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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want



Frannie WY | FRANNIE WY |

franniewy calls from 4 phone numbers:

307-664-4379 307-664-4399 307-664-4409 307-664-4493


(307) 664-4493

April 23rd, 2008 TONY MARREN UT

can the feds bust this operation

January 11th, 2008 Tee

Received a call from this number and did not answer because it was unfamiliar to me and looks like a phony number.

January 10th, 2008 pepdoll83

this number has been calling me 2-3 times a day for the past 3 days. i answer & the person hangs up. if i dont answer they dont leave a message. & if i dial it back it says it is disconnnected.

January 10th, 2008 Spur

Missed call, no message.

September 20th, 2007 duffman NE

Name on caller ID shows as Vann Traci.

March 23rd, 2007 Traci Hann TX

Does not leave a messege.

March 22nd, 2007 Gainesville

I got a call from this number on 3/21/07. The caller ID said Traci Vann. They did not leave a message.

March 21st, 2007 Florida

Called me. Caller ID stated it is Frannie, WY.

No message left

March 19th, 2007 tj

keeps calling but with a different name every time, but same number!!

March 17th, 2007 baker NC

called and left no message

March 16th, 2007 TRACE T3 Bounce 13 Germany

2 Textual 11:23AMEST. Duration: 18434msec: Boston: ARPA:)\005256. Recieve: Pending

March 16th, 2007 Trace Only NE ME

Tracer: 56 logged 3-16-07: 1040AMEST: Boston:

March 15th, 2007 Lisa MN

On Caller ID phone at 4 PM
Left no message

March 15th, 2007 Pa VA

Ok, did alittle research and found out that the phone number is the Do not call number. How this person gets their number to show up as that one is beyond me unless they work there.

March 15th, 2007 Pa VA

Calls but doesn't leave any message.

March 14th, 2007 MNdowntown

Called three times, no message. Caller id comes as a Dora Lee.

March 14th, 2007 Mary MN

This is annoying. Name comes up on my caller ID,and never leaves a message.

March 13th, 2007 unknown

This number showed up on my caller ID as Dora Lee. So, it appears there is a new name associated with this number. However, i answered right before my answering machine and they hung up.

March 9th, 2007 Railroad TX

I did not get to answer. I was worried because Robert Johnson the great blues player has been dead for many years and I was worried he needed me for something.

March 9th, 2007 Sam- Texas TX

Called my home #, I picked up. It is an electronic voice that says limited promotion to lower mortgage rates. I called back, it goes to Do not call sentry..
What a scam...
I hope this scammer reads this.
I am seing them die in car accident or slow death!

March 9th, 2007 Ron KY

Call came from Robert Johnson located in Wyoming. Caller asked if I would like to lower my credit card interest rates to 6%, I said yes. Caller asked if I owed over $2000.00. I said yes. Caller got quiet,too quiet. I hung up,they haven't called back,"yet."

March 9th, 2007 doc9626

get calls from this number 307-664-4493 but call ID shows its from a Dora Lee in Frannie, Wyoming. I dont know this person so I dont answer

March 8th, 2007 Thelma PA WV

received call from unknown name 307-664-4493 and when i answered they hung up, called it back and nothing

March 7th, 2007 sr KY

noone was on the phone

March 7th, 2007 charleston girl SC

called last night. Though it was from one of my exiting credit cards offering me a better rate. Gave info.(sensitive info.) that could hurt my identity. I did not commit, I asked them to call back in two hours to talk with my husband mean while I call the call back number and got the "Do not call line" when to this line and looked up "consumer credit, Frannie Wy." and found this was a scam. They called back 2.5 hrs later and I told them I was not there nor was my husband. Canceled all credit card numbers and am currently trying to see what I can do about reporting ssn. fraud. The so called supervisor used the name "Jessica Spano" The back ground seemed legitimate with other marketers on the phone a few pauses with music. They have their scam down to a science. When I mentioned I did'nt feel comfortable giving my credit card number out, the person on the other end replied she knew what I ment she too was a credit card holder. Be ware they are really good.

