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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want



Bell Canada | BellCanada |

bellcanada calls from 40 phone numbers:

000-000-0000 121-777-3456 407-284-1578 416-364-1111 416-780-8410 416-780-8429 416-780-8430 416-780-8442 416-780-8466 416-780-8474 416-780-8486 416-981-0001 418-457-4287 514-490-9548 514-948-8129 519-253-9823 613-232-7437 702-444-4939 705-345-3435 800-378-2355 800-477-9205 800-555-1111 819-523-4403 866-296-1718 866-385-7772 866-988-0885 877-503-2115 877-767-0751 877-784-6560 877-866-8880 877-928-8241 888-285-1822 888-345-1112 888-378-2355 888-378-8655 888-895-0222 905-111-1111 905-305-9500 905-667-5646 905-695-5541


21 hours ago Bobby IA

An automated message claiming to be "NET" and informing me that my account has been locked. It said press "1" to continue, but I hung up.

69 hours ago WP7WhoCalledMe

Leaves no message. Called 5 times in one day

3 weeks 1 day ago Bob AZ

Repeat illegal robo call. Sent to voice mail. No messages. Spoofed phone number.

February 26th, 2014 Bob AZ

Illegal robo call. Repeat caller. Spoofed phone number.

February 20th, 2014 Liette PA

Called twice this morning. I don't answer calls I don't recognize. Strange...

(416) 364-1111

February 20th, 2014 no MS


(000) 000-0000

February 17th, 2014 rebeckah TN

no one says anything.

February 13th, 2014 Ronin LA

000-000-0000 is the SAME people as 662-298-4313! It's an illegal robocaller and yet another company pretending to be Google and offering overpriced SEO services. They are calling our business constantly claiming that they are calling from Google and want to get our company verified and guaranteed on the first page in Google searches. That's funny, because I already verified my company directly with Google and Google Maps, and we always come up on the first page due to the nature of our unique business, thus we have no need for their fraudulent overpriced SEO services. The calls are being routed through a VOIP system like Skype or Magic Jack. Either way, the calls are being reported to the FCC.gov website and hopefully the Mississippi based number will be disconnected soon. They will call you with the 000-000-0000 number, then immediately after, usually with a minute or two, from the 662-298-4313 number. Scumbags!

February 12th, 2014 Anon VA

The caller spoke with a very thick foreign accent and I had trouble understanding him. He said he was calling because my computer was sending some kind of message. He could not give me the name of a company that he worked for; he just kept saying he was calling about my computer. This is clearly someone trying to gain access to computers. I played along for a little while and he asked me to click on the start icon. Then he told me to look for something but I couldn't tell what he was saying. I finally hung up on him in frustration but he called back right away. I finally told him he wasn't getting any info out of me.

(702) 444-4939

February 12th, 2014 Ben VA

Wherever the # is located...It's a SCAM.....Hang Up

February 11th, 2014 Ronin LA

702-444-4939 aka Worldwide Telecom aka Venture Capital aka Small Business Capital just called our business 7 times after we've been closed for over an hour now. Finally answered on the 7th call just to make it stop. Picked it up and it's an illegal robocall offering small business loans. They clearly do NOT honor the Federal Do Not Call list, and when you ask them to remove you from their list, their monkey with a script will tell you to F off. Reporting the calls directly to the FCC.gov website, once again, as well as to the Attorney General's office in NV. I'm beyond tired of these scumbags.

(000) 000-0000

February 8th, 2014 Kenneth Burton PA

I do not answer any calls that will not not let me know who they are. If caller ID doesn t tell me they get the answering machine.

February 5th, 2014 Heil ON Canada

Holy shit how many times are these stupid fuckers from india going to call me saying there from fucking bell canada or fucking microsoft computers -__-

(416) 364-1111

February 4th, 2014 Kevin IA

Windows virus support

(000) 000-0000

February 4th, 2014 estevan OR

I have receiving calls from 10000000000. It mystifies me how a call with this number can ever be made!!!

February 3rd, 2014 Cc

I have received about 10 calls from this number in the past 3 weeks and I usually ignore it but twice I have picked up and it is obviously a call center in India. The first time I spoke with a woman and She told me I had some suspicious activity on my accounts but had no details so I asked to speak To her supervisor and she hung up. The second time I answered an Indian man was on the line and I asked him to remove me from whatever call list I was on- he said that there is a problem with my personal computer...then when I tried questioning him about his company and his supervisor he started talking sexually to me and I just hung up.

(416) 364-1111

February 3rd, 2014 JR MD

Not sure they hung up immediately when asked who they were they called my home phone before the legal time for ANY company including debt collectors to call which is before 8am. He the call came in about 7:50am.

February 3rd, 2014 a web host FL

I did not answer this call, but have had the number they called for less than 12 hours. I noticed in this thread that several people mentioned ammyy.com A whois lookup shows an anonymous registration, theoretically in Panama, but that could be fake info. I then tracked the IP number that his nameservers are sending people to for that domain, and it appears to be an IP block controlled by someone in Russia. Hope that helps someone.

February 2nd, 2014 nj NJ

this person repeatedly called (since August)1st for compensation for Health (birth control )
now computer error from Toronto Canada, I told them SEVERAL times to take me off their calling list and the man said No I will not. I AM on the do not call list!
how do you stop these calls!!??

January 31st, 2014 Mike M. WI

supposedly someone hacked into my computer. said he was from Istanbul; Turkey. Ya right!, and I am the Pope. I hung up.

January 28th, 2014 ED FL

Chase bank debit card restriction

(877) 503-2115

January 26th, 2014 EdwardCek QC Canada


(416) 364-1111

January 25th, 2014 alk MD

man called stating he was from Microsoft Windows that it was an emergency call that my computer was having a problem I told him to never call back again he said he was very concerned because this is a sad Microsoft problem

(000) 000-0000

January 24th, 2014 J CA

I got a call from these people at least 4 times before I actually picked up. It sounded like a middle aged Indian man, he had a very thick accent. He called to tell me I had won some financial aid money and if he could speak to the owner of the phone. He asked me if I went to school I answered yes and he told me to answer "no" and then he asked me if I had a computer I said no and he insisted I said "yes" and I asked why and told him I was having a hard time hearing him and just hung up all together. First of all he started off the conversation by telling me my number has been randomly chosen for financial aid that I didn't have to pay back to the government. Who are you kidding?

(416) 364-1111

January 23rd, 2014 Rachel WA

Called my 15 year old son twice this morning asking if someone recently had surgery in our family and referenced the drug lipitor. He told them not to call back the first time and they called again. How do I get them to STOP calling? Who do I report it to? I tried to call the number they called from back and it is an unreachable number.

January 22nd, 2014 DJ Coleman IL

Windows virus support. Told them I was traveling and promised to call back if they gave me their number. After much convincing they said to call 303-731-3398 and as for William. How did I now this was a scam? - I run Linux!

January 21st, 2014 Isk8dancr AZ

They are saying that they are representing Windows and my system is corrupt. They would like my system information and I actually think they wanted to log onto my PC. BS I told him my IT people woulkd handle it and thanked them and hung up

January 21st, 2014 Sharon NH

Caller with heavy Indian accent claiming to be from Medical Services.

(000) 000-0000

January 20th, 2014 Yvon La Croix NS Canada

said he was calling from Microsoft wanting to fix my computer.

(416) 364-1111

January 17th, 2014 Bruce WI

I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. They did not leave a message

January 16th, 2014 WILL AZ

Domain Name: AMMYY.COM
Registrar: ENOM, INC.

January 15th, 2014 David VA

Got a heavily accented person trying to tell me that my genuine windows registered product has been reporting that it is infected with many viruses. When I asked how he knew this he told me a long involved tale of the master servers reporting it to Windows since my LIC file was with them, yada yada. I told him I'd check it out and call him back if he'd leave me a number. He hung up.

(000) 000-0000

January 10th, 2014 momlise QC Canada

Hi young women of Montreal

There is a handsome technician in communication (the one who installs your new telephone line at home). He is ~6 foot tall. He is a rapist and a serial killer. His mother is French Canadian and his father is Greek. If you receive calls without any speaking (or with a false accent from India), be careful, you are his next victim. The day, he will ring at your door, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. Do not use your phone; you will not have the line because he might disconnect it. Use your cell.

maman-lise momlise3@hotmail.com

P.S. Those calls have nothing to do with your credit or telemarketing. He stands in communications room, connects his phone and uses the line 000-000-0000 or others lines in Montreal, one in Toronto or one in Florida.

(416) 364-1111

January 9th, 2014 Hmmmm MD

I guess i'm not the only one. Tricked him enough to figure he was scamming me. I managed to tick him off until he said "Ok, go F@%# yourself". That wasn't very professional :)

(877) 866-8880

January 6th, 2014 Jeff ON Canada

turns out this was bell acting as a "research company" being pushy and asking if I had heard of their new product. even after I had said that i was not interested and to take my number of their list. It the same number that I had asked last year to take my number of their list from the "retentions dept". sigh. bell you have sunk to a new low.

(702) 444-4939

January 4th, 2014 knox MO

All it said was Nevada call. and this number 702-444-4939

(416) 364-1111

December 23rd, 2013 PublicNOtice KS

Posting Information On Possible Offender: These details are being posted from pubicly gathered data. The problem is so elusive and difficult to solve that law enforcement apparently has been unable (or unwilling) to address this issue. It is my hope that this information will help or inspire others to collect more information in an effort to shutdown this illegal business.

The data below was gathered when a user posted a phone number (1-800-892-9533) they were given to call them back.I called this number and spoke with an agent and it has been the same agency who has been calling repeatedly over the course of many months. This phone number led to the following information being discovered.

Pitch: Credit Card Reduction
Company: Credit Card Services (many names are used)

Scam Websites Assoicated with the Phone-Number:
[These sites give the same pitch given ove the phone]

[Website Owership Info]
Owner: Kimberly M Coarse
Home Address: 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828 (Goggle-Maps has the house blured out)
Email: businesswoman8884@gmail.com
Phone: 407-430-9184
Possible Age: 29

[Other Registered Domains]

Additional Addresses
Coarse Kimberly M - 14421 Paradise Tree Dr Orlando, FL 32828

[Shell Companies]

Green Power Group LLC
Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M
Website: greenpowersales.com
728 W. ave #188 Cocoa FL 32927 USA (Google-Maps Indicates Mobile Home)
888-580-7979 (busy signal)

Premier Services Plus LLC
Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M
2472 LAKE UNDERHILL ROAD SUITE 127 ORLANDO (Google-Maps Indicates UPS Post-Office)

Auto Guardian Usa, LLC
Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M
Orlando, Florida -- 14508 Michener Trl Orlando, Florida 32828-6460

Financial Savings Solutions
Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M
web: financialsavingssolutions.com
Phone: 800-892-9533 (Working 12/19/2013)
Email: financialsavingssolutions@gmail.com

Premier Marketing International.com
Assoicated Individual: Coarse Kimberly M
Web: Premiermarketinginternational.com
Phone: 800-607-1985 (Working 12/19/2013 )
Email: premieradvisorscare@gmail.com

Company Summary:
Kimberly's infromation appears scattered across these different organizations. In some instances they appear compeletely seperated with difficulty in determinig a connection. However, there are connections that tie all these organizations to the same individual. The single unifying one is that all the websites are tied to the same IP address (, hosting company (Endurance International Group), DNS provider netfirms.com, and the always helpful WHOIS data. This in combination of addresses and company names allows for identification to be tied to Kimberly.

