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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want



Collections Company |

collectionscompany calls from 6 phone numbers:

320-255-9784 703-398-0757 716-250-4800 866-298-6113 866-823-1678 888-608-7627


(888) 608-7627

March 28th, 2013 Lisa MN

This is a scam. Target does not call people to collect. I am not late and this caller told me I had missed a payment and I was being charged a 25.00 fee. They know how much is due on my next payment.She wanted me to make a payment over the phone. DO NOT this is a scam. if you have any doubt call target.

(866) 298-6113

January 11th, 2013 WP7WhoCalledMe PA

(716) 250-4800

September 27th, 2011 Resident47 RI

The observation from ''M'' in June 2009 I think tells of the high turnover rate at scofflaw collection agencies like Redline. Poor training and low pay means plenty of honest and dishonest mistakes.

See comments for another suddenly reanimated Redline thread:
(8663163248) whocalled.us

September 24th, 2011 FRANK VA

i DONT LEAVE ANSWERER TURNED ON. are they calling for CapOne or HSBC

(888) 608-7627

May 4th, 2011 Bev Rush TX

They don't give up, call on my cell and on my home phone. Don't give up and I won't answer the phone. It's harassment.

December 15th, 2010 Catherine CA

I received 14 calls from this number beginning 12/9/10.

(716) 250-4800

December 9th, 2010 THAT DUDE NY

CALL JOE MORAN ON HIS CELL 716-417-6541 //

November 5th, 2010 Ron CA

Got a call from this number. Didn't leave a message

(888) 608-7627

September 20th, 2010 Alan NY

I have recieved several calls from this number. The first few numbers came up on call id as "Target Collections", and they even left a message on the answering machine. But it seems when they realized that we were not going to answer they began to block their caller id so that only the phone number came up.

(866) 298-6113

August 4th, 2010 Auggie NY

Doesn't matter if you pay the bill, they call all day long.

(716) 250-4800

July 13th, 2010 MW Boston MA

7-13-10 I get a message from 716-250-4800 (ext 4815) I asked why I was being called - I was told that my address was goggled to find all the neighbors for my neighbors across the street. They had the nerve to ask me if I could give them my neighbor's where abouts as they are trying to collect a debt! EXCUSE ME! First of all, don't goggle my address & telephone # to find out about my neighbors! Second, I don't know need to know my neighbor's financial situation. Third, I'm not my neighbor's keeper! Isn't that against the law! PRIVACY LAWS! I will be reporting them to the BBB, Attny General Office, Chamber of Commerce, etc....

(888) 608-7627

June 12th, 2010 TARGET SUCKS CO

Target Sucks, they are one of the worst companies when it comes to customer service, when they error on your credit report forget it ever being removed even if you can prove they in fact wrong.

If you have a problem with target call the CEO.
fax: 612-696-6325

Denise May

(866) 298-6113

June 1st, 2010 Jack NY

Paid the bill but they still call. Horrible people!

(703) 398-0757

March 12th, 2010 Adrian CA

They call me about once a day, trying to collect an old debt that has already been paid about 5 years ago. I answered the phone and talked to them once, I told them to send something in writing... never did. I don't answer their calls anymore and they never leave a message.

February 19th, 2010 educator OK

I have a very irritating student who has called me already twice before noon today. I decided not to answer his questions over the study guide again until I call him back at 530 today. I let his phone call go unanswered twice in a row without answering. Right at the end of the last call this new number shows up 7033980757 that I have never saw before, it read ACC. I am wondering if this collection agency is using college students as collectors, and they are providing them with cell phones to do so. I am in Oklahoma with an area code of 405. I noticed my student has not called back since the # was on the id.

(888) 608-7627

January 22nd, 2010 Me

If this is Target...okay, sure I was late with my payment...but it's been made now. If that's what they're calling about maybe they ought to check the account records before harassing someone. They've been calling from about 4 different phone numbers, at least 5 times today and last call they left a message on my machine finally to identify themselves.

(703) 398-0757

January 6th, 2010 Todd GA

After researching this, I found that the name of the company was Asset Acceptance Collections (AACC). But, when I asked if they were a collections agency, they said "no". Humm....

January 6th, 2010 Todd GA

This was a collections company looking for the previous owner of the cell number.

(888) 608-7627

November 10th, 2009 Allie CA

They call all the time! This should be outlawed

(716) 250-4800

October 14th, 2009 Pat

Left a voicemail, where the message was basically, "This is Kevin. Call me back at 716-...". No last name, no company name, no reason for the call, nothing. We don't bother calling back "messages" like this unless we know the person.

(866) 823-1678

September 24th, 2009 A Reed

They will not leave a message, and sometimes when I answer the phone, no one is there. I've called them back though, and it's some collection agency.

(866) 298-6113

September 22nd, 2009 lookitup MA

here we go...

September 16th, 2009 Who Cares MA

No Clue---maybe if they spoke instead of leaving nothing except heavy breathing on the phone I might call them back!!!!

(866) 823-1678

July 1st, 2009 Anonomus GA

another one that calls and doesn't leave a message

(716) 250-4800

June 19th, 2009 m TN

Called when I was out, 5:29 pm and real person left a voice mail. Very, very strange. She started out by addressing me by a name she apparently didn't mean to say, saying that then obviously flustered saying "excuse me, Timothy Stewart." I'm a female and my last name isn't Stewart (the first part she could tell by my voicemail message, I hope!) I do NOT have ANY debt and NEVER have!!!!!!!! Yet I continue to have my name sold to various creditors that continue to make my life hell. I honestly have no idea where they are getting this info/why they choose to contact me. Out of curiosity, anyone else on here been harassed in recent years by a M.R.S. Associates?? Anyway...