March 6th, 2007 austin texas TX

Got a call but no message. Almost called thinking it was someone I knew. Glad to see this webpage

March 6th, 2007 Jack

Phone rang 4 times, hang up.

March 6th, 2007 king

left no message

March 5th, 2007 DA

Called no message! Called the # it was the do not call list.

March 4th, 2007 ajam

Constantly receives calls from this number and never leaves a message. Calls early in the morning and late evening.

March 2nd, 2007 same

Freaked the crap out of my wife. It was my name on the ID but Frannie Wyo location. Doubley odd, I grew up in Wyoming. Frannie is a dot of a town.
Another possibly related scam is from City Wide Club of Clubs soliciting money via a letter for causes. This time it is for an Easter Egg Hunt Charity drive for inner city kids. They need a 100,000 eggs. Are you kidding me? It was signed Daniel Johnson.

March 2nd, 2007 Andrea

Hung up on my machine. Called 03/02/07 at 11:03am est. When I called it back it stated that it was the National Do Not Call Registry.

March 2nd, 2007 califortime CA

found number on caller id

March 2nd, 2007 RI RI

Called 3:23pm, 3/2/07. No message

March 1st, 2007 Brian IL

First time I pushed #1 and requested to be placed on Do Not Call list and was told "screw you" and hung up on. Second time I pushed #1 and told them my name. Gave them fake info about debt. They then wanted info of Credit Card #. I requested a phone # to call them back. The man stated I be on hold for an hour and 40 minutes and I should just give him my info. I said no. I didn't want to do business with a company that I would call back and be on hold for so long. He called me an "idot for not giving him just some #'s off your credit card" I asked if he was calling from 307-664-4493 and he thought that was my number when he realized it was the number on caller ID he hung up on me. When I call that # I am forwarded to the national do not call list.

March 1st, 2007 cell phone

didnt recongnize number... im in california & its a Wyoming number calling me. no voicemail left!

February 27th, 2007 MI MI

Recording offered reduced credit card rates. Pressed 1 for a person. Asked name of company, they hung up on me. Callback goes to Do Not Call Registry

February 27th, 2007 Lm

Called about credit card accounts (odd, I don't have any!). Called back, was NDNC registry.

February 27th, 2007 fred OK

4 calls to my business line from these people. want to lower my interest rate. asked fro # i could call them back on and gave me the same # and goes to do not call registry of soem kind.

February 27th, 2007 Wm SD

Can lower my credit card rate to 6%,

February 26th, 2007 brbri PA

called and said they needed to talk to me about my credit card account...totally bogus... who are these people?

February 26th, 2007 CCH IN

Calls, does not leave msg. Glad I looked this up before calling # back. Name on caller ID is "Robert Johnson", same as the others.

February 26th, 2007 fromohio

calls and never leaves a message

February 24th, 2007 TX GA

Second call in eight days - reported to donotcall.gov

February 23rd, 2007 Jim

called on 02-22-2007. the name matched an old school buddy but when I tried to call back got the DNR. I hung up.

February 23rd, 2007 mich.

got a phone call from this number and robert johnson. called back wemt to Do Not Call where you are asked to enter your number. I did not. This call was preceded by a similar call from 202 552 6895 Wash DC. No message. When you call back a recording says "good bye". I saw on the news that this is not an uncommon method to get personal information.

February 22nd, 2007 Tina

im getting called every single day by this number and its getting very annoying so i called the national telemarketers association number and you have to wait 30 days and if ui get another call from any telematrketer u ask who they are and what theyre company is and they have the possiblility of being sued.!

February 21st, 2007 A.Smous OH

Called me home in Cols. Oh on 02-21-07 at 7:34 p.m. and hung up on my machine - so much for the No Call List.

February 21st, 2007 mark

they have called at least 15 times -credit card reduce interest crap - I ask to be taken off their calling list she hung up on me

February 21st, 2007 CA

Answered this "out of area" call and a computer voice stated "sorry wrong #"

February 20th, 2007 Lou

A recording. Hit the # sign and they claim your number
will be removed....

