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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

Try Whocalld for free reverse phone info, and DuckDuckGo for web searches.

(918) 665-3311 1 hour ago

Live call, recruiting for opinion group. Focus Anywhere seems to be company with two other DBA's or sister orgs are Consumer Logic, North Star Research. No id info requested. Used Exclusion questions-- "Ever worked for "names of companies, professions list" yes or no for the lists.
All 3 company names have web sites
There is payment if not excluded by brief questions above.

I called back (after checking here & company name searches) but did not make the cut.

It might have been for some computer product, Candidate or pending legislation -> Keystone, guns, Batman Shooting, Marathon bombing OR the latest snack food to loose weight-grow hair & not have to call Dr. if over 4 hours (the wild card guess).

I'm in CO my ISP acceleration proxy is in PA

(864) 423-3513 1 hour ago

no answer

(877) 214-5393 6 hours ago

Still at in in 2015. Fraudulent charge on my debit card under this number and CL Media. How the #ell do they manage to get your info??

(312) 614-1117 10 hours ago

Someone kept saying "Hello? Are you there?" even though I had let answering machine answer. Did not identify themselves.

(443) 569-8218 13 hours ago

FRAUD - "Breast Cancer Charities of America". Just another one of the myriad phony charities that want your money to line their own pockets.

(240) 573-7978 13 hours ago

Fraudulent "cleaning service". they'll come in a clean anything you want them to, but mostly your bank account.

(617) 412-3804 26 hours ago

Called more than once (Fridays) did not leave a message.

(240) 232-2169 26 hours ago

Did not leave a message. Probably a political call.

(217) 398-9755 28 hours ago

Automated message saying I am being sued by the IRS and to call a 202 area code number

(520) 333-1016 28 hours ago

Just got a call from this number... Caller ID just says "AZ USA".

Robo-call of some sort with VM about "...a conference call starting right now"