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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

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Most reported today

  1. (414) 232-5011 (5)
  2. (937) 660-9658 (4)
  3. (212) 660-1480 (3)
  4. (239) 214-8780 (2)
  5. (253) 245-2432 (2)
  6. (201) 354-6875 (2)
  7. (215) 383-1540 (2)
  8. (321) 402-3218 (2)
  9. (713) 955-5554 (2)
  10. (702) 832-3139 (2)

Most reported this week

  1. (646) 265-8678 (14)
  2. (214) 316-9648 (12)
  3. (414) 232-5011 (10)
  4. (505) 919-7035 (8)
  5. (212) 660-1480 (6)
  6. (810) 818-0808 (6)
  7. (201) 279-5865 (5)
  8. (406) 235-1293 (5)
  9. (321) 402-2375 (5)
  10. (786) 204-4358 (5)

(541) 217-7506 22 minutes ago


(952) 242-2128 40 minutes ago

Man called and said he was Wellsfargo. Called the bank to verify and it is not one of their numbers.

(703) 348-6523 48 minutes ago

When I asked to be taken off this calling list I was promptly HUNG UP on. So rude!!!! Receive calls from Urgent Alert every day!

(216) 202-3099 58 minutes ago

Company Name: Lenora's Healthy Hair Clinic & Spa
Address: 2207 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH, 44118
Phone: 216-202-3099
Multicultural hair salon, educator of tricology


(413) 499-6605 1 hour ago

This must be one of those timeshare scams.

(718) 078-3773 7 hours ago

PHONY number IDIOT machine called at 10/30PM NIGHTTIME

(388) 475-4066 7 hours ago

Didn't answer since I didn't recognize the number. *67'ed it back, and got a recording about it being a disconnected number. They then called back later in the day. WTF?

(631) 745-3976 7 hours ago

Person scams other people to sending money to him for fake products

(786) 204-4358 9 hours ago

have received multiple calls from this number but when I answer they hang up

(410) 790-8277 9 hours ago

Tina Yurgealitis please contact Nissan Motor Credit 800.606.6613 regarding your account

(912) 388-6732 10 hours ago

I have told them to remove my number from their call list when I answer and I also have written them and been promised I would be removed from their call list yet I still get two calls a day. Is there a way to file a complaint against a non-profit? I have always respected the work of Habitat but I will never donate to them again and will tell all my friends that they will be harassed for money if they do

(516) 570-9227 11 hours ago

Calls over and over, late at night and early in the morning, even on Sundays. Jerks. We will never, ever answer them, guaranteed.

(321) 403-6512 11 hours ago

Recording saying my family had been selected to win a fabulous Disney vacation!

(814) 201-9177 11 hours ago

FIA Card Servic? They don't leave a message.

(931) 896-8731 12 hours ago

The caller was male and disgustingly vulgar. I've also reported this call to the police. I'm on the do not call list. That doesn't seem to work at all. Trying to find more information on the caller, internet searches have been split, some say land-line by XO Communications, others say Sprint cell phone.

(248) 228-3915 12 hours ago

DEERFIELD ASSOCS........OTHER #'S THEY'VE USED THIS WEEK 480-264-6988 623-581-0382......NO MESSAGE WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.................

(651) 217-1246 12 hours ago

They Call incessantly and have my info plus the info of my decease father, but they refuse to tell me any info, give their names, or allow me to speak to a manager/supervisor or anyone in charge; upon my insistence for info they always hang up on me but won't "release any info" yet continue to call & harass me. Great business ethics and business mission a slime bag business full of rude ignoramus employees

(617) 292-7701 13 hours ago

VERY persistent! 15 calls in ~month! Caller ID varies with 617-292-7701, unknown or Boston, MA