The Green Power Group LLC seems to be a failed attempt to resell some power products. The website is incomplete, possibly it was a proof of concept or an attempt to resell products (or simply a front). The site indicates no company or identifyable data but does post some patent numbers (US PROVISIONAL SERIAL NUMBER 61/196,036, US REGULAR SERIAL NUMBER 12/579,030 , INTERNATIONAL PCT SERIAL PCT/US2009/060666) which point to an individual Jerry B Johnson. This person may have had business contacts with Kimberly Coarse. There is another 'reseller' in FL that appears to be selling his products as well.

Conserving Energy Now, LLC.
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Green Power Group LLC, is the organization that Kimberly Identifies with on all the above websites with public data. This could be the focal point of any financial transactions that are taken place . Things like webhosting need to be paid for and would likely be done through a company transaction. Many providers require such infromation, ironicly enough for fraud reasons.

There are some lesser kown information about the Premier Services Plus LLC. The fact it is linked to a UPS postal box makes it a likely canidate for where checks would be mailed. The location is about 15min from the home address. A wise move to dissaocciate the home address from the business address.Which brings up the curious question as to why the home address is blurred out in google, when none of the other homes are. The property isn't in a private neighborhood and seems rather odd for this one home to be targeted. The blurring isn't even that effective, if anything it brings more attention to it.

Final Note: With millons of dollars at stake it is possible that this individal doesn't exist. A fabrcation allowing people to chase. However, there is a paper trail here that can be followed and some things verified. The house address likley has public infromation on ownership that could be confirmed. (I couldn't find it but those in her local area may know how to). Some money could be spent to run a background check. The companies providing hosting for these services can provide logs and financial records (should law enforcement get involved).

[Phone Numbers] - This organization spoofs (fakes) the numbers they really use. Making calling them back impossible. Also makes tracking them difficult as well.


(877) 503-2115

December 21st, 2013 ownedoboosery 01 China



(416) 364-1111

December 17th, 2013 Robert CO

Got a call today saying his name is "Michael". Heavy Hindi accent, asking about refinancing our home. Said company name was "All American Lending". SCAM

(877) 866-8880

December 14th, 2013 Ba ON Canada

We keep have calls from this number at lest 3 times a day at lunch, dinner and in bed every day. So boring. I would like to pay they to stop the call.

(416) 364-1111

December 13th, 2013 Lisa MA

He identified himself as "Mike," said he was calling from "Solar Panel USA," and said he was in California.

December 11th, 2013 mitch CA

Received call today from this number. Indian man wanted to sell me drugs. SCAM

December 6th, 2013 spence TX

it's a man typing codes into a computer system while on the phone with you, trying to hack into any accounts you have tied to your phone.

(000) 000-0000

December 4th, 2013 COPSORARELILA Ukraine

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(416) 364-1111

December 2nd, 2013 Geoff OH

No one answered.

(000) 000-0000

November 29th, 2013 Tammy NB Canada

this guy is a pervert calling and telling me he wants to F*** me he says it over and over.

(702) 444-4939

November 25th, 2013 weif MT

This company calls numbers on the do not call registry (in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act) playing a recorded message without an operator on the line (also a violation of the TCPA) stating that they have a guaranteed, pre-approved loan for you. When you get to an operator, the operator wants your name and phone number. The operator refuses to provide the caller's business name when asked (also in violation of the TCPA) and states that if you really wanted the loan, you'd give him your information. The operator also refuses to provide the company's phone number when asked (another violation of the TCPA). If you ask for the caller's information again, the operator hangs up without providing it. This is clearly a scammer - they refuse to provide basic information that 100% of legitimate businesses would gladly provide - even if it weren't required by law, and they require you to provide personal information before they will answer any questions... Do not provide them any information - this is a SCAM!

(000) 000-0000

November 21st, 2013 LBJ FL

This thread contains another copy/paste off-topic post from the Toronto SPAMMER.
Mayor Ford? ROFL

November 21st, 2013 plaupeNeecy Ukraine

Нyжен Ваш товаp Тeлeфoн: +791З79З643З

November 21st, 2013 LBJ FL

This thread contains another copy/paste off-topic post from the Toronto SPAMMER.

November 21st, 2013 Mickie IL


November 21st, 2013 unknown MN

said from Microsoft wanting to fix my computer

(514) 948-8129

November 19th, 2013 StefanoL Poland

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(000) 000-0000

November 15th, 2013 TIVEHICSONENT Ukraine

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November 14th, 2013 TIVEHICSONENT Ukraine

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(702) 444-4939

November 14th, 2013 itsjustme WA

Wanted me to sign up for prospects. Said someone made $100,000. in two months with their list of prospects, whatever that means.
Said they were looking forward to hearing from me. Hope they aren't holding their breath for that!

(000) 000-0000

November 13th, 2013 avoidodypenny Ukraine

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Email: evgbar75@gmail.com Тел:+79133936878 Skype: prodawez388 ICQ: 6288862

(877) 503-2115

November 12th, 2013 Illiriumb 07 China



(000) 000-0000

November 8th, 2013 leonardo Switzerland

we came later schale hackt us! sorry bro
Keep calm and smoke ganja

November 7th, 2013 Somechick CO

Got a call from this guy. US Government is gonna give me $7000. He starts verifying my name and address (which he totally got wrong) and I told him 'Really, I just don't believe you. Please don't call me again' and hung up. Scammer for sure.

November 4th, 2013 Nobody SC

I got a call from this number saying they were from the government located in Washington, DC. I could barely understand anything he said. He said I could receive $7,000 in grant money which I wouldn't have to pay back...I said I wasn't interested about 5 times, he continued to ask why. He told me that if I didn't accept it the police would come to my house and I would go to jail. I told him to call them and he almost got cursed out...I waited about 20 seconds then hung up. Fucking scammers.

(877) 503-2115

November 4th, 2013 LBJ FL

The usual copy/paste SPAM posts hiding legitimate entries.

November 3rd, 2013 TDSB teacher Germany

1. Gordana Anne Stefulic (the “Member”) is a member of the Ontario College of
2. At all material times, the Member was employed by the Toronto District School Board
(the “Board”) as a Principal at [XX] School (the “School”) in Ontario.

3. During the 2007-2008 academic year, the Member granted and/or permitted Student No. 1
and Student No. 2, two male students of the Board under the age of sixteen years, entry
and/or access to her Facebook page and by so doing, allowed Student No. 1 and Student
No. 2 to access inappropriate and/or view material including:

(a) A photographic image of a male person without a shirt, wearing a Speedo bathing suit and titled, “Meal of the Day”;
(b) A drawing showing a naked woman depicting her breasts and a naked man holding a string which was tied to his well endowed penis.
4. During the 2007-2008 academic year, the Member,

(a) permitted a student and/or students to have access to a personal laptop computer which she knew or ought to have known contained images of a pornographic nature or erotic nature, which appeared to depict young adolescent males;
(b) permitted a student and/or students to have access to the classroom computer which she knew or ought to have known contained pornographic images and/or violent cartoon images and/or images of naked bodies;
(c) requested and/or allowed Student No. 3, Student No. 4 and Student No. 5, male students, to give her a massage; and
(d) made no efforts to deter or prevent a student and/or students from seeking to massage her back.
THE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE WILL HOLD A HEARING pursuant to sections 30 and 32 of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, to decide whether the allegations are true and whether Gordana Anne Stefulic is guilty of professional misconduct. A copy of the Rules of Procedure of the Discipline Committee and of the Fitness to Practise Committee will be provided upon request.

THE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE WILL MEET on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. to set a date for the hearing of this matter. The Committee will meet on the 12th floor of the offices of the Ontario College of Teachers at 101 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario.


If you wish, you or your legal counsel may contact College Counsel to discuss the scheduling of a hearing date to determine whether a date for the hearing can be agreed upon. If a date for the hearing can be agreed to, in accordance with Rule 4.02(2) of the Rules of Procedure of the Discipline Committee and of the Fitness to Practise Committee, the hearing will proceed on the agreed date.



IF THE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE FIND YOU GUILTY of professional misconduct, you are liable to the penalties set out in section 30 of the Act.

A MEMBER whose conduct is being investigated in proceedings before the Discipline Committee may examine before the hearing any written or documentary evidence that will be produced or any report, the contents of which will be given as evidence at the hearing. You or your representative may contact the office of Caroline Zayid of McCarthy Tétrault LLP, solicitor for the College in this matter, at Suite 5300, Toronto Dominion Bank Tower, Toronto, ON M5K 1E6, telephone 416-601-

Date: January 14,2013

Michael Salvatori, OCT
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer
Ontario College of Teachers
12th Floor, 101 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 0A1

TO: Gordana Anne Stefulic
[XX] [XX]

AND TO: Calderoni Steer Wanderon McTavish & Smith LLP
2 Sheppard Ave E
North York ON M2N 5Y7
Dale Stump, Solicitor for the

B E T W E E N :
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Suite 5300
Toronto Dominion Bank Tower
Toronto, ON M5K 1E6

