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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(814) 420-3064 44 minutes ago

Has called 11 times in the past two days! They never leave a message. I've filed a complaint on the Federal Do Not Call List. I've also installed a call blocker on my phone.

(972) 597-2794 48 minutes ago

I don't answer calls unless I know the number calling. This one has been ringing my phone at least once every day for nearly two weeks. They never leave a message, so it must not be important.

(209) 736-5390 1 hour ago

Got a call this morning from this number. Partial message urges us to call the number "about this case." (The recorded incoming message began during our outgoing message, so the first part of the incoming message was cut off.)

Searching elsewhere, I found a report that the caller claims to be from the IRS. The IRS *does not* do business this way! They contact taxpayers in writing. DO NOT give any information to people who call from this number!

(202) 697-9066 1 hour ago

called to say IRS is suing me. funny

(281) 205-8938 3 hours ago

no message left

(760) 620-0118 3 hours ago

Called at 10:12 and at 12:51.Alarm Co. I am on the do not call lists. I did not answer and no message was left.

(347) 773-4500 3 hours ago

I'm a trained Private Investigator and I renew my National DO NOT CALL Registry every year. So they call from this NY number to NY residents targeting the elderly telling them "You're Energy bill will be going up 14% next month, press one is you need help to reduce your bill.". Then you get transferred to NRG Solar Energy who wants to make an appointment to come to your house to put a solar system on your roof. I gave them my address (which they could easily get from my phone number which they already had). They say "there will be little or no cost to you."- YEAH RIGHT!!! Then they said the Specialist who will be coming to you may call.
The same night at 6:30PM NRG Solar Energy calls (not the Specialist) from a totally different phone number: 1-732-820-2041 (in NJ). The call is automatically disconnected as soon as I pick up the phone.
The next day I get a call again at 12PM from NRG Solar (1-732-820-2041) and AGAIN it disconnects as soon as I pick up. So I call that number and ask for a Supervisor. Carlita gets on the phone with a COLD, ice-hearted voice. I told her I keep getting calls from you that disconnect as soon as I pick up the phone, why? She said we called to confirm your appointment and your phone disconnected us both yesterday and today (THEY BLAME ME???). So I told her to cancel everything, I don't want anyone coming to my house and I want to be on your DO NOT CALL list! She agreed and hung up.
This is just a scam to sell you a solar system for your home that you can get far cheaper elsewhere. AARP sells your name to mailing/phone lists that include all kinds of shady companies like this one. Think AARP is there to help the elderly? THINK AGAIN!!!

(000) 002-4273 3 hours ago

What is this number and who is calling it. Please contact me at

(919) 324-0145 4 hours ago

Giving away alarm systems
Just keep calling
day after day

(866) 688-7643 4 hours ago

Says I have to show up in court in 3 hours or I'm going to jail. Called. Courthouse and they have no records . A scam