February 20th, 2007 CA CA

Call came through to my cell... When I answered there was an electronic voice that said, "sorry, wrong #"... very strange, I didn't call it back.

February 19th, 2007 OH

no message

February 19th, 2007 Heidi

Called to offer a "lower interest rate." When you try to call this number back, says it is the do not call registry.

February 16th, 2007 kim

answered right along with answering machine... did not attempt to leave message and hung up.

i called back and it said that it was the DO NOT CALL registry.. i hung up before any more was said.. figured it was a scam

February 16th, 2007 Las Vegas NV

called @ 10:46am, answered the phone but hang up on me.

February 15th, 2007 Char WA

Robert Johnson from Frannie Wyoming. Automated message, hung up on.
02/25/2007 2:40 pm
Why doesn't the DO NOT CALL registry work for this guy.

February 15th, 2007 any jo blow

called at 10AM (2/15). no response so I hung up.

February 14th, 2007 snegopa

called 2007-02-14
empty message (0 seconds)

February 14th, 2007 K NC

I think if you leave your number at this "Do Not Call Registry" it will be used to call you and verify your phone!!

February 14th, 2007 Loki UT

Got a message in Logan, UT, from this number. Caller ID said Robert Johnson. Pickup up but they hung up. Thought they might be a client. Isn't it illegal to do this - false Caller ID, no way to contact them (National Do Not Call Regstry re-route) and recorded messages?

February 13th, 2007 Oklahoma Family OK

Recieved a call from this number, wants to lower my credit card interest. New scam trying to steal your information, seen on news.

February 13th, 2007 Red

This caller is using a "spoof card" to disguise his actual number on your caller ID. He calls from many different Numbers and places.

February 13th, 2007 MG TX

Calls And Never Leaves A Message - Dallas TX

February 12th, 2007 Jezebel WA

very creepy message with no way to remove yourself from the list unless you pick up!

February 12th, 2007 San Jose CA CA

National Do Not Call registry
No answer, left no message.

February 8th, 2007 Rachel TX

According to the Caller ID, he called at noon today, but left no voice mail.

February 8th, 2007 James WA

This Person introduces themselves as a member of Merchant Services, saying that due to our businesses visa/mastercard volume, he can has a special offer for us of a $1M cash advance, at that point I hang up. He also has called from 222-333-4455, and 208-629-5001. With the generic name, high cash promises, and seemingly untrackable number, sounds like a hoax to me!

February 5th, 2007 Ellen

Called today @ 11:30 AM PST. Call was from Robert Johnson. Did not leave message. Called it back and it goes to the DNR registry. I imagine whoever it is has their incoming calls routed there.

February 2nd, 2007 Lin MN

Rang four times then hung up.

January 31st, 2007 TX TX

Called my business number, didn't leave message. Called back and it was the National Do Not Call Registry. Tried it. Let's see if it works.

January 30th, 2007 Jack NY

I called this # back tonight and it said that it was the National Do Not Call registry. It asked me to put in my # to get put on the list - which I didn't do.

Caller ID simply stated the #. They called on 1/25/07 @ 7:24pm EST.

January 30th, 2007 texas girl TX

calls and never leaves a message

January 27th, 2007 sameoldsameold

Voice message was:
Cold calling a fitness spa in the san fernando valley are of Los Angeles.

January 25th, 2007 CA TN

Called at 4:06pm. Hung up on my machine.

(307) 664-4409

January 4th, 2007 bk IA

called id said Frannie
called on 1/03/1007

(307) 664-4379

January 4th, 2007 ricky bobby GA

i don't know, i just saw it on my caller id and i was just curious like a cat. that phrase is mad an produced by ricky bobby inc. and can only be used by the permission of ricky bobby

(307) 664-4409

January 3rd, 2007 Robert FL

Bogus rewards for a free vacation

(307) 664-4379

December 29th, 2006 bob AL

What the hell