(866) 379-2003 13 hours ago

Like many of you, I have been inundated with call after call after I placed an order for a product. I finally got fed up and answered. I took control. That's the key people. Take control. Don't let them dominate the conversation. Don't acknowledge that they have the right person, don't confirm your address. Take to offensive side instead of the defensive side. He tried to start telling me about giving me a $100 something for being a loyal customer and I cut the bastard off at the knees. He could not get a word in edgewise. Domination! That's what you have to do. By the time I was done counter-acting everything he was trying to say, he was practically begging me to let him put me on the Do Not Call list. He was so flustered by not being able to follow his script that he was totally speechless. Tried to tell me that I could call ........, but again I cut him off and told him that I had no intentions of calling anyone and he/they needed to just stop calling. Force people, force. Don't let them control you. Take control of the situation right from the very second you answer the phone. Don't give into their tactics. They may try to scare you into submission, but remember, YOU hold all the cards and YOU have the upper hand and the high ground. Okay, enough cliché's. Just take control and tell them to fuck off at the end and hang up. You'll feel better trust me. And god forbid anyone crosses your path in the following few minutes. haha.

It's only been an hour, but we'll see if this worked or not.

(713) 357-6723 13 hours ago


(321) 402-3218 13 hours ago

All "Not_Available", "Unknown", and "Unavailable" CID calls are answered by my computer. These and other callers are answered by my computer which gives them a piece of my mind, and then hangs up. All that's needed is a Fax/Data/Voice/CallerID modem and the program. Check it out at: http://www.phonetray.com

(360) 591-7559 13 hours ago

called to VT. Suspected spam.

(561) 245-2249 13 hours ago

Calls and don't leave any message. It only shows phone number and location.

(347) 429-9147 13 hours ago

I think this is related to the vm "your entry has won $50,000 and call to get a prize" or some nonsense. They call you from that number and tell you to call 855-545-7296, the "National Notification Department". If you try to call the 347-429-9147 back, it says "your call cannot be completed".

(304) 250-3987 13 hours ago

I didn't pick the phone up. Later when I listened to the message all I heard was a single beep. This is not the first call I have received from this number.

(202) 683-6492 13 hours ago

Probably spoofing going on because Caller Id showed Washington DC and when I looked up # the dhl track shipment showed up as same number and I don't have a shipment pending! And foreign Bali ... showed up too.

(847) 915-4056 13 hours ago

They call every day and when I answer, they hang up.

(305) 507-4577 14 hours ago

They've called twice. First time, I missed the call. Second time, I picked up and a female immediately started speaking Spanish. I said "No habla espanol" and she said "okay", then hung up.

(206) 397-1094 14 hours ago

Leaves no message.

(415) 234-7962 14 hours ago

Suggests direct deposit to####### acct failed.
Suspect this is scam. Will not respond to this text.

(906) 469-3254 14 hours ago

Cell phone ID said Houghton, MI. Answered and recorded message said "Lee with Account Services." My cell phone is listed with the National Do Not Call Registry. I am really sick of these people. I average 3 call per week. I block their number and they call on another number. I have asked them multiple times to quit calling.
I have to pick up because I am caring for ailing parents who get medical calls from out of state.

(906) 469-3254 14 hours ago

This blanking spam company will not stop calling my cell phone which I use for business

(855) 352-9930 14 hours ago

Phone number is identified on Google as belonging to SaveMyLoan.us but since I don't have a loan or a mortgage, this is simply another telemarketer doing robocalling again. Assholes need to get a real job!!!

3005 15 hours ago

Got a call from someone that barely spoke english claiming to be from a pharmacy and offering cheap Viagra and Cialis

(714) 276-0718 15 hours ago

Caller ID showed: "SERVICEPROVIDER." Caller said he was with Tucker Industries.
Reading other complaints across the web
this is a Google ad placement company. He asked for me by first name. I asked the telemarketer what he wanted instead of answering the question the hung up. I get this same call at least 2 - 3 times a month, maybe more.

(646) 265-8678 15 hours ago

All the people who are seeing a verizon id its probably a spoofed number, that's why you don't get anyone when you call back

(706) 617-6592 15 hours ago

This number has called me 1-2 times per day for the past few days. Found out it is Contract Callers Inc., which is a collection agency. Blocked their number, I have a feeling that won't deter them though.