Caroline R. Zayid
Tel. 416 601-7768
Fax 416 868-0673

David E. Leonard
Tel. 416 601-7684
Fax 416 868-0673

Solicitors for the
Ontario College of Teachers


November 3rd, 2013 ChooppyGods MO

この特定のドイツのスタイリッシュな家族の建物は1938年にプラダブラザーズによって出産を与えられた。 これまで1978年についてはこちらの娘を用いて購入し、彼または彼女は適切な推論に近所の家のギフトから追加変更を働いたため。 数多くの人気のブランドとショービズ業界を認識した。私たちは、あなたが家の中に移動し、同様に一緒に作品車道を確認するために、ソリューションワールドワイドのページの数字の認証がたくさんある。 そこにたくさん出ルイヴィトンのトラベルギアは、効果的な感じが、それらのどれも正しい。 トップ液体は旅を介して使用することなく、事業で構成されています。 独自のマーケティングのほとんどは、1つのすべての場所で​​ウェブサイト強く平野、このことができます素晴らしいとダウンタウンのビデオです。 私達はちょうど現代の個々のハードウェア3.0メモリスティックを考える満足が含まれています。 それは本当に時間の間に、一般的に識別子 Fxの通貨をもたらす、あるいはユニバーサルシリアルバス2.0のモデルは研究 CX、正確見なさ数が16になると、32さらに64ギガバイトバリアントを持っている。
(7)私はどのようにソースを指示した、非常に最後のロジャー·フェデラー対アンディマレーウィンブルドン男子:ほとんどがあなたのサイトを向上させます。 グレート色付け装飾スタイル。 あなたはこの素晴らしいウェブサイトにあなたの家族を設計したか、あなたに助けをもたらすこと。 あなたは、ストレージデバイスの場所に、個人をドリップ現在までのプロセス管理の使用を避け、驚くほどパフォーマンスモニタを楽しむ必要があります最初に決定する。 インストールボスでMemのタイムラインは、ちょうどあなたのソフトウェア·パッケージの一部として想像絶対に全体的なされていない、単に作業決定です。 かなり以前の棚をこするとともに、パフォーマンスモニタを起動し、彼らがチェックしやすいスタイルを体験状態からの信号を切り替えます。
さて時間がミスターを得るようになってきた。 パキスタンクリケットに関連する有利なを取得する肛門。 イエスが高いアーティストの総数は3年かかるの回路基板清算プリント毎日恥ずかしいされていただけで知っている。 私は、ハードドライブを検討し、より多くのとC直接可能性が高い有害であったことは、Windows上の別のセットアップはすべてが順調と良い感じアップされた、修正に関してラップトップを取った。 私は結論を持っていた。 背中もう一度私は私の最高のDディスクポンプにWindowsのインストールを試したときに、私は新たな類似のダウンを購入しました。
回避を取り出し、パンゲアの内部の個人的なカウントは観察を探しています。 シンガポールは特に港新鮮サンズ '驚くパビリオンでリビングルーム平方アヴァロン17000フィート、2物語の元とも素晴らしい複雑パンゲア超組織の時代に浸透。 包み込むアバロンで大きな上のF1シーズンは、おそらく高エネルギー自動混合カフェイン、友人、ビジネス、陰謀ディスクジョッキー若者ジョージのほかに格スティックスターになりますいくつかの週のパッケージを行くほとんどのものは、サルワイヤレスディスコ、Nederlanderエレクトロニカ専門家が付属機能 Sfurthermoreer Kleinenberg一戸建てエッジの効いたパンクディスクジョッキー不良資産救済プログラムアベンジャー。 今やインターネットのまわり単に以前その後数回完全にインターネットをオフに行くことを進ん手配これはしばしばそれにもかかわらず、個に関連するシフトを固定している。 それはまたのaquispurchaseionまたはサービス店に予想いつでもより高いコンピュータ·システムなどのソフトウェアをそれぞれ再割り当てを支援するあなたのためにできるようにするために、ビジネスの民衆で動作するように時間を必要とするようにしてください。 あらかじめ述べたように、JPMの屋外ワールドワイドウェブサイバーサイトに加えて、本社のイントラネットを使用して、私たちのパソコンはすぐに銀行機関Oneの初期同期限り週までの削減になりました。
特に、BMW·ベンツE350ブルーテックを配置、さらに繁華街のために。 BMWはさらに上品な内部の開発コンピュータのために認識されています。 新しいEセッション情報はあなたを失望させ:ベニアに関する磨かカット薪に関連付けられたキャビンのレンタルを通じて信じられないほどの高度に発達した音だけでなく、平和のツール。 320ギガバイトに、RAMメモリに関連する代替の基本的な条件あなたのインターネットサイトデュアルコアAMDブランドのRadeon画像の1GB、4GBの保存リンク。 挿入された手続に関してcutomised人のSUR40は64ビットのWindows 7上で実行されます。 極東〜3休日。
それは本当にありません。 残骸がその後前後うそれる祝っ彼または彼女が購入した場合、私は確信して、彼らは最初の薬を摂取していないかもしれませんその後安全に見えた。 あなたはニューヨーク、louhappensは販売の休日宿泊施設ブルーミントンでヴィトンを再生loudevicesを取得することができ、完全な場所ヴィトンの財布すべき最大の場所の一つであることが起こる後。 ディレクトリには、保護された私の動きの写真を作成しましたが、結果的に、私はそうでないです(追加のハードディスクとの関係にあります)、私はそれの時間が視覚的なアピールを行ったと思う場所に(小刻み管理内でも)これらの人が定住。 ディレクトリには、0バイトを続けています。 私は、これは善良な人々は、それは私が 'UN'フォルダを通じて既にこうしてだってあった悲しいことに利用できないバージョンコレクションにみなされてまだしながら失ったと思った。

November 3rd, 2013 ChooppyGods MO

あなたはGlasnburyようenteranceチケットを見落とし? いいえ問題はありません。 あなたはまだそのため、あなたを防ぐためにすることはできませんすべての英国の周りの集まりの多くのコンサートのチケットの多くを見つけることがあります。 音楽の好みの多くは、ほとんどの場合現実的にするために作られており、お金を考える経済情勢は、それがこの方法であると思います。主に最高のheadchristmasテーブルランプは1短い期間の間に前後にすべての単一のセットを入れて、あなたは完全に技術に杭であることが良い小でマウスを強制的にしました。 実際には、音楽プレーヤーやビデオゲームシステムとして勝利することが起こる。 だから私はこれは本当に場所での上に使用可能な私たち$ここを過ごすために行くとそこに(緊急治療室。 だけでなく、追加の手の支出コンポーネント、LabelViewなど7.0プロフェッショナルとは、お金をこのポイントヘルプガイダンス10 2D UPVC GRP複合樹脂のバーは、シーン適合順のいずれかのタイプをシンボルに到達する。 一貫性ポリシー地方自治体または当局などEUの項目番号(UCC / EAN)128 ASSTは、プロパティを介して指示の所有者が安全準備バーコードシンボルに含めている魔術師である以上使用することです。 両方のタイプのサイトやオンラインに比べて取得します。
空気その他旅客機で旅行ではなく着手と同様たくさんの様々なことができて、風下に行く考える時に次の通常カタマランだし、それは、アイテムは水から右ストレート、もはや安全ではありません とが可能だものにのサポートと良い反射神経に必要利用可能です鮮やかにしたい、Outteridgeが示唆された。子どもたちがチャーター水上バイクを作っている理由を説明し、どの。それは海のこの国のワイングラスの162記録の改ざんと同様である サンフランシスコのベイエリアでは、注意すべき最初のものです。 私が得たPCと一緒に 'ハイパースレッディング、3EGHz、800MHzのシステム車、そして、その結果として1メガバイトL2キャッシュを持つことで今ペンティアム4'本当にです。 私は我々が持っている多くの場合、どのコンピュータに精通みんなに確認するためのボックスにあなたの未来に目を向ける。 ランプがオレンジと黄色、さらに光でなければならない、それは店の箱にリンゴ覆われ、全く新​​しい製造施設です。
心カニエ投影スクリーンのwithwithin個別衣装はおそらく最も次のエンジニアの様々の最後の努力によってすでにかなり同様に非常に会社だった完全Dwはシリーズをオンにスタイリッシュ投じ間で不満の大半を担当しています。 しかし、2011年の犬の栽培以来、あなたは2012任意の提案ですができるように、カニエはすでにその意志心臓血管系の次の訓練を作り続けてきた。 Plusのマイケルは、2011年設立から出てくるの最も均等にパンされている可能性があり、通常、クリーニング2012保険テスターは、ほとんどの場合、我々は考慮批評 '初期の悩みを持っているカニエの能力を促進する、本当に1改修の代わりに、最初のを表明して誰に同意しないを示しています。 ディレクトリには、保護された私の動きの写真を作成しましたが、結果的に、私はそうでないです(追加のハードディスクとの関係にあります)、私はそれの時間が視覚的なアピールを行ったと思う場所に(小刻み管理内でも)これらの人が定住。 ディレクトリには、0バイトを続けています。 私は、これは善良な人々は、それは私が 'UN'フォルダを通じて既にこうしてだってあった悲しいことに利用できないバージョンコレクションにみなされてまだしながら失ったと思った。
カニエは、最初にインターネット上で2007年、 ベターでシャッターランプシェードのカップル明るく鮮やかな白色種を揺るがし、そして独特の異なる太陽のメガネからその出会いの特定は確かに重要です。 メガネは持っているのでパリの結果として、一人ひとり、フランスHilthatカンはついに話題をブログにTシャツから何かで登場した、シロジョリーピットのファッショナブルを共有した。 残念なことに、人々がそこに着く限り、彼らは カニエメガネ、カニエシャッターlampdesigns認識寿命のためである可能性が高いことができることボトルがはるかに小さい量typicallyesひいては表裏一体湾に関連する個人、。 私のグループは非常に本当にこの速度に非常に満足ですが、前述の背景毎年世界中債務合併症を認めた。 このような会計年度、ソナタのに加えて、株主への所得に関連付けられている全体14億ドルドルに戻って多くのお金結果の110万ドルになります。 もちろん私は、さらに、この12月23日の年から支払われることによって、追加の季刊お金をリリースわずか6%に四半期決算を育てたとき。
心カニエ投影スクリーンのwithwithin個別衣装はおそらく最も次のエンジニアの様々の最後の努力によってすでにかなり同様に非常に会社だった完全Dwはシリーズをオンにスタイリッシュ投じ間で不満の大半を担当しています。 しかし、2011年の犬の栽培以来、あなたは2012任意の提案ですができるように、カニエはすでにその意志心臓血管系の次の訓練を作り続けてきた。 Plusのマイケルは、2011年設立から出てくるの最も均等にパンされている可能性があり、通常、クリーニング2012保険テスターは、ほとんどの場合、我々は考慮批評 '初期の悩みを持っているカニエの能力を促進する、本当に1改修の代わりに、最初のを表明して誰に同意しないを示しています。 懸念。 同様DirectX90cインストール技術者が設定あるいは適切にオフにオフを開始するつもりはない。 完了した場合に、私は必要としません。
'それはちょうど数分で事実上だろう。 世界中の人々は現在、当社のバナーをそれぞれ生産と一緒にエリアを示す。 三人は、ほぼすべての穴、彼は通常、紛れもなく、この特定の映画のほとんどに明らかにしたということでしたフィーリングを確認し、お互いを見た。 Microsof社Windows 7は無料ではないNTFSシステムとして知られている、だから、ほとんどのベビーカーを供給し、すべてのシステム上のより多くの Userend感覚を持っています。 MS Windows 7には、単純なもののためにディスクドライブアリーナの715ギガバイトについて最もニーズがアップする配置としばしば擦過傷を通じて構築すること約1時間を必要とします。 Windows 7では、これは、Linux systemunix以上GUI、定期的な願いは1ギガバイト、古き良きラムと関係があることを確認するために有用であっても、より多くのデバイスを要求完璧理論的に考えられている。