I'll try to post exactly what she said: "Pam Bedeford, er excuse me - Timothy Stewart, this is Amanda calling from Redline Recovery Services, I have this listed to a relative of yours - to a Melissa ***********, um, please give me a call at 716-250-4817." (Caller ID shows 4800).

Nice enough, sure. Except that he gives no clue what she's actually calling about. I do NOT have a relative named Timothy Stewart, and even if I did why would she need to talk with him about a Melissa Lastname who lives at this address???? - and leave that voicemail "for him" when the machine says "You've reached Melissa's voicemail..."? Interesting, e.pa's post makes me wonder too - timothy stewart sure is a nice easy name to make up, isn't it?

(((E.Pa. I got this call on 9-17-07
on my cell phone, she (Ms Stewart) as she cliamed to be a attorneys office wanting a statement, she is full of herself cause I can hear people, phones are ringing. Then she pauses for a momment...says I am calling from Timothy O'Connors office.I need a statement today.Leaves her # 716-250-4821. My caller ID read a different # 716-250-4800. I may talk slow, but I am not stupid.I am looking forward to the next call Ms Stewart want a be. I know how attorneys offices run, my sister-in-law works for one.)

May 26th, 2009 chaz

best way to deal with getting repeat calls for someone else to your home even after notifying them is to start writing letters. redline recovery lists all of their top employees and locations on their website. you can cc the letter to attorney generals for each location they have and your home area, chamber of commerce for each location they have, bbb for each location they have, industry organizations such as listed on their website. the work is the computer research to get everybody's address, then you just write one letter to the corporate office and carbon copy (cc) the same letter to everyone. Be sure to include on the bottom of your letter:
(and list after this the name and address of each person or organization you are sending the letter to)

out of all those people somebody high up is sure to listen - it also embarrasses the crap out of the company and the people who run the company. The last thing any company wants is to be on anyones crap list, do this and trust me, the calls will stop FAST - proven method!! I've done it!! Bad publicity is feared - exersize your right to free speech and bash the crap out of them!!

May 14th, 2009 Dianne

Ive received calls from this number before but my rule is "if they don't have the balls to show their name on caller id I'm not answering it!

(888) 608-7627

May 3rd, 2009 India TX

Twice I've spoken to this caller and they have a very heavy Indian accent. Nice to know that in these tough economic times that TARGET IS OUTSOURCING TO INDIA INSTEAD OF GIVING THE WORK TO AN AMERICN COMPANY WITH AMERICAN EMPLOYEES!!!!

(866) 298-6113

April 30th, 2009 S NC

Yeah, what they said...."FUCK 'EM"! They are definately a Bill collector or some sort of Debt collector. I have alot of bad debt and have a zillion collectors calling me. I just ignore them and tell them they have the wrong number. If I had the money to pay them... I wouldnt be in THIS position but with the State of our economy, other things are more important then THEM. GAS, FOOD & SHELTER

(716) 250-4800

April 22nd, 2009 Eagle CO

Thes people call me at least 4-6 times. Earling morning and around dinner time.

(888) 608-7627

April 11th, 2009 elad PA

i have gotten 12 calls in the last 4 hours and nobody is there

(716) 250-4800

April 9th, 2009 l. Greer

These harassing phone calls are just a waste of time because I am not answering these phone calls and they keep calling. The troubling thing is I do not OWE these people/organizations, but they keep calling me.

March 26th, 2009 Sanford VA

I called this number back at around 6pm after returning home from work this evening. It sounded like an elderly lady answering the phone, "Hello?" I replied, "Hello, I had this number on my phone's CID when I got home from work today." To which she quickly responded "NO, nope. Not me!" So strange...

(888) 608-7627

March 4th, 2009 Keith

I bet these jerks work with NCO Financial. These calls started when I told NCO Financial to go jump in the lake..

March 4th, 2009 Harvey

Target calls, using different numbers, 10 times a day. Never leaving a message nor saying anything when I do pick up the phone. This business of calling so many times a day is against the law. Why doesn't the FTC do anything about it?????

(716) 250-4800

February 20th, 2009 M.

OMG These bottom feeding scamming excuse of a company, just called a distant relative who doesn't even live in the mainland. This is for sure breaking some laws here. Having read all the comments below, their practices are for sure punishable.

(888) 608-7627

February 15th, 2009 Mrs. P

I believe this caller is from Target. I do owe them money. However, they have already called 5 times today, about every hour; they have called at least 6 times a day for the past several days. At what point is it harassment? I have already told them via my on-line statement that I'd make small payments to catch my account up to date. Twice today they have waited for the message to kick in, but they do not leave a message. I will complain directly to Target.

(716) 250-4800

February 7th, 2009 Ann

I have gotten 3 different calls from this number in the last couple of months. He is looking for a neighbor on my street, and wants me to give the person his name and telephone number so they will call him. I asked him how did he get my number and he said he cross referenced the street and came up with it. He says the person he is looking for phone number is not working. I told him not to call me again. And I am not going to give a neighor his number and name. Do not bother me again.