(614) 562-3052 15 hours ago

Search says this is a cell phone in Columbus, Ohio. Don't know anyone there. Why are they calling my cell?

(405) 885-9695 15 hours ago

Stalker, trying to get revenge in a delusional state after we helped him by giving him shelter... After he became too strange to handle and formed an unnatural obsession with my spouse we had him leave... Now he has had an ongoing annoying barrage of calls, emails and text... Please avoid this man at all cost he is unstable and your life may depend on it!

(754) 264-7134 15 hours ago

Recording says "the number or code you have dialed is incorrect..."

(571) 243-0440 15 hours ago

No message left so I assume it is a scam.

(215) 359-4108 15 hours ago

does enlyone know this #?????

(239) 214-8602 15 hours ago

Didn't leave a message

(941) 219-3123 16 hours ago

Don't know who it is but say they have something to serve or claim against me and to call 855 203 2460

(215) 383-1540 16 hours ago

Some clown selling reverse mortgages. I hold him he was in violation of the do not call law. Hung up on me.

(863) 559-3369 16 hours ago

Greener Heights Inc.
4903 Whiteoak Dr. W, Lakeland Highlands, FL 33813
(863) 559-3369

(414) 232-5011 16 hours ago

No good

(713) 559-2056 16 hours ago

This is a Houston Number but it's actually Millennium Collection out of Vero Beach, FL

(847) 906-2435 16 hours ago

They have called every day every hour. I tried calling back but the number was not in service?

(407) 882-2113 17 hours ago

They call everyday and when i do answer no one is on the line. They must be using a computer dialing system. It is definitely a UCF number. Cannot get them to stop calling!

(847) 592-8835 17 hours ago

I was getting so many calls, it was getting ridiculous, so I researched and found a solution! Call 866-246-7196 and first give the caller's phone number to confirm it's on their list that they provide this service to. Then give the receiving phone number and they'll add it to the do not call list.

(954) 674-2354 17 hours ago

Imperial Capital Cars Inc
2451 Pembroke Rd, Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: (954) 674-2354
We are Imperial Capital Cars Inc. We are always strive to satisfy our customers. Give us a call if you need used car dealer in Hollywood, FL.
Used Automobiles Sale, Used Car Dealer, Used Car Dealership, Used Cars Sales, Used SUV Dealer


(321) 213-6779 17 hours ago

Tried to sell me an extended warranty for car. Whatever time you try to call their number it says the office is closed and to call back. SCAM!!!!

(603) 222-5183 17 hours ago

Green Tree Servicing

(214) 974-0907 17 hours ago

This has been about the 3rd call within a week or less. Caller ID has American Alarm but it does not ring long enough for answering machine to pick up. Probably a telemarketer but inconvenient to say the least.

(810) 818-0808 17 hours ago

Called twice. Answered the 2nd time. Asked for me by name but I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Sounded like they were either on a speaker phone or in a car with windows down. Told them twice I could not understand them and then said unless I owe you money don't call back.

(573) 705-3095 17 hours ago

On the Do Not Call List. Once again, it does not work. No message left.

(516) 253-0323 17 hours ago

"Evan" Ananth from "Dow Jones" called. He said he had a paper invoice with my name on it. He needed to confirm my address to send it. I told him I would like his information so I could check with Better Business Bureau. I told him I would not give him any information until. I hung up.

(773) 668-0440 17 hours ago

some dumb ass

(763) 398-0441 18 hours ago

Just missed the call. Some law firm-rattled off name so fast I couldn't catch it. Real snippy when I tried to call back--told I should listen to the voicemail (wasn't one).

(402) 241-5532 18 hours ago

Didn't recognize number so I didn't answer and they left no message.

(210) 718-6563 18 hours ago

Claimed to be a police officer but would not identify himself and became agitated when I would not provide the information he wanted.