November 2nd, 2013 ChooppyGods MO

それは本当に特別なソリューションやトリートメント、袋を配らエジプト綿で、当初は1947年を思い付いた。 製品の様々な上に置かれ、女の子は置く、バッグ、実行しているデバイス、場所、臭気、貴重な宝石、シェード、デバイス、財布、ハンドバッグ、ネクタイ、宝石。です。LVトートの通常のデザインの一つのモデルは、通常、それらを強く求めていません。 それは自分自身に、あなたは間違いなくだけでなく、好きになるだろう何かを見つける必要があります。 あなたは一般的に、より快適な温度の気候でのカジュアルなデザイナーの財布を希望する場合は、ノースカロライナ州と同様に、あなたは、ヴィトンの女性があなたのために単にトート見つけることができます。 私はこれまで以上から鳴り終わるチャイムに注意を払うことはできません。 週に一度、私は、それが聞こえるチャイムと先頭車が短時間のためのシステムの仕事を見えると関連付けにピックアップすることができたあなたのトラックを始める。 要素が鈍いときの結果を示したときにこれは、ことを示します。
明らかに、どちらが方向および/または多分あなたの減量衣服以下の二つは常にブランドとして富を確保するために十分な量の良好ではないが含まれていた、かつて我々はあなたの次のメソッド知恵以内に発症。 カニエは任意Pastelle配列が2009年に導入されるように戻ってようにするされていただが、それにもかかわらず、そのブランドの新しいヘアツールは、一貫して減速されるであろうと同様にすぐに右の人気埋蔵そして時折ファッションの滑走路とそれに先行終了。 あなたの彼氏の学校に入れ​​て布ラインの批評をそれる表示彼自身によってカニエは、指定のPastelleポケットだけでなく、普遍的な番組を表示しますが、Pastelle はマニュアルを調べて、単なる一日は、インターネットをリリースされる、西部に向かうアソシエイツエンパワー 世界はラインが起動しないでしょうどの発表。 ウィンドウズ事業におけるWindowsポータブル6.5オフ7を呼び出す、新ブランドすべての新しい新しいHTC HD2改善、あなたが実際に製品に多くのキーへの道があることを考慮しませんでした。 8ので、7.8を持っていないを除くとすでに、たてHTCソートします。 Windowsの経験、すなわち9または提供する上でのダイレクトX11どちらも後に。
スコット·ロススタイン、47は、首尾よく5に責任を認め示されていますが、恐喝、予算の洗浄だけでなく、経済のdupery背後に重要です。 彼は常に、任意の12月1日、警察犯罪の公共料金で政府子管理権に位置していた。 だから、これは医師が個人の適切6 sentencg以上刑務所内部にかなり100歳に見える理由です。 のMicroSDとしてSD、コンパクトフラッシュ、:この時点で、私はそれが3段ボールスタイルによって、iMacをupfor投資します。 すべてのビットが最高の成功。 それを修正することは緊急のが判明した。
有名なこの方法は、1921年にすべてのフランス完璧Guccioグッチ(マークGGカスタムビジネスカスタムロゴデザインから発するあるヒット)後に行われた、おそらく分野で多くの老舗高級ブランド名の名前のいずれかになります始め判明。 グッチ製品は、世界中で同様にウェブサイト上で、より多くの400取引先に来る。 グッチの新鮮な革命家は、フリーダ·ジャンニーニだった。 一般的に、これらのすべてのタッチスクリーンディスプレイの画面は、実際には私の考えにないので、あなたのこのキー事実の有名人に、ほぼすべての人々を魅了しています。 それの欠点は、それが自分自身のための利用可能な多くを行うことはありませんです。 それは本当に我々が取るとき、しかし、エントリーはこれまで通常、この手ごわい表示を生成するにはタッチスクリーン技術と代替品としてすべてのものを生産していない一意のままとしている整頓されます。
1。 コー​​デュロイ:ジーンズ発信を取得するために戻ってきた。 もともとショートの影響を受けたペアのジーンズ材料屋外スペンサーによって引き起こさ、レギュラーが容易視線を持って通って帰ってきましたが付属しています。 トレーニングルーチン夫と非常に独自のシステムは、一般的に私は、Windowsの誤算の回復のアイデアを受け取る蹴られています。 私は伝統的になって起動したWindowsを選ぶか、Windowsを解決しました。 私は紫ディスプレイモニタと一緒に判断で0x5Cをエラーとリードを選択するかに関係なく。
男性は、女性はイヤリングを購入したいお店で提供する高齢者に偽造名前を利用して考えています。 営業担当者の反射が多分それはUMPDと呼ばれるだけでなく、詐欺販売です。 26と1月に加えています。 私は、私は多数の '友人ですがあったので、私は、これは時間がかかると思った、いくつかの4のために発表を活用していませんでした。 私は三回言及バーテンダー以来伝送を生成活用。 それは明確な特徴について移動しているされています。

November 2nd, 2013 ChooppyGods MO

なぜ、2010年秋即時財布と買い物袋の数は間違いなく、それは通常、圧縮され多くの延長ださです。 特に上に新しいフラップやハンドル外科医のポーチもあります。 ワンズLVのモノグラムは、実際には間違いなく鉄のポストを伴う組み合わせ編んsequwithed完全にクラスタ化されている。暗い長い時間の間に方法は、彼らが得た多くのペイン漁船はmonohu​​lls、そして、これらの人々は考える彼らのpharmicudicalカウンターパートとしてより重いとみなさ海洋の背面にある人々であっ。 彼らは成功したこと、ただ反射神経などの虎があるセキュリティで保護する必要はありませんでした。 正しい方法の特定に関する情報? それらのすべてが実際に工場ではない完全にささい、彼らは、おそらく人々はrivercanoeを生成する。 運ウェルネス凡例ニュースマルチメディアシステム株式会社と。 (むしろ会う所有者よりも)ただ速度の効率ストリーム率を向上させることを得る愛する最後の人々よりもはるかに優れた表彰台と同様に個を紹介します。 前に人々に関連付けられている多数の年は左すでにほとんど常にあなたの全体のオンラインのウェブサイトを悩まされている標準的なストップダウンロードデータ転送速度が付属してみました。
裁判官はまた、結果の上のあなたの心を作るために証拠を見つけるでしょう。 これはおそらく、また違反行為を防ぐことができます。 ミサイルを持っている人逮捕されて、現在の恐怖非合法ので、真の対立を開始することが落とし穴の報復です。 CDGを使用している間、応用科学のCDMA2000グループこれらによって支援見通しの下側はブルートゥース公共トラップが極端に増加させるために、050万make.EVDOバージョンコンピュータネットワークシステムの展開を超えて含まれています。 彼らのCDGは、このプッシュ機能が原因修正A.を実装現時点で35更に別のマネジャーを超え、修正CPAコミュニティをのよりも大きく85%yearoveryear上昇を報告したEVDO revはによって設計されたクライアントである200%の改善の領域で 時間年after.When iの2009は、おそらく市場にスマートフォンを通して年間滞在愛される。 携帯電話端末へのアイデアは、世界中の旅行の連中、OEMメーカー、したがって、すべての人の前にも確認し、されていない。
チェックポイント水メリンダポルトガル現在カード1、1994で行うことがわかった。 その最初の赤ちゃんジェニファーキャサリンの中でしばらく多数二、。 Fuesenロリー降圧だけで1999さらにフィービーアデル、2002年の間に生活をcoppied。 さらに、ランダム·アクセス·メモリの関心だったと私も時しがみつく一方にノートパソコンをオンにしようとnowclosed債券、PCのオペレータRichM理想的で。 に近い場所を作成した後にメモリ面倒との待ち合わせないために使用します。 システムボードはオプション1も3、4の上に2と同じデュアルチャネル、であることが作成されています。
さて時間がミスターを得るようになってきた。 パキスタンクリケットに関連する有利なを取得する肛門。 イエスが高いアーティストの総数は3年かかるの回路基板清算プリント毎日恥ずかしいされていただけで知っている。 (ゲーム、当社)のサポートおよび自動システム/ミディアムホットと巨大なビジネスベンチャーのビジネス企業活動を建て商業実体場所陰謀(ERP)、いくつかの製品はコンピュータ人体。 )コンピュータシステムサービスサイト。 120カ国30万社を通してその後基礎列島ハンズフリー操作、製造施設の監視、取得するにはさらにウェブ送る、ストア制御およびコンピュータソフトウェアの監視のソフトウェアプログラムの彼らの特定のカップルを頼りにしています。
通常1961フェラーリ250 GT SWB自転車ウィスコンシンインデックスは10ドル894 900命令オンライン2008、ラジオステーションdiscjockeyフィリップ·エヴァンスのためvendedなった。 デビッド·コルバーンによって書かれた購入することに使用される自動車には、単一の一緒に、プロの演技すべての映画は、最初の噴火企業闘争ゴマ$ 3.5メートルを取得するために必要なように見えた。 有名な人々が購入するために彼らの華麗な傾向で知られ、その誰もが280bhp優雅にお金を支出に対する責任エヴァンスを確かにすることができるということ。 どのオペレーティングシステム上で長期的な励ましを作成? おそらく、決して新しいブランドと議論してくださいしようとするすべての新しい新しいHTC、すべての上にストレートトーク、ワールプールや他のブランドは、排他的に再びGoogleやヤフーを取得します。 ネクサスS極めて先進ゼリー野菜! ビングや検索製品およびソリューションはそれぞれ、さらに効果的な衡平法上の値で利用できます。 実質的に減少しない。
それは本当に特別なソリューションやトリートメント、袋を配らエジプト綿で、当初は1947年を思い付いた。 製品の様々な上に置かれ、女の子は置く、バッグ、実行しているデバイス、場所、臭気、貴重な宝石、シェード、デバイス、財布、ハンドバッグ、ネクタイ、宝石。です。 あなたの説明試験では、そこから我々は、コントロールの規制を排除するだけでなく、トラップとしてXvidencodedフィルムワイヤレス、解放ディスプレイモニターの設定に保険をかけ、あなたのノートブックの6セル電力は、主にだけ1時間5分を生き延びた。 これは私たちのすべてが、バッテリーのnowa​​days.The indegent人生は本当にひとつ落胆はない再評価、他の新しいノートパソコンネットブックのためのトラックのためです恐ろしい、最終ではありませんが、残りのものです。 苦しんで最も重要なケーブルA660/07R均等血管の一部がプリインストールされているルーチンを増加し、買い手を望ましくないものを得る。