February 7th, 2009 Elizabeth

calling my number for a neighbor that he cannot find. Has called my house at 3 different times since before Christmas. He wants me to go to the neighbors house and give them his name and telephone number so he can get in touch with one of their daughters. I asked him how he got my number and he said he cross reference the street I live on and came up with my number. He also says that the person he is trying to get in touch with at the house next to me, number is out of order. I told him to not call me again. I do not want to be bothered by someone I don't know and have nothing to do with it.

January 27th, 2009 Broc

These people call literally every five minutes. They never leave a message. Is this harassment? There ought-a be a law!

January 7th, 2009 Quilter WA

Called several times asking for someone who doesn't live here. Last night three calls in a row, YELLING at me when I told her..again...that no one lives here with that name and not to call again. I've filed a complaint with the FCC and called Redline this morning--where I spoke with a man who told me he'd take me out of their database. I don't know how my number got there in the 1st place! I asked him to hit that rude woman up side the head until she understands what "DO NOT CALL AGAIN!" means! He laughed and said he would...

December 30th, 2008 Marc P CT

I have received 5 calls from Redline Recovery in the past week. They leave me a message stating to call them back with my name and account number. I only have 1 credit card and I called the credit card company and they said I was in good standing. I also pulled my credit report and everything is ok. They keep calling me but will not respond with any information. How do I get them to stop calling?

December 18th, 2008 Jim TX

Calling for the wrong person, but they will not listen when I tell them they have the wrong person

December 12th, 2008 Avenger


Redline Recovery Services, LLC
(May appear on Caller ID as Netwolves Network)
1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 350 (corporate)
Alpharetta, GA 30004

2350 North Forest Rd
Getzville, NY 14068

6201 Bonhomme St. Suite 100 S
Houston, TX 77036

Phone: 716-276-2492 - 866-316-3248 or 888-488-6762
716-250-4800 - 716-250-4827 - 800-592-0230
Fax: 716-250-5015 - 716-250-4890

Web Address: www.ulq-llc.com

Head Debt Collectors:

Michael Fletcher is the CEO of ULQ

Howard Gibbs is the CFO of ULQ

Joe Moran, President, Redline, New York

John Powers, President, Redline, Houston

November 24th, 2008 Angus GA

They never leave a message, just hang up. I assume it is a machine.

November 22nd, 2008 Annonymous

called and hung up. i called back because i hate it when someone calls and hangs up. Jerk looking for someone, when i told him i did not know the person, the guy wanted to speak to my husband, i told him i was mrs. he hung up on me. ass hole

October 23rd, 2008 Sara

They have called 8 times in 1 day.

October 15th, 2008 BW

hung up - idiots

(888) 608-7627

September 17th, 2008 kt AZ

I just save the #'s and change the ring tone to vibrate or silent.

(716) 250-4800

August 27th, 2008 HollyLARSON WI

Had 17 calls from them. Everytime we picked up no one was there. I called the number back and explained that they have reached an on-call phone and that there is no one that in "belongs" to but my company. They said that they would not call again. We will see

August 27th, 2008 ANON

Numerous calls from this number and they hang up

August 27th, 2008 CB

Report them to the FTC at www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov
I did because they keep calling for my ex and I've told them this is a wrong number and to take me off their database. The dumbass guy said no they were going to call back again tomorrow. Wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor. I've filed my complaint, it was easy and worth it. I think everyone that is on here should do it so they get shut down.

August 26th, 2008 Scott IN

Redline keeps calling my neighbors, distant family (that I've not spoken to in 20+years), and my work - I've asked them to stop + filed complaints with the Fed.Trade Commiss., but nothing helps. Emial Suggestions would be welcomed: sb4job@aol.com


August 25th, 2008 LT FL

Caller was looking for a "mutual client" I had never heard of.

(888) 608-7627

August 4th, 2008 Joe NH

Getting sick of these calls.
Don't have their credit card and I will not shop there again.
Answer phone and nothing, and they don't leave messages.
I called each one and they said TARGET.

Now there's another one, TARGET calling from a different #, up to 5 #'s now.


(716) 250-4800

July 25th, 2008 Deanna MA

I am NOT Nicole Brooks!

July 25th, 2008 Deanna MA

I'm NOT Nicole Brooks!

July 2nd, 2008 Cindy

Young lady who called herself Kristen called and asked for a person not at our business number. She asked if she could leave a message for call back, and I said sure, knowing that she wasn't listening to me, as I told her no such person. So I took her call back number of 8664829910 X 4965. If she continues to call, I can call and play the same game.

July 1st, 2008 nvassarx TX

debt collectors

(888) 608-7627

May 26th, 2008 Toby MO

Called at 8:39am on Memorial Day. How low is that?

May 14th, 2008 becky WA

call everyday at least two times a day even called on mothers day three times..... wrong number for a target card////I dont even have a target card......

(716) 250-4800

May 8th, 2008 CT CA


April 28th, 2008 gene jacobson MN

I have never heard of these people. I am on the do not call registry and I don't owe anyone any money at all. I left them a message to stop calling me!

(888) 608-7627

April 22nd, 2008 mike


(716) 250-4800

April 11th, 2008 Ray P MA

What I don't understand is why doesn't the Telephone Company do something about this scam.
I'm tired of getting these phone calls.

April 10th, 2008 JC GA

Got call asking for my ex-sister in law. Told woman she and my brother have been divorced for years. Started asking me questions about their kids. I stopped her and asked what the call was regarding. She responded by law that she didn't have to tell me. I said, "then by law I don't have to talk to you!". She hung up. I don't have the same last name as her so I don't know how they even got my and my husband names as we also live in another city.