(609) 718-2432 18 hours ago

Received a call on 4/14 and 4/15. I answered the first day and it was a robo call saying to call an 800 number which I didn't catch. Called again today and hung up. Tried to return the call, but that number does not accept incoming calls. Have no idea what it is all about since I have never been able to contact a real person. I have filed a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry.

(817) 479-9154 18 hours ago


^^^^^Don't be fooled. It's a Portfolio paid for ad.

(770) 791-0083 18 hours ago

Dog Grooming of Winder
137 N Broad St # B, Winder, GA 30680
(770) 791-0083
We've provided full-service grooming for Daculas pets for many years, building a high reputation for excellent pet care and service.
Pet Washing And Grooming, Dog Grooming, Pet Groomer, Cat Grooming, Nail Clipping Service


(917) 267-2609 18 hours ago

Caller ID says Startel, LIC

(424) 261-3068 18 hours ago

FAKE. Guy with bad English accent trying to purchase items.

(424) 261-3068 18 hours ago

scam for engine parts. either Somalia or Nigeria.

(810) 818-0808 19 hours ago

Calls within a half to an hr apart repeatedly. Leaves no message and when answered they don't state what the calls about. Call back and says its out of service.

(206) 701-0285 19 hours ago

52 phone calls in an hour last one I told him I would do very bad things to his wife and daughters! geez no more phone calls!!!!! I wonder?????????????????????????????

(212) 660-1480 19 hours ago

Someone on another website for looking up phone numbers says Uncommon Goods' number was hijacked and is being used by these people making these scam calls. They said Uncommon Goods is a legitimate company and that they have been bombarded with calls about this.

199999 19 hours ago

Didn't answer. 3 calls last 2 days to my cell. They didn't leave voicemail. Googled that number. Leads me to believe its viral marketing for Cpt America winter soldier and or the marvel earth-199999 universe. Please stop!

(713) 955-5554 19 hours ago

I got one from these bottom feeders today. I wish I could make them miserable.

(914) 469-9836 19 hours ago

Louis's Landscaping
1116 Main St, Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 469-9836
Louis Landscaping & Masonry is one the preferred landscaping and tree contractors here in Peekskill, NY. We serve residential and commercial areas. We provide honest and quality work to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Tree Service, Tree Removal, Tree Care, Tree Contractor, Tree Care Service


(360) 663-9447 19 hours ago

Phony card services to lower your credit card interest rate

(510) 210-1837 19 hours ago

Partida Gardening & Landscaping
32513 Gina Way, Union City, CA 94587
(510) 210-1837
Partida Gardening & Landscaping serving in Union City, CA for 13 years. If you need tree service or landscaping service - give us a call.
Tree Service, Tree Pruning, Landscaper, Gardening & Landscaping, Tree Removal


(720) 729-1846 20 hours ago

yet another idiot fax machine calling residential. getting so can't answer phone at all because of telemarketer crap

(877) 236-5791 20 hours ago

Called to us in Port Angeles Washington at 8AM. Machine voice said call was from what sounded like "Sal Recovery", a collection agency. Caller ID was blocked, but message in English and Spanish said to call 877-236-5791. We screen calls and did not answer. Comments below refer caller as a real person so the use of the machine indicates that the scammers have automated.

(610) 915-5214 20 hours ago

I inquired about this company about 10-15 years ago. I found out I would have to dish out big bucks and publish my own book-when they were advertising that they help with that(and don't). I told them I wasn't interested. I had to tell them a few more times but they finally quit calling years ago. Now they are calling me again? WTH?

(972) 325-2640 20 hours ago

Clancy Electric Service
7037 Van Gogh Dr, Plano, TX 75093
(972) 325-2640
Let There Be Light! We are "THE" Electrical Contractor in Texas, for fast professional and affordable electrical services. We handle all your electrical needs. Clancy Electric is rated as "Top-notch" by our commercial and residential customers.
Electrician, Electrical Service, Commercial Electrician, Residential Electrician, Emergency Electric Service


(212) 292-2100 20 hours ago

According to an online search, it appears to be a shipping company in NY. I don't do any business in NY, and they did not leave a message, so I suspect it's some sort of telemarketer scheme.