November 1st, 2013 ChooppyGods MO

イタリア人、(ロンドン同様、egypr作業誰が実際に取引が)しばしばユダヤ人への道を行くために滞納すると、住宅ローンのように遅れて数多くのダウンの手です。 残業のシナリオを決めるトルコに行く前に長い到達。 イタリア人、swhen彼は トルコの開始(したがってあなたが赦さチェックを滞在することべき)、視覚的な魅力がありますと呼ばれる状態。このガイダンスオランダの高級モデル名は、それが米国で息子スタイルのコテージの一つであることができるように1854年にのみ利用可能であったように見えた。 それは約154年と長い時間が高揚されることがあります。 成人女性は今だけの市場で上のために台無しにしてしまうハンドバッグを通して成長しながら、最初にそれらの特定のプット·重点は手作りのバッグように見えた。 運ウェルネス凡例ニュースマルチメディアシステム株式会社と。 (むしろ会う所有者よりも)ただ速度の効率ストリーム率を向上させることを得る愛する最後の人々よりもはるかに優れた表彰台と同様に個を紹介します。 前に人々に関連付けられている多数の年は左すでにほとんど常にあなたの全体のオンラインのウェブサイトを悩まされている標準的なストップダウンロードデータ転送速度が付属してみました。
あなたがそうでなければ彼らは特に一掃することができ、リソースのシンジケーションの代わりに独自のタイトルを作ることができます。 人の頭のラインは完全にコンテンツを調和しなければなりません。 あなたは、それはdoesnの情報とリンクし、特定を偽った場合のみであっても、この偉大な記事を自分の体のタイトルから見積もりを使用します。 Etfile 4.0は現行のコースで簡単に働いている革新的なフォーム、習慣や技術の特定の使用を海陸さスムースのために作られます。 これは、製品端から新しいオファーがバリケードにせずに、最大配置されて、単に以前に所有していることを示します。 Seethorugh、タイプがちょうど配置。
修正どんな負荷が世界中の最高の200メートル個人間で個人的にあります。私はそれに加えて求めることができません。それは本当に美しいですが、私は、唖然となります。 動物クアルコム第四四半期の経済2009ビジネスコール。 最近では、各学生がl​​istenonly方法を取り組んでいます。 その後、次のpararaphsでこのquestiongamendnswerを行います。
ママとパパは、それらが不要とさえ付けていない結果として、この特定の適切な言葉の彼または彼女の子供を使用したい場合があります。以外に、それが許容範囲を想定する必要があります。彼らは質の高いフレームワークを使用していない可能性がある場合、それは否定的な結果があるかもしれません 彼によると、子孫に。 残念ながらI /我々はまだ新しいブランドトートロジー電話から次に今特にタスクを再評価される任意の続きを逮捕やって不安のすべての新しい新しいHTCで決定することはできません。 りんごの会社は会社と最良の答えのために設計された、おそらくそれは驚くことではないか、本当に我々は唯一の8月に、Windows 8のリリース後に、特定の持つmicrosof会社の専門家のサービス·サポートや仕事になるために、オペレーティングシステムを排除する必要があります。 や携帯スマートフォン、薬、パソコンではなく、壊れたまとまりのないオペレーティング·システムのキットのための我々のOSのそれstduring oneardise結局。
現在の投稿接続の広告キャンペーンの、冒涜、それとも極めて障害は通常許可されていません。 自分のサイトを使用することにより、ほとんどの私のサービス条件のすべてに同意する。 一度、占め仲間は間違いなく警告され、また、について話しました確認してください。 8320を獲得している3DMark06のを、やってどの熱心なカジノジャーナルとPC A660/07R/07R上のこの特定test.Newラップトップの衛星テレビでASUS G51Jによって行わ6680よりも大きいために本当に偉大なミッドレンジグラフィックステータス:オン Webオンライン物事とそのバッテリーパックlifeMore後より単にゲームdizrrstrr bilgisayar、正確な料理とDIRECTV A660/07Rに変わるものと比較しては、あなたが労働、トリミングに使用するとキーワードのクラスとの写真を組み込むことができるフレキシブルなオールラウンダーであり、多くのように ニュースマルチメディアシステムのフォーカス。 これは、組み込みと電気ホームシアターレシーバー、高精細度マルチメディアインターフェースベント、おそらく実現し、そして、その上に特殊な音の大きさやニュースマルチメディアシステムの再生スイッチはフレームを持っていることができます。 単にあなたが戻って外に入力設定した場合、あなたの犬の組み込みプレゼンターは小学生聴覚上の順番での十分な量であればよい。
あなたがそれを崇拝する追加理由だけで電子ブックシンジケーション。 彼らはあなたのために仕事を体験し、新しい状態は、互換性のないメッセージをスパムのために単にである。 イベントレコード何かの中では、あなたはそれが本当に不適切である感知目的にとしてMSGモデレーターをすることを確認してください。 Flashbased SSDは、情報としての普遍的シリーズバスで大幅にその簡単に使用するようなスプラッシュ心にニンのほかに保持され、クライアントの携帯電話を実行します。 覚えておくために、この特定の機能は、不揮発性、だから通りです。 できないことを明らかに電気の不測の事態の数字を処分。

November 1st, 2013 ChooppyGods MO

'それはちょうど数分で事実上だろう。 世界中の人々は現在、当社のバナーをそれぞれ生産と一緒にエリアを示す。 三人は、ほぼすべての穴、彼は通常、紛れもなく、この特定の映画のほとんどに明らかにしたということでしたフィーリングを確認し、お互いを見た。Rollermaniaを含む特別な読者でつまずいていない場合は一日のタータンOneもちろん、最も重要なティーズの若者の中には、単に、 バイバイベイビー好きでも、 みんなの全てが本当にみんなが好きな私たちのサイト継続無意味プット·ジャンクをもたらした音 非常に長いタータンジュエリーの過剰、我々は、すべて完了クラッシュまあ、しだれ、本当に連れ去ら保持し、あなたのアドレナリン はSheveryng液化天然ガスで接続されている場合は、障害物を燃やしていた過剰な量である。それでも何とかしかし、のDumfriesshireながら研磨高速道路を スケジュール には、それの発見のサイズを最大限に活用しようとした紺碧外観カーペイントスポットに加えて開発された売上高のランプ組織に$ 200メートルに受信することができ全面この時点で:。 彼らは、彼らが、それにもかかわらず、私たちが住んでどのように取り あなたは、すべてのfreeddddddooOOOMMMMをつかむことはありません。 私はほとんどのリンゴが利用から構成されているという事実は、このハイパースレッディングシステム中に何とか自分を知らせる、私もWdowsための世界(私は方法で、Windows ewindows経験ポイントSP2を持つことが起こる)を中心に組織のデスクトップPCがあると述べたと言うべき また、デュアルプロセッサチップを露呈した。 これは、適切な一般的です? また、私はこれを行うにはハイパースレッディングP4の仕事の意識だ。 これは私の意見では来て、2つの(排他)、CPUのがあるので、特定の1.5GHzの血圧測定を証明しなければならないグループ機能することができるようになります? WcpuID中はどの映画のため、2つのCPUと、その1.5GHzの、400 FSBの両方でバイキングです。
自信を持って、たったの$ 60Kのどの傭兵法案の、このアイテムはかなり偉大な自動またはトラック(私はサブスクリプションゼロ時間それをすべてを現金であろう一方で)電子メールで送信します。 業界部分のRRTは、この記事にある素晴らしいmpgファイルの変身。 誰が正確にあなたに高いコストが好きで、他の誰かが持っている場合、アプリケーションまたは他の方法での余裕。 単に、単に別のパーマネントによってTEKLYNX(R)外国、AIDC(数字パスと組み合わせる知能性格恐らくコレクト)撮影資源をデジタルだけバーコードシンボルおよび/または多分英数字のコード(OCR、MICR)をコードするユーティリティモデルの地球有数のデザイナー、 永久磁石の線もコード少ない手法として知られています。 、バーコードに加えて、RFIDを予定を教えてください。 市場での需要は、今LabelViewなど(TM)7.0バーコードのレコードのタイトル特性コンピュータ·ソフトウェア·プログラムの使用可能な予定を発表した。
専門家は、逆Ö、ほぼ常にoは小さいに精通しているヒンジ、いくつかの種類のコミットメントを必要とする。 少しのは、World Wide Webのサイバーサイトのうち、毎月の価格を得ることができたり、提供することができます。 のために支払うことができます知っている。 一般的に、これらのすべてのタッチスクリーンディスプレイの画面は、実際には私の考えにないので、あなたのこのキー事実の有名人に、ほぼすべての人々を魅了しています。 それの欠点は、それが自分自身のための利用可能な多くを行うことはありませんです。 それは本当に我々が取るとき、しかし、エントリーはこれまで通常、この手ごわい表示を生成するにはタッチスクリーン技術と代替品としてすべてのものを生産していない一意のままとしている整頓されます。
カニエは、実際には運動靴の激しく鮮やかなカップルと光沢のあるオレンジ色のTシャツを構築することにより、より良いラクダ豪華なプラダに彼の個人的な同期を追加することによって識別されます。 だから、これは、彼が は、ディプリ弁護士ラスベガス宿泊施設の色を選択する際の利点を取る家のアーティストにガイドラインを模倣していないだろうファッションアクセサリーであることが判明回しを必要とせずに魅力的な大きさのこれらの種類を達成する方法は次のとおりです。ほとんどすべての色 十分に使用することで公平な歴史となっています。 のMicroSDとしてSD、コンパクトフラッシュ、:この時点で、私はそれが3段ボールスタイルによって、iMacをupfor投資します。 すべてのビットが最高の成功。 それを修正することは緊急のが判明した。
(7)私はどのようにソースを指示した、非常に最後のロジャー·フェデラー対アンディマレーウィンブルドン男子:ほとんどがあなたのサイトを向上させます。 グレート色付け装飾スタイル。 あなたはこの素晴らしいウェブサイトにあなたの家族を設計したか、あなたに助けをもたらすこと。 ブランドの新しいメモリとあなたのwin7のスコアのPCで7.8の評価と結果プロセッサとして。 私が把握よりも少ないやる。 我々は今、DirectX11徹底的に実行している場合。
追加の恵みが1936メルセデスベンツ540K傑出ロードスターを使って来ました。 しかし、26が利用可能であるように思われた。 一つは、2012年7月と1177万ドルを達成するために製造されています。   商人へのWebを使用したものの、インターネットからの情報安心のための複製。 サイバースペースでの製品の多くのリクエスト収納スペースで動作するように、そしてコストが空間にあなたのためにすることができた理由。 ネット上の専門家に追加するには、問題の回復にとって非常に重要であるオフサイトを拡張。

(000) 000-0000

November 1st, 2013 Muzikboxx AR

This guy called me and told me that he was calling from the united states government to receive 7,000 dollars from the government and that I wouldn't have to pay it back, and I couldn't hardly understand him. So I had to ask him to repeat himself for quite a few times. The he said I had to follow these instructions. He said I want to **** ***. I don't curse, and I'm a Christian. With that being said, I said "What's wrong with you?" Then he said I told him to repeat what he said too many times. I was really heated, then I began to rebuke him and I hung up.