March 26th, 2008 CHARLES CA


(888) 608-7627

March 26th, 2008 Fred

I don't have any credit cards, my mortgage and car payments are on time, and yet these scumbags have been calling at least twice a day. I don't answer telephone numbers I don't recognize, however, but I'll check them on the Intertubes if they keep calling.

This one looks like it's being used for mortgage refinancing loans or something. They might be credit card collecting but since nobody in my family has cards, they have to be some other criminal enterprise.

(716) 250-4800

March 25th, 2008 incognito FL

numerous calls from this and other debt collectors looking for someone called Ray Boyd never heard of him but would like his number to pass on so he can get the hassle for his debts

(888) 608-7627

March 22nd, 2008 Monica KY

Target calling....8am on a SATURDAY
my account is paid and current...this is ridiculous.

March 19th, 2008 stop calling IL

They keep calling for a person who used to have MY number and when I tell them they just call again a few hrs later

(716) 250-4800

March 12th, 2008 no comment TX

no comment

(888) 608-7627

March 7th, 2008 tiaqr MO

I called the number back & recieved a recording of " Thanks, for calling target acct.s service's.."

(716) 250-4800

March 4th, 2008 Beth

Redline Communication services - its a debt collector - they call but don't leave a message

(888) 608-7627

February 28th, 2008 Kirsten

Also, one call from them asked me to confirm my social security number. I WILL NEVER GIVE THAT NUMBER OUT TO A MACHINE! Are you kidding me?

February 28th, 2008 Kirsten

They call me CONSTANTLY. I owe them about $25 and they still call all the time. It's never a person. Sometimes the machine says something, sometimes it just makes machine noises at me. Don't pick up from this number, it's a waste of minutes. I am very angry with them for harrassing me like this.

(716) 250-4800

February 27th, 2008 TJ WA

Comcast customers *60 to block numbers

February 27th, 2008 TJ WA

comast custumers *60 block #s

February 27th, 2008 Been There

Want to stop these calls???

Go To: www.fair-debt-collection.com and read how to stop these calls.

There is information on this sight for everyone, whether you owe the debt or you are just an innocent person being harrassed!!!

(888) 608-7627

February 16th, 2008 gtmom NY

I owe a whopping $26, and they call 6+ times a day even though the check is in the mail!

(716) 250-4800

February 13th, 2008 k

Leaves Txt on my phone. When you call back They call from 239 949 9502 and hang up... called over and over

(888) 608-7627

February 12th, 2008 Ginger CA

Calls my work number at least once a day.

(716) 250-4800

February 5th, 2008 unknown

looking for ex spouse

(866) 298-6113

February 5th, 2008 ..... PA

very aggressive collections company. They play good cop bad cop, first person yells at you then the supervisor gets on and tries to make you pay a small amount a month. They are very insulting and unprofessional and try to scare you. Fuck them they are from Ontario canada. I told them give me a job and I will pay the bill otherwise i cant pay anything.

(716) 250-4800

January 24th, 2008 Betty

These morons keep calling the wrong number. Filed a formal complaint on the FCC website. I'd suggest anyone else having problems with these bozos do the same. Website is www.fcc.gov. My husband and I are retired and no jobs so no money living on welfare like most of the people here in good ole US since were barely are making it on what are social security is. My husband has worked all his life and me too but at low wages because of TN laws for the rich employer who doesn't pay much or have to. Don't live in Nashville, TN you will go broke for taxes taxes taxes.

January 22nd, 2008 timmy

pay your bills scumbags

(888) 608-7627

January 21st, 2008 Fabio CA

Ok this is just dumb.
Send a letter of CEASE AND DESIST to Target financial services. They have to stop calling you. If they don't they are breaking the law and must be reported to the BBB for herassment.

This works either if you are or are not delinquent. If you actually are delinquent but you need peace of mind, this is a good way to go.


January 20th, 2008 Mia VA

They Keep calling me, no voicemail. I don't even have a Target Credit Card. I call them and get a recording.

(716) 250-4800

January 12th, 2008 Marg FL

These morans need to have a good ass kicking. They are relentless and liars. I am filing harrassment charges against a supervisor who claimed his name is Tony McCarthy...yeah, right...and I'm Mrs. Claus. What a fucking idiot!!!

January 10th, 2008 Will PA

Have been calling on a daily basis for about two weeks now. When I answer they always ask for someone who dosen't live here. When I tell them that, they then ask for my ss # to verify for their records. That's when I hang up.

(888) 608-7627

January 7th, 2008 angela GA

these people are relentless and ridiculous. i've recieved over 50 calls in one week from this number. at 6 in the morning up untill about 11pm at night. i dont know where they do there c alling from but they have no common sense about phone rules becuse i have had just a ridiculous time since these calls started coming in. sunday mornings, sat. nights, dosent matter. im about to call my phone company and have the number blocked because they have no business to be calling me. especially since it isnt a human doing the calling and they dont have ANYTHING to say!! "please hold" i never hold for someone who called me. if you need to get ahold of me SO BAD that you call me 7 times in one day, youd be able to leave a message or have a human actually dial the number. i have a card with them but i do all my bill paying online and it is always paid ontime. im going to cut this card up, pay it off, and find a new place to shop!! there return policy SUCKS anyways!!!

December 29th, 2007 Kathy OH

Target Credit Card

December 27th, 2007 gh MI

They just called, I didn't answer, but googled to find out who it was. I don't even have a credit card!

