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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

(404) 801-4725 2 hours ago

ADX Security Solutions llc is a so called "company" with 3 "business" addresses listed in Georgia (if you search the addresses they lead to a house or apartment). You will find the owner or CEO listed as Rohan Petgrave, or Adrian Petgrave(they are the same person). His real name is Roan Petgrave. Roan,Rohan and now Adrian as he calls himself now, lives in Jamaica and is where his calls come from. He also has a "company" listed in Florida , "ADX Technologies llc". If you want an idea of who you're dealing with google "Roan Petgrave".

(805) 637-7243 4 hours ago

This was a threatening call from a supposed Officer Eric or Derek Foster. Didn't use my name, didn't say what it was about, but said if I dared to delete the call all he could tell me is "good luck" Of course I am not concerned as I know it is some kind of scam.

(888) 292-5668 5 hours ago


(815) 566-4877 5 hours ago


(725) 452-5397 7 hours ago

just let it ring. no voice mail.

(813) 838-4448 7 hours ago

Rang 5 times, hung up. ID sounded like a telemarketer.

(202) 770-2260 8 hours ago

Didn't answer. No caller ID. Think call was made from cell phone. From Washington, DC could be wanting $$ for something. Call center for whoever hires them for whatever.

(631) 621-6745 9 hours ago

They are constantly texting me to text them

(505) 227-8507 9 hours ago

The notorious "He Won't Say"! Another cowardly spammer. Get a real job you pathetic lurker.

(607) 722-9687 10 hours ago

very thick accent stating they were from Microsoft. Told the I did not have a computer they hung up. This is a scam