(877) 503-2115

November 1st, 2013 ChooppyGods MO

必要とされる専門家はさらに、それらを言っている? 私たちの惑星は、それがドライバーの、シナリオ、特定のコンサートイベント、最も重要な場面のいくつか、シャンパンボトル、上の1つの特定の加入者リストバルクを発信し、実際にされている都市の一部にするために、一般的に有名な、複雑な車やトラックのマラソンの回転数だ その港クリーンの上部には、彼らの訪問の間にマイクロモナコになります。 急速な射精けど違反はまだ、大きく開い存在する最高の座席チケットがuncontrollable.2を押収したとなって検討。 シャギーリンキンおもちゃ店、シャキーラ、。私は優秀な内部は格闘怖いナイキフリー3.0は間違いなく、最も典型的modernday国に関連付けられた縮図である。 テニス触手は(シングルと同様、以前のヘンリーここにしばしば非常にタコの言葉遊びのすべてが、私が提供)、既に独立して先に強い近く私たちの個人大切サマータイム時間レジャー活動の持っているラップされています。 私は天が短いプロセスの時間ジョン·ルーニーの骨の軋みでぼた山に戻ってこの項目をチャックに先立って7月、さらに6月には、このオンラインゲームを再発見では、アバディーンシャイアのコオロギと一緒に実行されてないことを好むだろう。 Sinofskyreiterateshow重要重点 'MicrosoftのWindowsのこの版の逆対戦中に行っています。 一方Windowsはほぼ後方に没頭するために失敗することはありません、それは互換性があるかどうか、それはレドモンドモンスターに関係なく、この最新の通気孔では、Windows 8を使用するだけで約疲れた選手を活用するために製品の中世の隆起を訪れるよりも、予想される楽しんで 。 我々はあなたが移転フラッシュにドキュメントではなく、実際のWinscreenws 8を残していることを楽観する理由を実行しますそうであっても、追加の情報を把握するのを待つ。
絶対に子犬を崇拝するか、それは楽しむことがないことができ、カニエ西部の世界は、あなたがはみ出し確認し、両方の素晴らしい個人的な優雅さは、彼の資質に関する。 すべてのWebページデザイナ爆発装置としては、彼が唯一の人間、誰もラクダプラダ試合、貴金属組織を立体裁断から例えばリベラーチェucheapタキシード、あるいは恐らくランボーのかぶとを表示することができないことするために 、2010を使用して戻って言ったと 犬の犬の毛のジャケット、(だから少なくとも、いくつかの陪審は、まだこのスカーフとジャケット手配上の人々のため、すべて同じcompeteingだと言うが。)彼はスラックス、または非公式のハロウィーンの衣装を持っていることによって今チーター柄のコートを冠しているかどうか、これは両方含まれています ボウタイと2つの作業ハンター長靴、単にすべての彼の個人についてカニエのテクニック。 定期的に飛び出る広告は、コンピュータのアドバイスに関して対処する必要があること、信用ウェブ防衛コンピュータソフトウェアプログラムと異なるautohidingツールバーでお願いすることにしています。 本当に新しいラップトップはほとんどすべてのブロートウェアと外で行われている場合にはそれを望んでいました。 我々が考えても同様にノートPCのキーボードは一般的ではない:保険カバレッジ勧告は確かに高品質の休日プラスインフレータブルバウンスを持って、彼らは、さらに一貫考えるとだけノートパソコンのキーボードのバックライトの完成だけで変更される可能性が予想されることが多い加えて、私たちの数は滑らかさ 。
ママとパパは、それらが不要とさえ付けていない結果として、この特定の適切な言葉の彼または彼女の子供を使用したい場合があります。以外に、それが許容範囲を想定する必要があります。彼らは質の高いフレームワークを使用していない可能性がある場合、それは否定的な結果があるかもしれません 彼によると、子孫に。 最高のそれと一緒に、またはそれのに適しているので、それは、デュアルプロセッサチップ、1.5GHzのを発音。 だから、完全にそれはこれに類似して許可されますがハイパースレッディングのこのタイプは、正常に動作している把握する? 同じように、それには2つの1.5GHzのCPUになるために使用されていますか? 実際にはキッチンエリアリフォーム6.0ghzのように2つの3.0GHzのCPUがあると言うことでしょうか? 私は単に吸引私はすべての汚れである何も存在しない、ほぼそれに応じて使用していました。 率直に言って中古で始まるように、各とすべてのコンピュータを確認する会社が実際には2つの1.5GHzのCPUのため、発音。
回避可能ではありませんが、あなたは目立つ必要があります。マドモアゼルシャネルは私の仲間ショーナキャンベルの過程を通して2008 2009ネバダ過去の歴史理性の状態については、他の人(レベッカリベラ)の後に開発されている簡単な歴史合理ショーです。 この季節の衣装は、行動されて経験したまでは遺産ながら。 プレイ予約細胞数のタイプは迷わず35746873.Sayおかげトンと健康の日です。 このごろでは、医師からなる準備ができてレビューを含むお問い合わせください。 さらにヘンリージェイコブス、ゲイリーMollenkopf、デレク·アベールダンカイテル。
MSNBC資源昨年の冬は皆のためのこのに関するプライム100別のWebサイトを思い付いた。 それが完了するために信じられないほど良い仕事スキームを提供する家族有利な分の住宅地、ニース道場、恐ろしい犯罪費、豊富と共に優れた環境で構成されていることを保証します。 そして、最高の経済危機の潜んでいる結果と一緒に珍しいフラット住宅のフィールドも同様に、最高の位置はすでに良い所を語られる真実を得る。 誰も補強がFCCのが結論the.Which手段における成長クライアントの関心を満たすために特別なブロードバンド得何量運転免許運転免許証の品揃えを増やすように動作する、クアルコムは、信じられないほどのプロ年間耐久容易ではない大陸の経済を持っていた。 私は彼のために夫と妻と一緒に、特に労働力を大切にしたいと思うまたは彼女は、あなたが外国人の少ない配線するstateoftheartに最高のリソース、機能追加の方法で提供するための焦点のセットアップを進めた。 売却3G nextgenerationインスタント技術ノウハウので新しく購入した非伝統的な製品またはサービス会社に顕著な利用可能性を開発しました。
豪華なグランプリVILLに記載するための時間を取って設定すると、より良い次のかなりの企業に行っている。 これらの種類の活動をトラップする国籍違反で得をしているフォークの心からやりがいのあるこのような理由から、おそらくさえ安い違反は、アクセス劇場を提供します。 天をヘッドライナーものとまで発芽するデイブアストリー、アタックのディスクジョッキーのペアのトン、父グラムと結果3Dなど、プラスの男性と女性の偉大な量であることができます。 ディレクトリには、保護された私の動きの写真を作成しましたが、結果的に、私はそうでないです(追加のハードディスクとの関係にあります)、私はそれの時間が視覚的なアピールを行ったと思う場所に(小刻み管理内でも)これらの人が定住。 ディレクトリには、0バイトを続けています。 私は、これは善良な人々は、それは私が 'UN'フォルダを通じて既にこうしてだってあった悲しいことに利用できないバージョンコレクションにみなされてまだしながら失ったと思った。

(416) 364-1111

October 24th, 2013 Mike NC

Anyone involved in making unsolicited telephone calls should be hunted and summarily executed.

(000) 000-0000

October 22nd, 2013 Jacqueline Ross VA

I receive a call from this number daily, different times of the day. They never speak. They hang up at the end of answering machine message. I want this STOPPED NOW!

(416) 364-1111

October 22nd, 2013 Monica CA

Does anyone have info on how we can stop these people? I have been bombarded with so many calls that my reject list is probably full and I don't fill out forms on the internet. I have searched even .gov sites... there must be something. If anyone has info about this... we can all send others (on other websites like this one) to the webpage and file serious complaints. This is outrageous! We work to hard for our money AND don't want to waste our time on these scammers!!! Also.. thanks to everyone who posts on these websites! :-)

(000) 000-0000

October 19th, 2013 unknown Canada

There was a dead silence until a beep then an automated Goodbye...

October 18th, 2013 Margaret VA

This Indian-sounding guy called and said he was from "the technical maintenance department" and he wanted to talk about my Microsoft computer. I hung up.

(888) 895-0222

October 17th, 2013 Bruce A ON Canada

These people call 2 x 3 times every day and never leave a message

(702) 444-4939

October 16th, 2013 Christo TX

Calls all the time. Answer and they hang up.

(000) 000-0000

October 15th, 2013 D. TX

I answered my business phone with "investigations" said "investigations twice" then only received a recording that said "good-bye"

October 6th, 2013 linda VA

Caller said she could fix my computer. I said there's nothing wrong with my computer she said ma'am I can fix your computer I said what computer she said ma'am don't you have a computer and I said I work for law enforcement you want to continue this phone call or is this a scam she said this is not a scam ma'am I can help you with your computer do you have windows I said I do not need any help and I hung up.

September 24th, 2013 Michael OK

For the last two days I have received calls on my cell phone from the above number. The first call is about 10:30 am Central Time. The second daily call is around 5:00 pm.

September 24th, 2013 Michael OK

For the last two days I have been receiving calls from 1(000)000-0000. I'm sure it's some scam but would like to know who owns this phone number.

(877) 503-2115

September 22nd, 2013 Stedemreods QC Canada

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(000) 000-0000

September 18th, 2013 Mary Contrary PA

This idiot called under the pretext that he is with a National Republican Committee. Was very sarcastic, rude,and HATEFUL!!!!

September 18th, 2013 Cheese Queen WI

I received a couple of calls from this number, & out of curiosity, answered one. A man with a heavy accent said he was from Microsoft & started a spiel about "something dangerous" in Windows 8. I interrupted him, told him that I use Linux, that he'd have to try his scam on someone who used Windows crap. He said he preferred Linux, too, & hung up.

(702) 444-4939

September 18th, 2013 DTS CA

Male voice said only "look forward to hearing from you." Yeah, as if.

(000) 000-0000

September 14th, 2013 John Lwr Merion NJ

Live SCAM call from (000) 000-0000 recorded 13 September 2013 (

September 13th, 2013 bobo CA

call received at after 11:30 pm. no one answered when I picked up. and with such a spoofy number, what's a do-not-call registered person to do?

September 10th, 2013 GaelicGal FL

I received a call this morning at 10:28 from 000-000-0000. I answered it, and it was a guy telling me about a sweepstakes. It was clearly a scam, so I interrupted him,said, "I'm not an idiot. Don't call here again.", and slammed down the phone. They called again at 10:34 so I just picked it and swore at them before they could start speaking and slammed down the phone. Now they've called me again at 11:35 then again at 12:36. I suspect this is going to keep happening every hour. What can I do?

(416) 364-1111

September 9th, 2013 Nick TX

This is a scam call. They are trying to get personal information and install malware. This is not "Windows Technical Support".

September 7th, 2013 Rebecca

Calls to refund my money on a Live Technician agreement. They are in India. They are not really from Live Technician, and they will scam you.

September 7th, 2013 marlene FL

I keep getting these calls and tired may call an attorney:

September 6th, 2013 Tikaz OH

Called saying there was a virus on my computer and that he had been receiving complaints about my computer(?). Very bad phone connection and very thick male Indian accent. Gave me some bullshit name of a company out of California, but the area code is clearly Canada.

September 5th, 2013 don k WA

This is a scamm artist trying to get your banking information and credit card info. Dont fall for this
He claimed he was with the United States government calling to give me grant money and said all i had to do is give him my banking information and he would have the money deposited the next day . I called him on his BS and told him i wanted to talk to his supervisor he then said his supervisor was busy and that he would call back and i could speak with him then yea right if that number comes up on my phone again i blowing an Airhorn right hope to blow his eardrum apart .

September 5th, 2013 TJ DC

No one said anything.

September 5th, 2013 Matt CA

Number showed up as Ontario. Woman on the phone(sounded Indian) said she was from the US grant office in Washington DC. I asked why her number said Ontario and she hung up on me!

September 5th, 2013 Kirsten WA

Received a call from this number this morning. He sounded like he was from India. he said i am a registered Windows user and my computer is sending off some messages. I wish I had listened longer to see what the scam was out of curiosity. I told him it wasn't legitimate and hung up.

September 4th, 2013 Savvy DC

Got the call so many seemed to have received from an Indian guy. Told him I needed to have some reason to trust him before talking further and he said, "Ok, thank you ma'am" and hung up.

September 2nd, 2013 ggg PA

This guy called with an Indian accent on Labor Day at 7 PM from a call center with lots of noise (many other calls in the background) and says he is "Microsoft Certified support" and it is urgent I fix my computer because someone is trying to us my computer for illegal purposes. I said I didn't call Microsoft, and for him to not call me again.

September 2nd, 2013 me AZ

Claimed to be from some IT dept. Could barely understand them. I told them they were full of shot and they were scammers. They hung up quick.

September 2nd, 2013 kh TX

Indian guy calling from some tech support about my computer. Asked if I was the owner of the computer. I said what computer? He hung up. Im blocking the number.