(716) 250-4800

November 30th, 2007 Harold FL

These scumbags called again three times today. Filed three more complaints with DNC.gov. Have an FCC complaint filed against this company.

November 28th, 2007 Harold FL

These morons keep calling the wrong number. Filed a formal complaint on the FCC website. I'd suggest anyone else having problems with these bozos do the same. Website is www.fcc.gov

(888) 608-7627

November 18th, 2007 Cathie WA

This number keeps calling my work phone. Never leaves a message and based on all the comments I have seen here, I don't bother picking up. They call at all hours and all days including weekends. Very annoying!

(716) 250-4800

November 8th, 2007 kat

Moron keeps calling my cell for someone I've never heard of. Finally answered last night and told him so. Even after I told him I didn't know anyone by that name and to please stop calling, he kept asking for him--in the same conversation. When I told him to stop calling, said he'd never called before (he'd left messages on my cell--very distinctive voice, and the only one asking for this person). What a bozo. Called back again this morning, same deal. Wish I could bill him for the cell minutes used--even if I don't answer, he leaves multiple messages which cost me to pick up.

November 7th, 2007 Personal NJ

I received a call from a man who identified himself as someone who works for Redline Recovery Services. To say he was arrogant would be an understatement. I asked if he would send me something in writing. His reply was that he already had and he's not permitted to send again...but he would fax it to me. My fax number is the same as my phone number and I haven't gotten anything from him yet.

About 5 minutes into the conversation he proceeded to tell me the call was being recorded. I told him he had just broken the law because he did not tell me that at the beginning of the conversation. I then hung up.

What's interesting though - I got a call a couple of days ago from someone who said he works for CC & Associates. When I did *69, he was calling from the same number. 716-250-4800

I suppose Redline and CC are one in the same.

(888) 608-7627

November 4th, 2007 garysk CA

Called 3 times in one day
did not answer/will not answer
called on cell # so caller id name, just #
have never had account with Target

November 2nd, 2007 jnm NM

They call 5 or more times a week. We never answer because we think it's a scam. They never leave a message.

(716) 250-4800

October 24th, 2007 anonymous LA

Have been calling everyday for the past several months but had no idea who it was calling. I don't answer calls I don't recognize. I've also turned my answering machine off.

October 24th, 2007 DIANE MA


October 22nd, 2007 BARBARA CA


October 18th, 2007 Kelli OR

Caller was asking for person who was delinquent on their Sears bill. We both had the same name but she had the wrong person.

October 17th, 2007 Harold FL

Left another message on answering machine. Voicemail identifies caller as Susan Hayword at 866-316-3248 which is listed as Redline Recovery, a debt collector. Since I have no debts I know it's a wrong number. Filed another complaint with donotcall.gov

(888) 608-7627

October 17th, 2007 Shirley WV

Calls at least 10 times a day. If it is Target, shouldn't call here. I don't have a Target card.They let it ring about 12 times and I have a baby sleeping most of the time. If they are trying to sell something this is NOT the right way!

(716) 250-4800

October 16th, 2007 M IL

Msg to call Larry Anderson at 866-388-4208 about debt. Called to advise this individual that no one at this address has debt issues and to remove my phone number from their database. They called back on 10/16 and did not come on the phone when I answered it. Morons.

October 16th, 2007 Harold

Didn't answer. Another one for donotcall.gov

(888) 608-7627

October 15th, 2007 lm CA

Sounds like a lot of illegal phone calls to me. And to Amber on 5/20--these callers cannot legally call after 9pm (or before 8am).

(716) 250-4800

October 15th, 2007 Angelika FL

looked for a person not on this address told her so but this company keeps calling back daily

October 10th, 2007 Shannon IL

Very rude man. Didn't id himself, but sd he is a debt collector and return the call to 1 800 592-0230. Didn't say who the message was for & telling a 3rd party that you are a DEBT COLLECTOR is ILLEGAL! I am filing a complaint on them with the BBB & Attorney General! I did 3rd party collections for 9 years & this is UNETHICAL!! (and illegal)

October 9th, 2007 Dee IN

Calling my work & my home once a day. Ridiculous scam

October 3rd, 2007 Charly from L.A NY

No message left.

October 3rd, 2007 Mickey MI

called 3:15pm ... did not answer ... they left no message.

September 26th, 2007 Jane ID

Called for someone unknown, not at the number or name. Told them wrong number but they still call and call and call. Idiots.

September 25th, 2007 pixi NC

they keep calling for some lady i have never heard of...i told them that she doesnt live here, and now they call and hang up on me!

(888) 608-7627

September 21st, 2007 ELS FL

Target Collections calls regularly at 8:02am to 8:58pm told them to cease and desist and put me on the do not call list but they continue to call my cell phone at all hours of the day.

September 21st, 2007 thinkblue77

This was Target looking for someone who had my cell phone number before me. I called them and explained that I had no credit card with Target, and that the person they were looking for no longer had this number. They were very polite, apologized for the inconvenience, and said they would remove my cell number from this person's account.

September 20th, 2007 ANGIE


September 19th, 2007 Jerry MI

Target Collections

(716) 250-4800

September 18th, 2007 E.Pa.

