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 5hours 2minutes
 11hours 56minutes
This middle eastern pos has been calling me for the past 4 years.....same act....he's from Microsoft. It has been traced back to Garden City, Ny. I called him a cyberterrorist and started yelling at me that I'm the terrorist! Can't the FBI do something?
New York
 12hours 47minutes
This number is a scam artist and phone hacker named ed lynch from rialto ca
 14hours 29minutes
This number is a scam artist and crook from rialto ca named ed lynch
 14hours 30minutes
This is a phone hacking crook from rialto ca named eddy
 14hours 32minutes
Called twice in 3 hours. Leaves no message.
 15hours 0minute
Called 2 times this week. Saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Total bullshit!! No government agency would contact you in this manner.
 15hours 3minutes
Called 3 times within 2 hours, said they were from windows, 3 times I told them to stop calling
 15hours 9minutes
Caller ID: U.S. Secret Service Caller: Foreign accent, could not speak good English. Pronounced names incorrectly. Stated they were from Washington, D.C. Apparently scam.
 15hours 26minutes
Harassing calls four to five times a day, Monday through Friday, from 8:15 a.m. through 8:45 p.m.
 17hours 14minutes
National Rifle Assoc.....
 17hours 22minutes
Called and left message that I defrauded the government. When I returned the call to give them a piece of my mind, they don't pick up.
 17hours 56minutes
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 18hours 21minutes
Pakistani Indians claiming to be IRS collectors scamming US citizens!
 18hours 51minutes
Received 7 automated phone calls from these 2 numbers in one day (206-822-5223) and 206-259-5825).
They leave an automated message claiming to be from the IRS. They want you to call back and pay them fines so you won't go to jail because you did something wrong on your taxes. IT IS A SCAM!
 19hours 6minutes
Passion the website-- very user pleasant and lots to see!
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 19hours 8minutes
Received 4 phone calls from this number. They would not leave a message.
 19hours 18minutes
Where the fuck does this website gets the info from! This wrbsite is worse than raw sewage system
 19hours 18minutes
Caller ID Unknown Name, no message. Unknown Name does not match Robert W. Braun that is listed as the owner of the number.
 19hours 28minutes
 19hours 32minutes
Good people.
another "Dick" lol
 19hours 36minutes
Calls several times a day. No message?
 19hours 58minutes
Caller ID Local Call Area,no message. And Oxford, Mi. is not very local to St. Louis , Mo.
 21hours 0minute
Paula Young 1 800 364 9060 Customer Service
 21hours 9minutes
Calls almost every day and doesn't leave a message. I called back and got no answer.
 21hours 26minutes
Just got a message from them saying they are the IRS. Fake don't bother answering or listening to their message.
 22hours 20minutes
Name Unavail ...
 22hours 36minutes
I received 3 calls from this number over a period of 2 hours and never left message.
 22hours 37minutes
Cell Phone NY
 22hours 38minutes
Name Unavail ...
 22hours 39minutes
Winston Salem NC
 22hours 40minutes
Same thing, hang up in 4 rings and don't leave a message
North Carolina
 23hours 26minutes
Left partial Voicemail "...federal investigation...very important..." Scam.
 23hours 27minutes
Missed call
 23hours 57minutes
Keeps calling, never leaves a msg
This call came in at 10:21 PM yesterday. As has been reported on other sites, the speaker was heavily-accented and English was obviously NOT her primary language.

She started into her spiel: "Windows sent a message..."

My husband interrupted her and said, "First of all, sweetie, it's 10:21 PM - and you are NOT supposed to call people after 9:00 at night. Secondly, I'm aware of your scam, so you're not going to get anywhere with me."

He hung up on her.

I wish he had let me answer the phone. I would have sung "She Thinks I Still Care" to her - and then I would have gone into "Only the Lonely" if she made it through the first one.
Received a callFriday afternoon, knew it was fraud call, returned call, could not understand the person, asked him to get someone to speak English became agitated and hostile cussin at me....said I gave up speaking pidgin English when I reached my teens and hung up
New York
This call came in on my cellphone at 6:00 PM yesterday (Friday, August 26, 2016). My phone was on vibrate, so I didn't hear it. No voicemail was left. From what I have read on whocallsme.com, this company is one of those that never leaves a message.
unknown. Said some kind of finance co