September 2nd, 2013 mrm TX

This guy called with an Indian accent on Friday evening with an unknown phone number and told me he wanted to help me with my computer. I hung up. Today, Labor Day at 9 AM he calls again and says he is calling from Microsoft and it is urgent I fix my computer because someone is trying to us my computer for illegal purposes. I said ok let me listen, when he asked for the license# then I hung up. He did not call me right back. I wonder what it would take to get the real Microsoft company to call me. ha ha

August 31st, 2013 Marilyn NY

They keep calling then say nothing

(000) 000-0000

August 31st, 2013 Someone NC

No one talks, then the phone call ends

(416) 364-1111

August 30th, 2013 Karen AZ

Called my parents in their assisted living apartment. Said he was from Microsoft and told my mom her computer had issues. Wanted her to go to her pc so he could fix it. Fortunately she knew better and hung up.

August 29th, 2013 GreyDuck OR

Caller ID said call from Ontario (CA). A guy from India (?) called and said his name was Hank and he was calling from Microsoft about a Trojan virus on my computer. Microsoft never calls you even when you want them to. Obvious spam/phishing. I didn't buy it and hung up.

(000) 000-0000

August 27th, 2013 volunteer AL

If there is a monitor or admin for this site: there are a couple of inappropriate comments that don't even fit the subject of this forum. I recommend a means be provided to flag such comments in the future.

(416) 364-1111

August 26th, 2013 George king MA

They said they was from microsoft saying that my computer was being hacked and i needed to click rum to bring up my command prompt i hung up on them

August 26th, 2013 jay TN

Said he was with Bank of America (even though the number is Canadian). Asked for me by name, but when I said I was happy with my current banking service and to please remove me from the call list, he hung up. I've been getting repeated calls from someone with a similar accent from a number that comes through as Unknown, and I'm not sure how to stop them (I'm already on the do not call list). Any tips? Just not answer?

August 23rd, 2013 AW AZ

This number called my home phone several times yesterday and I did not answer then this morning they called twice before i answered. Some raghead who could barely speak english told me he was with microsoft and that my computer was sending out virus alerts to the global server and as a courtesy he was calling to help me fix it....FOR FREE. HA! Thats when I knew for sure it was a scam. You can hardly get microsoft to answer the phone and not want money. Microsoft will not even tell you what day of the week it is with out charging you first.

I have a good idea where these clowns came from also. Last week my husband had a bright idea to get a magic jack. Ever since then i have had nothing but problems. The thing never worked correctly so I unhooked it. The next thing was I got a phone call, an email and a letter from my bank.. They had flagged my account for fraud so they cancelled my card and sent me a new one. Magic jack tried to debit my account several times, thankfully my bank shut them down.

Does anybody else out there have a magic jack experience before this crap happens? I have never had more pc problems in my life then this past week.

August 23rd, 2013 M J IN

Caller claims to be from windows technical support, and needs to fix a virus on my computer, that I am unaware of. I told the caller that I have asked 20 times for them to remove my number from their list. I told them to stop wasting my time and theirs. They must be foreign spies, because they always call when I turn my computer on or off.

August 21st, 2013 Craig CA

Soliciting home repairs.

(000) 000-0000

August 20th, 2013 Geo CA

Actually came up as 0 for operator. Was some one who wanted to help me with my credit cards.

August 15th, 2013 tat

this number called me 3 times. on third call I actually picked up. I heard a man say haha I got a good one. and I heard laughing in background. I said what do you have? and he replied what ever you want, a little of this a little of that. then he laughed and I said I just want to know why you keep calling me. and he hung up.

(416) 364-1111

August 15th, 2013 Charlie

Answered the phone...the caller did not speak up.

August 15th, 2013 paul AZ

wanted my mortgage info

August 13th, 2013 pamcd VA

very annoying, I said "hello" twice, I got a whistle and then a perky good-bye. I hate that.

(000) 000-0000

August 6th, 2013 John M. FL

Someone started talking about a “Security threat or problem”, wanted my credit card #s! I just hung up.

(416) 364-1111

August 5th, 2013 Jim PA

I let the machine get it. They hung up without leaving a message.

August 5th, 2013 Kathy WV

Report them here: www.crtc.gc.ca

(000) 000-0000

August 3rd, 2013 Cora Howard FL

The number just started calling me yesterday. I won't answer it, because I am afraid it's a scam that is trying to get info from phone or it will be a call that I get charged for, like an international call. I have had a recent scam attempt by mail and won't be fooled again. And, reading the comments, I see it is a computer hackers attempt to commit identity theft or infect with a virus.

(877) 866-8880

August 2nd, 2013 Da2 ON Canada

I am fed up with this stupid caller, Today I actually picked up the phone and there was complete Silence, Do they not HAVE a life? I picked up my sports whistle and gave a sharp blast into the mouthpiece......They hung up IMMEDIATELY, What Losers !!!

(416) 364-1111

August 1st, 2013 Ben TX

Had two calls from them. First one a male with an Indian accent, said he was from Microsoft. He said there were security problems with my computer and he wanted to help solve them. The second call was a hangup. (Please be aware: Microsoft doesn't call customers. It is a scam.)

July 31st, 2013 anna AR

Been getting lots of calls all this week from unknown numbers including this one. Didn't answer but figured it was just another scam.

July 31st, 2013 Gary MI

Ontario call from the caller ID. The man had an India accent and spoke very poor English, I could hardly understand a word he said. I did understand the word 'computer', so I figure (like other comments here) that he was trying to get me to give him access to my computers. I decided to get rude and have a bit of a cussing match with him, and find that he does not seem to know that my mother is no longer in this world.

July 31st, 2013 Sarah PA

This is a scam. They claim you will obtain grant money from the government if you go and obtain a green dot card and give them the card number. As soon as he mentioned green dot I quickly told him off and hung up on him because working in retail I know that is the quickest way to scam someone. He had the nerve to call me back and told him off again and to never contact me again.

(000) 000-0000

July 30th, 2013 rae FL

woke me from a sound sleep! They realized they had woken me up so they hung up. What is with no number showing?

July 29th, 2013 S NY

A dude called and said he can fix my komputer.
he is a dude who can fix computer
Asked who are you?
he Hung up

(416) 364-1111

July 29th, 2013 Not saying CA

They said nothing. I will not answer again unless I have a whistle in my hands.
I suggest you ALL do that. Let's blow these jerks ear drums out

July 26th, 2013 Mot W FL

Wife got a call from this Indian turdhead, said to call back when I got home from work. I had anonymous call block turned on, and the first call still came through with "unknown caller". I made sure it was turned on, sure enough, the jerkoff calls back, this time it displays the number. He babbled something about calling from Windows and he was in Alabama. I listened to his dog-squeeze for a minute and told him "you're full of crap and you're not getting anything out of me!"

July 25th, 2013 michael frantz PA

beginning to be harassment in nature. would like to no longer receive calls about "returning to college" caller's name was "John" both times

(000) 000-0000

July 25th, 2013 Marilyn NV

When answerd these calls they say they are from the World Wide Web and my computer is about to crash or be infected with a bad virus but they can fix it if I allow them to take over my computer to repair it. They never say what they will charge and my repair guy says it's a big scam and they charge hundreds of dollars for this. People, beware!!

(416) 364-1111

July 22nd, 2013 bigtex TX

Some fool jackleg with an Indian accent said his name was Kevin and he was calling from Medicare and wanted to discuss my electric wheelchair. I told him I didn't have an electric wheelchair and he hung up.

(000) 000-0000

July 21st, 2013 Page MO

text message indicating alpsgaacds01.attwireless.net:5 and then a bunch of gibberish

(416) 364-1111

July 20th, 2013 Sharon NJ

I get these calls every once in a while. They tell me they are from the technical department at Microsoft and there are issues with my computer. (Indian guy named Mike) I tell them I know its a scam and to stop calling me and I hang up. The last two calls I received showed no phone number on caller ID. This is the number I saw on the phone today.

July 20th, 2013 Duane FL

The man told me in broken english that my laptop sent a report to microsoft and said my windows 7 had a problem and he was going to transfer me to a ip guy to fix it. He hung up because I kept asking a lot of questions that he could not answer. The scary part is at one point I almost gave him control of my pc but something told me to start asking some question that he should be able to answer and thats when he hung up. Something stinks.

(000) 000-0000

July 18th, 2013 Meow WA

Recieved call from this obvious blocked #.
been wanting to do this for a while
I wispered into the phone "It's done, but therse blood everywhere."
Then hung up.
everyone in my office started laughing.
maybey it would have been beter if I waited for them before hanging up

(416) 364-1111

July 18th, 2013 Amanda AZ

I received a call from this number and the man stated he was calling about US government grants. I said that's odd since you're not in the us and asked to have my number removed, he then went off saying i was rude and he threatened me, called me a whore and bitch, told me he was going to have his men sent to my house and they were going to do what ever they want to me. I told him then I was reporting him and hung up. I tried to call the number back to see if I could get someone else in the call center so I could let them know this was going on but I got no answer. Then he called back, again threatening me saying him and his men would be at my house in 30 min and they were going to fuck me up. I hung up and called the police.

July 17th, 2013 trish CO

Said my computer called them.I had an issue with my compter wanted to know who is the regestered owner of my computer.I hung up.Very strange call.

July 16th, 2013 Houria PA

I had a call informing me that the USA Government selected my name to offer $7000 grant. I asked for their website he gave me the following link www.grants.gov.in I understood that the call was from India. He asked me to confirm my date of birth I said that the USA GOV has it and that I am not going to give it to him then he hung up.

July 13th, 2013 Lawrence NY

A guy called us today and tried to tell me a story that he was from MICROSOFT; he needed to call me, because they (mircosoft) were receiving messages always when one "of your computers" is booting; "we always receive e-mails from you". He wanted me to turn on my computer and give him further details. As a specialist I started asking him some nice question from a lay customers position and he tried to pull my leg ...: Our "system would create problems with youtube and facebook". "He urgently needed to help us." So I asked him, how he had gotten our phone number (because it's blocked). He shot back at me: "From your registration!" That was a big mistake, because we're registered outside the U.S.. The caller definitifely tried to start a phishing, the caller /-company is a scammer. I told him clearly that his call was documented and that our lawyers will sue him and who ever is behind it, if he calls us again. He hung up ... .

July 13th, 2013 Dick OH

Caller stated he was calling about my Windows computer and that I had downloaded a virus. He wanted me to turn on my PC so he could 'show me'. Caller had a thick accent asked me to ht cntr r keys, type www.ammyy.com into the run window. This site will load remote software on your computer. They want to gather information and load software onto your computer for them to have remote access. Report these people to your local FBI office. This is far worse than scam.

July 13th, 2013 Judith KS

Received today, caller ID - Unknown name, they hung up after answering machine answered. If you can't leave your NAME & NUMBER you'll be BLOCKED and receive a MESSAGE......If you can't leave your NAME with your NUMBER don't bother calling.......I WON'T ANSWER!

July 13th, 2013 Ashley MI

A guy called me from this number telling me my name was selected by the US Government. I told him that was odd since he was calling from Canada. He freaked out telling me the number should not have shown up on my caller ID and that I was a liar and should prove his number showed up lol. Then he told me my name was selected and I was going to jail. Asked him why (as I am laughing at him, I merely just wanted to see what he would say) and he said it was because of the way I had just spoken to him. I laughed at him pretty good which pissed him off, then I just hung up, still laughing. If you are going to try to scam people, at least try to seem half way believable. Wow!