(770) 203-0817 20 hours ago

MJs Tree Care
5034 Beaversbrook Court, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
(770) 203-0817
Tree removal and care service in Decatur and all surrounding areas. Call us for additional information. 24/7 emergency service available!
Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Tree Contractor, Tree Care, Tree Service


(605) 239-5214 20 hours ago

Scammer. Another number added to my reject list. They can never call me with that number again.

(917) 268-9967 20 hours ago

Another empty call (no answer, recorded nearly five minutes of alternating 20 seconds of silence and loud beeps.

(678) 681-1899 21 hours ago

Left no message on voice mail.

(313) 355-5343 21 hours ago

Called but left no message and caller id shows no name. I have signed the do not call list and these people keep calling and do not leave messages.

(800) 341-2235 21 hours ago

St. Joseph's Indian School calling AGAIN, to thank us for past donations and advising that they will be sending information about the school. We already know about the school and have contributed in the past. However, if these calls continue, they may be scratched from my donation list. I will give them credit though for at least leaving a message instead of hanging up on our machine.

(435) 624-4100 21 hours ago

No voice when I answered.

(801) 380-9296 21 hours ago

Bee-Tech Inc.
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
(801) 380-9296
Our company provides computer repair services more than 10 years. Call us now!
Computer Repair Service, Computer Support and Service, Computer Service, Computer Networking, Laptop Repair


(512) 949-3632 21 hours ago

Guy identified himself as "Arthur Fisk" from the Office of Investigations, Fraud Division. Gave me the option to have a lawyer present when I'm served with legal papers...

(407) 480-2763 21 hours ago

Dr Hardy in Orlando

(334) 702-4401 21 hours ago

Did not leave message. I guess it is just best not to return calls to anyone who will not leave message for you. These folks don't seem to care about the facts of my case they just want a cut of the pie.

(213) 217-9954 21 hours ago

Daniel, a thick-accented "supervisor" from "Northern Lights Pharmacy," asking if I wanted to refill a medication I had ordered last month. This call follows several calls from burn phones two weeks ago, from well-known scam artists identifying themselves as DEA agentas and threatening to raid my house and arrest me for "drug trafficking" if I didn't pay a "fine" to their "ops team" in the Dominican Republic. (You can learn all abou the DEA scam by googling "DEA phone extortion scam.") Naturally, any call from a thick-accented stranger inquiring about online medication orders would arouse my suspicion, so I googled Daniel's number (213-217-9954) and landed here. The number also appears to be that of a burn phone, as it does not accept incoming calls.

My suspicion is that Danial and the DEA scammers are all part of one group of Dominican--based extortionists and con men who somehow got my personal information from Northern Lights (either by hacking into their severs or through collusion). I tend to believe that Northern Lights is not directly involved in this, as they have promptly fulfilled past medication orders of mine with no problems, i.e., why would Northern Lights want to scare their own pharmacy customers away by scamming them on the back end of the sale? I'm going to the NL web site, call them directly and see if this Danial person is actually a member of their organization. I'm betting the answer will be no.

(509) 255-8579 22 hours ago

Burke Plumbing
411 N Naches Ave., Yakima, WA 98901
(509) 255-8579
Water Heaters, Water heater, water heater repair, water softener, Tankless water, heater On demand, water heater
Water Heater, water heater repair, water heater repair Service, water heater Service, water heater Contractor


(847) 906-2435 22 hours ago

No message left

(847) 842-3651 22 hours ago

No message

(224) 623-0609 22 hours ago

none left

(561) 432-8377 22 hours ago

Name he used was Roy Williams. Would not leave a message or why he was calling.
He sounded very serious and said he Needed to speak with my boss right away.

