone.
 7hours 49minutes
Phone rang three times, I picked it up and answered, no one on the line.
 8hours 11minutes
Called - did not answer. did not leave a message. read what others wrote about this number - glad that I didn't answer it. Thanks!
 8hours 30minutes
Same story here. Call from 215-234-1427 about supply charges on my electric account (no idea what that even is ...), but she - Donna Hughes - told me to call back at 732-360-5842 with reference number 0017114. Definitely a scam. Not calling her. Thanks everyone!
New Jersey
 8hours 40minutes
Something about my account. Could not understand the foreigner, Hung up.
 8hours 42minutes
This message is from the investigating department of the irs the reason to reach you is to let you know that the irs has filed a lawsuit against your name for tax evasion so before anything goes wrong. Give us a call back as soon as possible at our call back number. Which is 818-650-9620. I repeat. It's 818-659-0620. Thank you.
 9hours 6minutes
Fake text from verizon scam
 9hours 14minutes
Caller ID says "WCF"
 9hours 16minutes
called my cell phone. I never give out that number.
 9hours 29minutes
Facebook instagram San Antonio
 9hours 47minutes
 9hours 47minutes
 10hours 16minutes
Could hear jabbering voices in Hindi, then the call disconnected....
 10hours 26minutes
Spoofed call for "Credit Card Information". When I insisted they stop calling me, idiot on the other end of he line started hurling f-bombs at me, and told me to do something anatomically impossible. All in an Indian accent... so much for satyagraha!
 10hours 30minutes
Calls frequently from this area and exchange. No message ever left. Always calls around the same time in the afternoon.

Considering the persistent nature of these calls and the fact that they ascertained my number illegally, I have ample reason to suspect this is a robo-scam or some other rogue entity, just phishing for personally identifiable information.

I never answer these calls due to the likelihood that they're tied to a robo-dialing server bot.

Telephone companies really need to step up to the plate here and provide better recourse for their customers. We are the ones being victimized by these harassing scammers, not to mention the fact that a majority of the time, these rogue entities have ascertained some of our (PII) illegally.

We need to have proactive tools to fight back against this ridiculous onslaught of scam entities whom do not care nor respect our consumer rights to the protection of our personally identifiable information and of our own privacy. They still have unbridled access to vast sectors of our personally identifiable information, and they're not the only ones...

Also, the United States Post Office needs to stop permitting by default, outfits like the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) among many others, the unbridled access to our names and addresses, which they've been sharing ever since these marketing consortium's and other advertising conglomerates have been in business.

We pay for our postage!-------Why is the post office allowed to automatically do this to it's customers?!-----It is not right period!

It's a violation of our privacy and personal boundaries and an intrusion into our personal lives, and it's not right period!

When is enough going to be enough of all this ho-ranging hoop-la?!

It's about time these agencies and institutions answer for these outrageous intrusions & violations of our privacy and that they be forced to comply with stricter rules on how they treat our personally identifiable information and on actually [ FULLY ] protecting our privacy by default-------(not the other way around, as so often is the case with the so-called Auto-Opt-In policies so many corporate entities have adopted as standard operating procedure)!
 10hours 36minutes
FYI to anyone who gets a call from this number -- it is MY number and someone has "spoofed" it and is falsely using it to display on caller ID. I assume it's a spammer of some sort. Do not answer any of their questions, because they are NOT me! When you dial this number you will get me (a real live person), but I am NOT the one calling you - someone else is and they're just using my number to display on your caller ID...which is super irritating as you might imagine because I keep getting calls from people saying "did you call me?" when I did not!
 10hours 41minutes
automated call for "cellular" home security systems in SF bay area
 10hours 41minutes
Caller ID showed Easy Benefits. But another web said this phone number is GYB.
You can not enroll in health insurance, it's too late & can not enroll until the fall. So any calls from a so called health place is just a scam
 10hours 44minutes
Just got the same call about charges on my electric account - 2/20/18. Wow, they even have real people making up reference numbers! how do these people sleep at night?!?!?!
New Jersey
 11hours 16minutes
 11hours 44minutes
no message, keeps calling
 11hours 49minutes
Keeps calling but says it's not a working number....
 11hours 53minutes
Just called. No message left.
 11hours 53minutes
It's in settings of my phone and it's not my number.I called it and first time rang twice then said this number is not working then I called it right back and only rang once following the same recording. Doesn't sound of like a legit recording either
 11hours 54minutes
robocall about car insurance or registration
 12hours 4minutes
will smith
 12hours 17minutes
constant caller no message
 12hours 32minutes
Called me today. Said their company is ACS. Said I had a payday loan in 2011 that wasn't collected due to some bank account closing. Even went as far as to use a fake ss number to verify and address.
 13hours 8minutes
Just another idiot scammer that wastes his time calling people that never answer the phone. Just block them all!
 13hours 9minutes