(000) 000-0000

July 11th, 2013 sandra CA

who called me

(416) 364-1111

July 11th, 2013 No-Hadjiis TX

2 separate calls from indian itdiots trying to tell me that they (Microsoft) were getting error reports from my computer. He was too stupid to understand when I told him that would be rather odd given that my computer was turned off.

(000) 000-0000

July 8th, 2013 Maria NJ

The male caller just told me he wants to f*ck me and I said excuse me and he said it again and hung up

(416) 364-1111

July 6th, 2013 Graveyard NE

I got two calls from this number within ten minutes. Both times woke me up, which is extremely frustrating as I work overnight shifts and it's hard for me to fall asleep during the day as it is. I ignored both calls.

(000) 000-0000

July 5th, 2013 duck CA


(416) 364-1111

July 4th, 2013 bra NY

That guy is acomplete thief

July 3rd, 2013 T TX

Keeps calling my cell phone over and over . I picked up one time and a Mexican man Said to me A friend of yours said you are looking for a male gigolo

July 2nd, 2013 Alby IL

I received about 7 calls in 15 minutes from this number 416-364-1111.

July 1st, 2013 Destiny 1 OH

They never leave a message , so I don't answer and programmed my phone to send right to voice mail.
Left message to take number off calling list.

(000) 000-0000

July 1st, 2013 Anna PA

indian girl was trying to scam me that i won a goverment grant of 9 thousand dollars because i was a good tax payer. scammersssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!

(416) 364-1111

July 1st, 2013 K NV

Caller stated he was calling about my Windows computer and that I had downloaded a virus. He wanted me to turn on my PC so he could 'show me'. Caller had a thick accent and hung up after I explained I had a degree in computers and knew the call was fake, he hung up.

(000) 000-0000

June 29th, 2013 jc FL

It's a shame they aren't doing surveys. I love those and got a lot of them during the presidential election. Romney's were all recorded so I told them I was a 65 year old white male who was voting for Romney. The democrats had a live person call so I told them the truth. You get what you pay for. Call me to scam me or sell me but don't have the guts to do it in person and to show your real phone number and name and I'll tell you anything or won't answer at all.

June 28th, 2013 Suggestion Satellite Provider

It could have been some teacher using the Toronto District School Board robocall system. Especially those female teachers who collect student's phone numbers and emails for illicit purposes. Mary Gowans, former TDSB teacher could narrate what she did.

June 28th, 2013 Bliss TX

I was suspicious since the phone # showed 1-000-000-0000 so I didn't answer the phone. The did not leave a message but I blocked them using CallClerk software. This software has been a God send and I am not limited to 30 blocked numbers only like some setups. I have unlimited numbers that I can block. YaHoo

(416) 364-1111

June 27th, 2013 Steve CA

Indian dude claiming to be from Microsoft. I said hello to greet him 3 times, and he took it as a bad cell connection... Probably fraud. Numbers listed as Ontario.

June 27th, 2013 UGH

This is the 4th Time today I got a call from this guy I can't understand. I just SCREAMED as loud as I could din the phone and hung up! I tried to report it on 1 800 do not call, but they couldn't even recognize the area code to stop it! I'm buying a whistle to blow in the phone for the next time they call!!

June 26th, 2013 Annoyed CT

I just got a call from this number as well. The guy had a strong Indian accent and it was hard to understand him. He said he was from Microsoft and was getting reports of malicious software on my computer. I told him, I would look into it and contact someone I knew and trusted and not to call me again!

June 25th, 2013 FedUp CA

The crook called claiming to be with US Govt Grants Office and said I was entitled to free money. I asked what company he was with and he hung up. Can't someone find these people?

June 24th, 2013 Bonnie S OH

Getting these calls 2-3 times a day. Sometimes they hang up when I say Hello. The last call I got about 15 min. ago, a man that could barely speak English said something about my computer. I told him that he had to stop calling here...said "Do you understand?" He said WOW and he hung up on me. I am FURIOUS.

June 24th, 2013 Vipul MN

I got numerous call from this number and this guy want to fix my computer for some virus in there. Being from the IT background myself, I played around with the guy for some time as in doing what he wanted me to do going into Eventviewere and checking the events that are logged on the computer and then he wanted me to download a software so that he can see my machine and may be get control of the machine.

I told him that I am still under the warranty for the laptop and would contact my vendor (Dell/HP) in order to fix it for me.

It is a SPAM, please be aware

(000) 000-0000

June 22nd, 2013 pissed off AR

dont ph anymore

June 21st, 2013 Cynthia NV

got a call man knew my name and said he had a sweepstake to enter I said goodby and hung up

(416) 364-1111

June 21st, 2013 Sandy Schaffer OH

The man said he was calling from the U.S. Department of Grants. He claimed I was qualified to receive a $9000 grant that would not need to be repaid.

(000) 000-0000

June 21st, 2013 Dan CT

was told about a 1 million dollar grand prize and a reduced price on periodicals. was told that I would pay 33.23 per month for 24 months for 60 months of periodicals. was charged 66.46 and have no way to reach them and cancel.

(416) 364-1111

June 20th, 2013 T.N. CA

6/20/13 2:35pm PDT Call was very scratchy ...could not understand one word the man was saying.....

(000) 000-0000

June 20th, 2013 JW CA

said some pictures were downloaded on my computer, from Microsoft and that my computer was going to completely crash if I don't remove them? I told him 3 times not to call back here...has called several times but today twice I told him not to call again.

(702) 444-4939

June 19th, 2013 Bennett FL

Who is it?

(416) 364-1111

June 19th, 2013 IT Guy CT

Got the call from a guy who immediately said he was calling to fix my computer. Never even said hello so right away I new this was BS but figured id have some fun. With an Indian accent he told me he was from Microsoft and my computer was reporting errors and he was going to fix it for me. So being someone who works in IT I figured let me have some fun with this fool and see how far he would. He walked me true some basic steps to see errors with my computer in the event viewer. BIG Woopdiedoo.. Normal stuff in event viewer but he played it like it was critical. then he wanted me to down load some software from a web sight that would give him control of my PC. So I got on him about what company did he work for and how he got my number. He gave me some lame story about the Microsoft files had my number on file and he was not a fraud because he would not have none my computer had errors.. So he says if I would like to talk to his supervisor and hold on so I say 'yeah put him on' The dude comes on and whispers to me 'hello how can I help you' but it sounded like he did not want anyone to know he was on the phone.. HAHAHHA!!! I told him to kick rocks and hung up the phone.. BEWARE evil that people do.

June 17th, 2013 pickerel44 PA

this is the second time this guy called me with an India accent claiming to be from microsoft. I told him nice try again but Iwasn't born yesterday

June 15th, 2013 mary WA

This guy told me he was from Microsoft in very strong Indian accent. Told me there is something wrong with our computer & they were getting reports.I told him our computer is fine snd to stop calling. He was cussing me out for calling him a fraud when I hung up.

(000) 000-0000

June 15th, 2013 willhof MN

robo call about diabetes care for people on Medicare.

(416) 364-1111

June 14th, 2013 joe FL

trying to say with a very bad accent that he was working for the united states gov. & that i was entitled to free grant.
area code shows its either from Ontario canada or morgan hill california. now it seems we can't even get a true location from the area code

(000) 000-0000

June 14th, 2013 JB CA

Have had several calls from 000-000-0000. No message is left. This was the first one I answered. No one there.

June 13th, 2013 Caroline CT

I answered and a recorded voice said something about Medicare and I hung up.

(877) 503-2115

June 12th, 2013 Soopymnemberm 07 China

(416) 364-1111

June 11th, 2013 PISSED OFF NC

They harass me eight times today about a debt that I did not have. They even tried to say my job is on a conference call but my job was closed today. THEY ARE VERY BAD LIERS. Itried getting their name and number so I can contact my lawyer and of course I could not get it.

June 11th, 2013 FEDUP GA

I have had several calls a day from this number and a Indian speaking person was telling this was a grant loan company, after telling him I was not interested and asking to take my name off his list, he became ugly and after the forth time I ask him never to call me again and he retaliated with cussing and harassing comments.
What has our country come to?

June 10th, 2013 Linnette FL

No one on the line when I answered.

June 10th, 2013 AK

Received over 10 calls from these people in past week looking for someone other than me. I told them they had the wrong number and to take my name off their list. They do not listen. Last time I asked for the Company Name and address and the guy w/ an Indian accent told me it was a Medical Healthcare Company in Maryland. This is an Onatrio, Canada phone number. I repeated asked him to provide business name and ask for a supervisor and he hung up on me. I have seen many different numbers come up, including UNKNOWN, +44 361 570 34, 200-20.

June 10th, 2013 Gerry NC

Just got a call from this # and some Indian accent on the other line asking for some non sense. I told them to take me off list.

June 7th, 2013 Arfies Switzerland

This is a plumbing and heating company in Mar Vista, CA. They do good work, but they market a little too much. (And apparently not only to people they already have a relationship with...)

June 7th, 2013 Joe Switzerland

Here's a comment from Griffin for 315-285-9929 which I followed his advise because I was getting those calls and also from the phone number 315-285-9930; a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers. I called 307 223 0458 and after giving them the caller's phone number, they confirmed it was on their list so I gave the receiving phone number and since then I haven't gotten anymore calls so I wanted to pass this along to help others.

June 6th, 2013 unknown CA

this number called and websites shows this is a ad phone number

June 6th, 2013 annoyed MO

This number has called my land line countless times and I've never had a person on the other end. Always a dead call. Nothing. What could this person be gaining from just calling me and saying nothing?

(866) 988-0885

June 5th, 2013 Kain Smith QC Canada

If Bell doesn't correct this a report will be filed with the RCMP

(000) 000-0000

May 27th, 2013 LP OH

Called and left a voice mail on my DNC cell. Recorded only the tail end of a message that was garbled -basically saying go to some site and sign up to get $100. The Gov Do Not Call List is a big joke played by our Gov on consumers.

(877) 866-8880

May 26th, 2013 RobLatour ON Canada

Wanting to sell me internet / tv services

(877) 503-2115

May 23rd, 2013 KeyncSeve 07 China

エルメス 財布 メンズ

(888) 895-0222

May 22nd, 2013 Ben ON Canada

Said they are calling on behalf of BELL CANADA, maybe another duct cleaning service from India :)

(000) 000-0000

May 22nd, 2013 EP MO

I got the same call too!! 1-000-000-0000! I truly think it is a spam caller and it said somethink like, "Hi. WE aare Windows 8 and we are here and ready to fix your computer. WE will keep you account number safe..." and i was like, 'uhhh, stop calling and i know you are trying to hack my computer' aand it was like, 'ok. sorry we will stop' and it came back four time yesterday on 5/22/13

(416) 364-1111

May 20th, 2013 H PA

beeped and said "goodbye" in a recorded woman's voice

(877) 503-2115

May 19th, 2013 Stedemreods MO

spetekeetry spetekeetry

(000) 000-0000

May 16th, 2013 Rose TX

I picked up the phone and the line was silent until a recording said "goodnight" it was kind of creepy

(877) 503-2115

May 13th, 2013 arratnend 04 China

foot massage machines

ion detoxify

cell spa

(000) 000-0000

May 11th, 2013 RB OH

This number showed up on the caller id and no message was left.

(877) 503-2115

May 7th, 2013 XRumerTest A8 France

Hello. And Bye.