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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

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natalie davis
4 calls reported from this number. According to 1 report the identity of this caller is natalie davis
Who CalledCaller IDDate
natalie davispaper work2013-08-12

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September 18th, 2013 Finally..... PA

Today I received yet ANOTHER call from these jerks. I talked to the PA Attorney General's office and a lawyer. This company "AGA" are using extreme collection actions - they started calling me about a week and half ago stating that my husband has a debt from 1999!! If I do, we don't remember it. They are claiming to file a 1099-C with the IRS. First they told me (Bryan) that he could not give the address for obvious reasons which I don't why unless they are scare folks would start showing up there because of their "scare tactics" - My response was - well wouldn't a PO Box fix that?? In addition, I called a number they gave me 888-982-7310 around midnight last night and first got a voice message stating "you've reached the desk of Matthew Ward" - then called back and got a "please leave a message" guess someone forgot to change voice message and caught it after I called the first time. :) But not before I got a name!!!

Needless to say, today I received another call - this time from a Ms. Kasinger (sounds like she's playing secretary) - told her I was recording the call (advice from the attorney) - and I needed all phone numbers and an address. This is what I was able to get (the so-called secretary sounded new, so maybe I lucked out.) She said let me give you my manager's number and after she gave it to me I asked "Is this for Matthew Ward?" She said yes!!

Finally some information on these vultures!!

Names that have called:

Mr. Young
Bryan (or Brian)
Ms. Kasinger

Phone numbers so far:


AGA (Alliance Group & Associates)
P.O. Box 503
Travelers Rest, SC 29690

This is very close to Greenville, SC - so I'm going to guess that they have a main office in Greenville.

Hope this helps everyone!

June 7th, 2013 AC TX

I received a call from this number as well on 06/07/2013. The woman that called me name was Casey. She said I owed money for some sort of payday loan that was taken out in 2008. She says that numerous attempts have been made to get in touch with me. I am thinking this is some sort of scam.