(216) 253-5482 22 hours ago

Inside Out Construction Service
19475 St Clair Ave, Euclid, OH 44117
(216) 253-5482
Professional construction services.
Insulation Services, Siding Contractor, Roofing Service, Residential Roofing Contractor, Vinyl Siding


(937) 660-9658 22 hours ago

They call from 937-660-9658, 937-660-9653, and 937-660-9608 every day, several times a day. It is the same "company" and they identify themselves as "Direct Supply Services" but will not divulge what they are calling about or who they are or what they do/supply until you verify Personal Identifying Information! I refused to provide any information until they told me who they were, what they did and why they were calling. They mumbled something and said "Have a nice day." and then hung up on me!

Do NOT verify ANY of your information (phone number, address, etc.) with these people! Report them to the FTC!

(201) 279-5865 22 hours ago

Just got a call from this number. It rung twice and hung up. They left no voice mail.

(615) 387-1012 23 hours ago

called at 7:50 pm....these scum bags are telemarketers who cannot find legitimate work so they are employed by these dirt bags who scam people...I have been unemployed before and have NEVER and would NEVER associate with these criminals....but the telemarketers and their ranks are people of little or no character or morals! Karma is out there and it WILL get you sooner or later

(416) 477-2751 23 hours ago

elect Rob Ford robocall

(863) 665-4948 23 hours ago

keeps hanging up. when you attempt to call back it states that this is not a working number

(407) 492-0007 24 hours ago

Hands With A Mission LLC
1614 Cerulean Way, Gotha, FL, 34734
(407) 492-0007
Hands With A Mission LLC offers expert handyman work from installations, repairs, beautiful finishing and refinishing furniture, wood and tile floors, and kitchen, bath, and any home remodeling!! Expert, honest, and affordable!!!

(813) 948-6391 24 hours ago

Mike Phillips Enterprises, Inc
Lutz, FL 33549
(813) 948-6391
The Drain Expert

(404) 400-1237 24 hours ago

No name - no message.

(505) 200-3779 25 hours ago

possible political survey

(513) 476-7276 26 hours ago

J. Gill Roofing, LLC
California, KY 41007
(513) 476-7276

Our company provides residential roofing and siding services. We offer high quality and affordable prices. Call us now!


(704) 251-0543 30 hours ago

Cabrera Associates Appliance Service
Huntersville, NC, 28269
(704) 251-0543

We are specializing in all types of residential and commercial appliance repair services. Call us now!


(919) 205-2918 30 hours ago

JP Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance
10008 Bavin Pl Raleigh, NC 27613
Established in 1997, JP Landscape & Lawncare provides Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Moorsville, Garner, Apex, Durham, Creedmoor and Hillsborough with excellent landscaping and bobcat services.

35314369034 31 hours ago

This is the telephone number of PayPal Europe or more countries maybe depend of the department of the office.

(626) 544-5520 32 hours ago

I am abroad on a 10-week vacation. This number called my U.S. Number twice in 24 hours!

(509) 335-2215 32 hours ago

Working for call a coug is a tough job. They are current students that attend WSU and can sympathize with not wanting to donate money, however they are required to ask four times for money, they have a set ask structure and MUST attempt all asks without fail. They are simply trying to pay for school without having to acquire so much student debt. If you wish to not receive calls, you must A) be the prospect that they are trying to reach, then you can POLITELY ask to be taken off the call list. The students enjoy the job so much more if you are nice to them on the phone. If you have issues with the call itself you should call the manager or ask to speak with the manager before hanging up. If you do not like getting yelled at for doing your job, do not yell at a college student trying to pay their way through school. It is completely rude and only makes you look like an incompetent and arrogant arse.

(202) 239-6259 33 hours ago

Your dad should have pulled out before he squirted in your mom.

(202) 239-6259 33 hours ago

Another fraud, do not call, ignore.

(949) 954-7161 33 hours ago

transworld systems collection
Do not talk to them, just hang up

(657) 859-6873 34 hours ago

Cold call repeatedly from a guy from intelliloan. They don't stop calling no matter how many times saying no.