I got this call on 9-17-07
on my cell phone, she (Ms Stewart) as she cliamed to be a attorneys office wanting a statement, she is full of herself cause I can hear people, phones are ringing. Then she pauses for a momment...says I am calling from Timothy O'Connors office.I need a statement today.Leaves her # 716-250-4821. My caller ID read a different # 716-250-4800. I may talk slow, but I am not stupid.I am looking forward to the next call Ms Stewart want a be. I know how attorneys offices run, my sister-in-law works for one. YOU ARE A POSER (FAKE)

September 17th, 2007 tiffany NC

calls all the time asking for someone who does not even live here, told the guy he had the wrong number, he said no he did not and hung up, keeps calling every day, 5-6 times a day, never leaves a message---I work all day---told him one time that I was going to call my lawyer and he said to go ahead and try it! extremely rude people. If everyone is having a problem with these people calling the wrong numbers---HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS?

September 14th, 2007 erin MA

horassing all my family including all there inlaws. Answered one time and told them to stop they refused they said they would still be calling, I finally reported them to federal trade commision

September 13th, 2007 Beckie UT

They hang up when I answer.

September 13th, 2007 Frustrated MD

I've been experiencing the same kind of issue. Somehow they have the phone number to my mother's home which I haven't lived in for seven years, plus I never gave that number out when I did live there b/c I had a seperate line. Now they've begun to call my cell from several different extensions. I am hearing an actual person on my VM thou, not a pre-recorded message. I checked out that adviceonline, seems like a pretty legit and helpful letter to use.

September 13th, 2007 Jen from NJ NJ

These people have called us every day for the past 2 weeks. I have no idea what it is about. We seem to never be home when they call. They never leave a message. Finally today I was home and answered and the first thing I heard was "I am calling for (gave someone else's name), if you aren't (someone else's name) hang up now." so I hung up. They called back 3 more times with that same intro to our conversation. I can't figure out what these people want!!

September 10th, 2007 Sue

Just called and asked for my DH's exwife from 20 years ago! I explained that she died in January - the woman said "she was only 57?" I said, yes, she died and you can check the county records.

September 7th, 2007 Michael in Cali CA

left no message

September 6th, 2007 Kimberley CO

These buttheads call and leave a prerecorded message saying to call an 800# about a debt collection. They don't even have a person on the line. And they don't even bother to say who they are trying to reach. After looking at this web page, I called Redline Recovery at 1-800-592-0230 and asked to have our number taken off the list, as we do not have any outstanding debt. The gal gave me the name of who she was looking for, and I told her there was no "Marty" here and that we'd had the number for a year now. She was polite and apologetic and supposedly took our number off their list. We'll see how that goes. By the way, their message is incredibly short ("Call such-and-such toll free number about a debt collection matter"), that's why it probably doesn't show up on machines or voicemail.

September 6th, 2007 Dorothy

Caller asked for an old aquaintance from ten years ago in California.

September 5th, 2007 Laura TX

These people keep calling, with just recorded message. Have no idea who they are, we owe NO ONE.

(888) 608-7627

August 22nd, 2007 Jack IL

keep getting calls but leaves no message.

(716) 250-4800

August 17th, 2007 anonymous NY

Called my cell and left a msg asking for Linda Post, who I'm not and in fact the first part of the msg she said if you are not Linda Post hang up lol so I did

August 15th, 2007 Joe NJ

Called asking if I was a relative of Judy Waers. Just kept repeating message, wasnt sure he was human until I cursed him. LOL

August 2nd, 2007 Monday GA

I get phone calls from them everyday. Thank goodness I never answer the phone. I never even give them the opportunity to leave a message because I turn my answering machine off. The phone just rings until a message comes up and say "please enter your access code then hangs up". I'm sure it pisses them off because they cannot leave a message nor talk with anyone.

(888) 608-7627

August 1st, 2007 bc Suffolk VA VA

Caller ID hit 7/27/07

August 1st, 2007 bc Suffolk VA VA

Caller ID hit 7/24/07

(716) 250-4800

August 1st, 2007 EOWYN495 PA

Came up on ID as Netwolves Netwo. Never heard of them.
Asked for someone who doesn't live here. Hung up on them

August 1st, 2007 EOWYN495 PA

I got call from netwolves today.Don't know them,let ans machine take it,left no message

(888) 608-7627

July 31st, 2007 b OH

target collections. they call about a hundred times a day.

July 31st, 2007 becky OH

it was a automated person saying "this is an important call from target bank services. they said this about 6 times and no human ever came on, so i finally hung up.

(716) 250-4800

July 27th, 2007 Jessica WA

No message left

July 26th, 2007 Staciemk TX

Caller ID said Netwolves Network???
No idea who it was but it was the first time I saw this one!

(888) 608-7627

July 26th, 2007 Lisa

I too have a current target account, so not sure why they are calling.

(716) 250-4800

July 24th, 2007 T.p. CA

These people are trying to collect money!! Ifiled for bankruptcy 24 years ago and all my debts were excused. I called an attorney and he told me all records from that long ago have been destroyed and the people will harrass you until you give in and pay.. Please dont give them a dime!!! They call every day. And this is even worse, they say I owe $329.00 Surely they can find someone else and make up a bigger amount.My lawyer said the only rights they have is to keep calling I hope they give up soon

(888) 608-7627

July 24th, 2007 bc Suffolk VA VA

Caller ID hit 7/22/07

July 22nd, 2007 Leprehit NC

Target National Bank... I zapped them with a program named PHONETRAY-FREE that I found in a Google search.

(716) 250-4800

July 17th, 2007 ri CA

716-250-4800 and 800-218-8351 are both Redline Recovery.They collect for Discover Card - which I have never possessed.

