2312377277 42
6263615817 36
4243774153 36
6267379678 35
7204427718 31
6362746159 23
4432589328 22
8009985202 20
8447113211 20
2029632242 19
Left no message. Blocked.
 1hour 5minutes
scam fraud
 1hour 11minutes
scam fraud.
 1hour 12minutes
scam, fraud for trip we didnt even apply.
 1hour 34minutes
Suck my D!ck j3w scammers
 3hours 17minutes
Called my business to report my computer problems asked for my ip address lol...gave them Google's DNS
 3hours 43minutes
Caller making unsolicited calls then rude on the phone
 4hours 22minutes
706-204-3409 (Georgia) 5/22/17 (3:36 CST) - I received a call that I missed on my cell. This is the 1st time I've received a call out of this area. Unfortunately, I meed the recent mistake of inputting my phone number into a couple of "freebie" sites, and now I regret it, as I was afraid this would happen. I just Googled number to see that's it's a scam-type call. I can't "block" numbers on my cell, as I don't have a regular contract with Verizon. I do the month-to-month with the chip inside; however, I can create an "contact" in my address that says "SPAM CALL", so I don't answer it. However, with previous numbers it hasn't really worked, as they never seem to use the same number twice. Just in case they do, I'll see it's a spam. So even if I did have the "block" for the same reason it wouldn't work because these scammers seem to have a multitude of numbers to use! Anyways, that's my $.02 worth!
 4hours 34minutes
From El Monte, CA, didn't leave a message
 5hours 44minutes
From Warrington, PA, didn't leave a message
 5hours 45minutes
Left no msg
 6hours 15minutes
 6hours 16minutes
Called but nobody was on the other end of the line
 6hours 20minutes
202-455-8888 seems to be a legitimate number that Google Voice uses for verification (and in my limited experience is initiated by my on-line action), but scammers could be faking the caller id. How can you tell which is which? For one thing, I wouldn't expect Google Voice to ask for a credit card number.
 6hours 23minutes
This is fraudulent. SunTrust representative said they never ask you for your ssn # they have it. Idiot scammers
North Carolina
 6hours 48minutes
Caller ID: Toll Free Call, no message.
 6hours 49minutes
Don't know who this number is. they left a very vague msg.
 7hours 10minutes
Looked as if they were drinking while texting....asked who it was....no response!
 7hours 26minutes
Called three times in six hours, including at 12.35am.
 7hours 32minutes
Who is this?
 7hours 44minutes
It was a computer call. "Hello, my name is Heather and I'm calling to follow-up with a recent letter about your vehicle's warranty is about to expire. This is a courtesy call before we close your file. Do you want to speak with a representative?" I said "No," and they disconnected the call. Hopefully this stops the calls.
 7hours 50minutes
Is harassing me
 7hours 59minutes
i live in indiana. didnt pick up. didnt leave a message.
 8hours 17minutes
Midland collections about a hospital bill
 8hours 35minutes
They called. Didn't pick up
 8hours 37minutes
recorded scam/spam spoofing a legitimate number - waste their time, make them cry.... no-more-calls.com/how-to-waste-a-telemarketers-time/
 8hours 48minutes
Caller ID Lewis Tracy, no message.
 9hours 1minute
Austin, Indiana. I didn't answer the call from El Monte, California
 9hours 21minutes
Called me at 2:30 and left a voice mail of someone just fumbling to hang up.
 9hours 29minutes
Got a call from this number around 11:01am, i'm from Greenville,SC
South Carolina
 9hours 34minutes
Company calling to sell insurance
 9hours 34minutes
This number going to cell phones
 9hours 37minutes
This is one of those SCAM outfits that try to intimidate you thinking they are from the IRS and have issued and arrest warrant.
 10hours 2minutes
Received call at work saying I was being rewarded for having been a frequent guest at Hilton hotels. To the best of my recollection, if I have ever stayed at a Hilton hotel, it was over 25 years ago. I told them I was at work so couldn't talk, so was told they'd be brief... they weren't. I finally told them they'd have to call me back at home, I was at work and this was taking way too much time!
 10hours 13minutes
South Bend, Indiana. I didn't answer call from CA and no message was left.
 10hours 15minutes
Marion, Indiana. I didn't answer.
 10hours 17minutes
They just called me and hung up. It shows up on my caller id as San Luis Obispo. Annoying!
 10hours 19minutes
Didn't answer, call from CA no vm
 10hours 21minutes
Westfield, IN. Called, but I didn't answer.
 10hours 28minutes
In Fort Wayne, but I didn't answer. I don't own a car.
 10hours 29minutes