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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

Starr Enterpris
Fargo, ND
7 calls reported from this number. According to 4 reports the identity of this caller is Starr Enterpris
Who CalledCaller IDDate
don't jbiwnot shown2013-11-08
Starr Enterpris2013-11-12
Starr Enterpris2013-10-12
Starr Enterpris2013-10-11
Starr Enterpris2013-10-10

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but it never seemed to bother Jefferson. it just kind of sat there for a while, "Because of the market," detailed the myriad ways financial sharks take advantage of unsuspecting clients These practices supposedly no longer exist In fact all too many portfolios are assembled in those sausage factories About 10 percent of the new accounts that we see are muppet portfolios These typically hold hundreds of positions Mind you these are not from a family office with $150million but a portfolio 1percent of that size There is no rational reason for these sorts of assemblages to be holding 100-plus positionsHow does this happen As Brown explained brokers are constantly barraged by the Streets financial wholesalers These are the mutual fund families the exchange-traded funds merchants the product providers who spend their days making presentations to financial retailers The broker goes to some conference room or hotel where over a free lunch of rubber chicken the product du jour is pitched The explanation of why the product even exists is made a hypothetical historical performance flashes by a clip of the manager on TV is played Afterward the brokers return to their offices where they start "smiling and dialing" Every client gets the smooth sales pitch filled with those sexy details the broker only learned existed an hour earlier Repeat every month and after a few years you end up with muppet portfolios A better way to view the investing world in my opinion is to break it down to 15 broad asset classes and own all of them These include stocks bonds real estate commodities and cash US stocks differ from emerging markets which are not the same as Treasurys or foreign high-yield bonds to name a few You want to own all of these because from year to year no one ever knows which asset class is going to perform the best And no one can tell in advance which asset class is going to have a bad year So you own them all and you dont worry about it Much of what you own is going to be going up most of the time The beauty of diversification is its about as close as you can get to a free lunch in investing The best part about modern investing is you can access these broad asset classes at very low costs typically 15 to 50 basis points And the cost of buying these now through an online broker is less than $10 Today a smorgasbord of ETFs offer investors direct access to these asset classes Exotic instruments add little if any value to a properly diversified portfolioDont be a muppet "Returnless risk" is not how you prepare for a decent retirementRitholtz is chief executive of FusionIQ a quantitative research firm He is the author of "" and runs a finance blog Follow him on Twitter: WHEN ANGELINA JOLIE made public her preventative double mastectomy this weekShould Jolie play the title character? rather than declining to comment,” Bezos went on the praise the team,Hathaway-Beck announced last week that she was resigning after serving nearly seven years on the board She said she wanted to spend more time with her familyIn July (District 7) resigned from her seat And earlier this year Baker accepted applications from across the county after he was given authority to appoint three new members to the reconfigured board Applicants interested in the latest opening must live in District 9 Applications are available on the countys Web site or at the County Administration BuildingBaker plans to name a replacement by the end of the month according to Christian Rhodes the county executives education adviser" It covers many of the high-profile agencies.

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And he had a special request for the next speaker: cheap hardware. Specifically high-speed dongles at $10 and smartphones at $30. And he used “Nokia” to mean mobile phone - just like Hoover, Tannoy and Kleenex have become catch-alls for vacuum cleaners, public address systems and tissues. You might expect the boss of a mobile phone network to be more diplomatic, and not use a term that favours one of his suppliers, but it's more of an indication of Nokia's standing in India.

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Colorado (93 votes): Colorado lost double-double machine forward Andre Roberson to the NBA, but he's the only starter gone from a team that figures to have a deep roster once again and boasts one of the best backcourts in the Pac 12 in Spencer Dinwiddie and Askia Booker. While there's ample experience and depth figures to be a strength of the team, coach Tad Boyle has been maintaining more of a "cautious" optimism for the Buffs because of his team's youth ?? 10 scholarship players are underclassmen ?? that presents serious challenges heading into a gauntlet conference schedule and a Pac-12 slate featuring six to seven NCAA tournament-caliber teams.

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October 29th, 2013 Stacey WA

Calls at least once a week. They do not leave a message. If I do not recognize the number I do not pick up. With Tele-marketing if you answer it is impossible to get off the phone with them. I have tried hanging up they call right back, if I don't answer them they call again several times a day. Wish I had there time to call people 15x' s a day.I have registered four (4) times on the do not call list to make sure that it was registered, twice (2) on Bing search engine and twice (2) Google search engine. If I don't recognize the number I do not pick up. If they really need to talk to me they would leave a message to call them back. I understand stand times are hard and Job's are hard to find, in that situation myself. There are legit companies out there but they need to find another way to promote their product or services no one likes telemarketers. I know this is someone's job, but this is almost if not a reality a scam of a job. I am sure the employees work on a commission on calls made and products sold. If this is not true why so many calls from same number every day. HUM U THINK!!! Most phones now or cell phones. The landline phones have gone to the same place as eight track tapes and CD' s. With some planes this is robbing them of there minutes. People on a fixed budget which now is the whole of the United States. COMPANIES PLEASE FIND ANOTHER WAY TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS. MAYBE HAVE YOUR TELEMARKETING STAFF TO MAIL THIS INFORMATION TO THE PEOPLES NAME YOU PURCHASED ON THE COMPANIES THAT SELL OUR INFORMATION TO?????? I would be more inclined to look over this information and your telemarketers would be on stand by so the potential customer will call them for information.

October 12th, 2013 Anonymous AR

I get calls from312, 802, 701, 310, 646, 661, 847 I think they are all a group of Insane People. I have an unlisted #, Plus no-call list.

October 11th, 2013 anonymous CA

I do not know who this company is that is calling my husband's and my house. They do not leave a message.

October 4th, 2013 Bob CA

Fuck these guys. Will not stop calling. I'm on the do not call list. A lot of good that is doing.