(888) 608-7627

July 16th, 2007 Paul

Target Account Services

(716) 250-4800

July 14th, 2007 Mr. X TX

A collection agency trying to sound like a federal agency.

(888) 608-7627

July 13th, 2007 greg MA

never answer this phone spammer. What an idot

(716) 250-4800

July 12th, 2007 Mike TX

Thanks Jason www.adviceontime.com still has that free letter, they finally stopped calling me. I took their advice and most of my negative items have been removed from my credit report. Thank you So much!

July 12th, 2007 RC AL

calls keep coming in but I do not answer them. They do not leave a message

July 3rd, 2007 nicole

I must have received about 20 phonecalls in a month from this number. No message was left on the voice mail. It really starts to be very annoying. On top of this the last 3 days i got several phonecalls from 5030000000. Same thing, no message left. I have my phonenumber for 2 years now and nothing happened before.

(888) 608-7627

July 3rd, 2007 John OH

Keeps calling me, no voicemail. I don't have a Target Credit Card.

(716) 250-4800

June 30th, 2007 anonymous

this is the 8th call and 3rd message - all saying the same thing "this is a debt collector" call this number. they are breaking all rules - my next step - to get an attorney involved, contact my local police and the attorney general

June 29th, 2007 Kara PA

No message.

(888) 608-7627

June 28th, 2007 doug CA

they call me 3 times a day for whoever used to have the number, leaving no messages of course. i also got calls from some target in minnesota.

(716) 250-4800

June 27th, 2007 Sailorman

These fools have been calling me for over a year now. Not once have we talked to them, yet they keep trying. Asking for Priscilla, sorry no Priscilla here. Dumbasses

June 25th, 2007 Erin

He ased if the lady of the house was here. I told him that she wasn't and that he should try to call back at a better time. He left a number (the same one on the caller ID) and asked for my name.

June 21st, 2007 poop NJ

i got this number.. didnt answer it.. hehe

June 14th, 2007 Anonymous FL

As noted this is a debt collector. They are a DBA of Redline Recovery Services.

(888) 608-7627

June 12th, 2007 AM DC

Current on all payments...not sure why they don't leave a message

(716) 250-4800

June 8th, 2007 anonymous WI

They called our business line saying they were a debt collector and to call them back at 18002188351. Hopefully I don't hear from them again. Sounds like they are wonderful to deal with from all these comments I've seen

(888) 608-7627

June 4th, 2007 JPFDeuce FL

I'm assuming from the responses here that it was Target Financial Services that called me. This was the third time I've been contacted by them in the last 24 hours -- though the first two times were from a Minneapolis/St. Paul area code. They left a voice mail I haven't been able to check as of yet. I have no account with Target Financial, nor do I have an interest in opening an account with them. My number is unlisted and yet they have it. FTW???

(716) 250-4800

June 3rd, 2007 someone

if u get a call from this phone # and u want to call back and get someone on the phone, dial the number (716-250-4800) and while u are hearing the recording enter the ext 4805. that extension goes to Joe Moran (president). HAVE FUN TALKING TO HIM!

May 31st, 2007 mac MD

Have been getting these calls for months about my wife supposedly.Asked for a number to contact her at,said I did not have one so he said I was lying. Then he said I sounded like Michael Jackson and I must be a pedofile. So I told him to come visit me and he said he'd kick my ass.Told him I would report him and he said go ahead I don't give a f--k.I have called my state atty general,ny atty general,amherst p.d.(their local police,FTC. and others no help from anyone.

May 30th, 2007 me

They called my office asking for a jana netson theres no jana at my office

May 24th, 2007 Anonymous CO

We have received two phone calls from these scammers in the last 3 days. They are looking for my siser-in-law in reference to one of her credit cards. They said it was "very important" they get in touch with her. The next time they call here, I'm going to tell them that there's no one here by that name and to put us on their do not call list. Then I'm going to tell them they will be reported to our local police dept. and our state attorney general's office.

May 24th, 2007 private

We've been getting calls from them for weeks, but noone is ever there.

May 23rd, 2007 Christy NC

They call constantly, it's automated and they leave a message to call, we call and it's another automated message wanting us to leave a message, but the thing won't record or I'd tell them to quit calling, I have excellent credit so I know it's not me!!

(888) 608-7627

May 22nd, 2007 Dakota CO

Calls every 20-60 minutes. Extremely annoying, just answer and hang up.

(716) 250-4800

May 22nd, 2007 Maria FL

They just what my social security, Becarfullll!!!!!

May 22nd, 2007 Jason TX

Thank you Kevin. These debt collectors would not leave me alone! www.adviceontime.com works, and the info was free, thanks a lot man. they were driving me crazy calling me at work.

May 22nd, 2007 Cathy

Called my neighbor?? As soon as this info is reported to "who called us", I'll be getting in touch with the New York State PUC..

May 21st, 2007 Bob TX

Some guy asked for me.I just told him he had the wrong number and hung up.I usually don;t answer

(888) 608-7627

May 20th, 2007 Amber CO

This company calls about 2 times a day even on Saturday and Sunday. Early in the morning too! The latest they have called is 10pm...I have two kids, they NEVER leave a message...I am getting tired of it

(716) 250-4800

May 16th, 2007 Deb KY

Call every day, I just pick up and hang up, they call right back, yesterday a woman screamed as soon as I hit the answer button, that I was pissing her off, and I need to answer the phone like an adult, I hung up again. Don't know what they want...they don't leave messages I assumed they were telemarketers calling for satellite or computer sales.

May 14th, 2007 Meika SC

These people have called on several different occasions looking for my father who does not reside with me anymore. When I told the lady this the first time she got mad and hung up the phone in my ear. When the guy called the next time I explained the whole story to him, and he apologized for the bothering me again. Today at 9:50am I received another call from these stupid people. When I answered the phone no one said anything for about 10seconds then they hung up. I am really tired of being harrassed for a bill that is not even mine. I called my phone company to report them and added call-block so these bastards won't call me again!

May 12th, 2007 Marilyn

have been calling for weeks now, at odd hours. Never get a live person when I answer, just a recording that they are trying to collect a debt I owe. As far as I know, I don't owe anyone. I wish I could get them to stop calling!!!

May 12th, 2007 gunnerk19 NY

NetWolves called 2 days ago at around 4 p.m., it was an automated recording; My answering machine picked up, but the damn line on their end didn't disconnect after the message played... Netwolves autodialer tied up my home phone with an open ended line for over 4 1/2 hours! Good thing I didn't need to dial 911 for anything else I'd been screwed...

May 11th, 2007 Whit

called three times in a row for someone who doesnt live here. when i wouldnt give them any info the woman called back to tell me to have a bad weekend.

May 11th, 2007 Rob NY

Called and didn't leave any message but instead, said to wait for someone, then my phone line was open and would not give me a dial tone for 4 hours.. Seems like this is some kind of scam to me.. If they wanted to get ahold of me that bad they would have left a number to call back...

May 10th, 2007 Jennifer MI

Called saying they were looking for my neighbor. Actually had the right name of the guy. They said they needed to get ahold of him but he had a disconnected number. Told them I couldn't help and hung up.

May 3rd, 2007 Steph CT

They have been calling for WEEKS. Several times a day. Finally, they left a msg and I called back to make sure I didnt owe anything! They tried scamming me with a bill for Sears when I never had a sears card! They tried to get me to give them my middle initial and the last 4 of my SSN because the one they had on file was NOT MINE! I contacted my states AG and I am calling the FCC to report them for harrassing calls. Funny as he stated in his msg that he was NOT calling to HARRASS!

May 2nd, 2007 Texas

Redline Recovery, Calling for my brother-in-law. When I said he doesn't live here, they asked if {my husband's name} was his father. I said NO, and I don't know how to get in touch with him.

May 1st, 2007 Liza

Calling for my brother, who's never lived at this address. Weird.

April 30th, 2007 Jeremy AZ

Fuck these people. If they call me one more time I'm going to fly out to that shithole in NY and tell these people to fuck off face to face.

April 30th, 2007 Jon MD

Said they are collecting for Discover credit card. They said that Discover has authorized them to offer a deal of settling the account for 75 cent on the dollar. When I didn’t bite they called again with a new offer of 50 cent on the dollar, again I didn’t bite. So a week later they called offering 30 cent on the dollar. of course that is a great deal, but I am finding other websites saying this company is a scam. So I am not sure? I think my next step is to try and find them listed in the NY Better Business for the state. Good Luck!

April 29th, 2007 Roy

This number is a debt collection agency. Bottom feeders and total scum. Comes up on caller ID as "Netwolves Network (how appropriate) but is really REDLINE RECOVERY.

April 28th, 2007 Elise

Phone said Netwolves Network. They asked for my husband and the last 4 of his social and asked me how he wanted to settle his debt on a card he never owned. Persistant scammers! I hung up on them.

(888) 608-7627

April 25th, 2007 Erica OH

This is absolutely ridiculous.
It's Target. And they're calling me about a credit card bill that isn't due for another two weeks.
How anal retentive is that.

(716) 250-4800

April 24th, 2007 amanda OH

someone has been calling for several weeks only twice have they left a message on my personal business line asking for Amanda Walker....NO ONE BY THAT NAME WORKS HERE (I KNOW I"M THE BOSS HERE)
They keep calling after business hours and i'm getting very angry with them.

April 24th, 2007 Amanda OH

They have been calling my personal business phone looking for Amanda Walker. they have been calling for several weeks after business hours first 2 times they've left a message but now i get no messages...Man i can't wait till i get them on the phone...i hate debt collector's even if you have a lawyer they still break the law and call you.... they are RUTHLESS AND ARROGANT i hope one day they lose their job all because of some terriable car accident and can't pey thier bills and when they start getting harrassing calls every where i hope that get a taste of what it's like to be on the other end of the phone.....

April 24th, 2007 Jackie

Looking for a person with the same last name. Kept asking if I was sure I didn't know him.

April 23rd, 2007 Stacy NC

Dan Brown he said his name was, called and left a message looking for someone named Tracy, gave me all kinds of numbers to call and a "case number".

April 19th, 2007 magdallena

they asked me to contact immediately with debt collector, gave some 800 number!!!!!

April 19th, 2007 BillMullins TX

They just demanded to speak to someone who doesn't live here. When I tried to tell them not to call any more per Texas Penal Code 42.07 the caller got abusive. BTW calling these folks bottom feeders is an insult to all bottom feeders.

April 18th, 2007 Karen OR

Called looking for exhusband from 20 years ago and we didn't even live in this state at the time we were married. Said I was a "possible phone to locate him". What now...

(888) 608-7627

April 11th, 2007 tom CT

calls several times a day, never leaves a message, and I know I paid my target bill