(562) 200-8589 34 hours ago

*67 back and it's a disconnected # another telemakketer scam

(754) 212-3008 34 hours ago

Not in service obviously a telemarketer

(855) 328-9062 35 hours ago

Just another fraud charity. No legitimate charity raises $ by cold calling potential donors.

(714) 472-9927 35 hours ago

Crazy pothead bitch

(877) 719-0743 35 hours ago

I did eventually get a settlement it took a year. What "StopDebt" collectors (or Centennial) does is to take the complaint and turn somebody over to a local lawyer in that state. The guy I got actually had quite an impressive practice and can be searched on-line. In my case a claim was filed in court after the guilty party ignored the lawyer for a year. The settlement came after the court date was set but a month before the date (so the whole thing took about a year). As the lawyer who took my case actually could be checked out on-line and had an impressive practice I'm sure smaller cases like mine were not the highest priority.
Unfortunately the max is 1,000 dollars but the fee the lawyer got was 3.5x times that (because fees built up as the guilty party ignored the lawyers notices).

I suspect many of the references to these folks are from people like myself, so disregard anyone (like the last poster) who sort of just acts like an "expert" on these forums and seems to lack direct experience.

(305) 368-8258 36 hours ago

Another low interest credit card scam. Called three times in less than one hour.

(631) 676-7563 36 hours ago

Does anyone know who these people are? Seems like I'm the only person they call; and they call EVERY day.

(800) 137-2316 36 hours ago

Calls with an "attbonus" or "attsuperbonus" email address to claim $500. Returned call - invalid address. Called AT&T - they are aware of the scam.

(516) 986-0747 36 hours ago

Have no idea who they are. They never leave a message, so it can't be anyone I want to speak to.

(512) 936-0080 36 hours ago

caller had heavy accent, said he calls me about my windows operating system. I hung up!

(360) 322-6708 36 hours ago

Scammer. Blocked. Love my call reject!

(312) 402-4212 36 hours ago

Fount on the web: "sweetmommybear@gmail.com ,or call us at 312-402-4212"

(702) 724-7198 36 hours ago

Called the number back. They answered "Radio Trivia how may I help you?" Then I hung up.

(704) 632-6101 37 hours ago

some woman called me from this number today looking for a criminal who was dating my ex spouse 14 years ago.

(202) 697-9958 37 hours ago

Scam artist said we are receiving a grant from DCS and that he needed a $320 transfer fee to send money. He gives a fake tracking code and info but it is a scam

(360) 362-0900 37 hours ago

Sprint spaming my phone

(630) 318-4762 37 hours ago

Recorded message started out with something about credit. I don't use credit, and hung up!

(401) 601-2099 38 hours ago

He had my name and address correct but thought I was a common dope like him. Wanted to clean my flue. Ha!
If they knew what they were doing they would not have to call me, I would call them. I hope nobody gets scammed by them. Be aware! They are out there!

(214) 974-0907 38 hours ago

Phone call from American Alarm. Did not answer and caller did not leave a message on the answering machine. Assume that this is an alarm monitoring company that wants to "give" me a free alarm system and charge me for monitoring it. Telemarketer. Put them on the call blocker.

(949) 586-6872 38 hours ago

Same here .. so annoying ..

(814) 863-6062 38 hours ago

I found this via a Google Search for this number.

Scott M. Hofer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Dept. of Human Development and Family Studies
110 South Henderson
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
P: (814) 863-6062
F: (814) 863-9423

(602) 904-6160 38 hours ago

They continue to call here looking for someone they've been told doesn't live here.

(888) 565-0201 38 hours ago

Hilton Grand Vacation

(218) 573-6958 38 hours ago

They called again today and left no message. I called back and got "The number you dialed is not a working number."

(819) 777-5371 38 hours ago

This idiot has been calling for the last 3 days multiple times...blocked him and will prank dial him many times back.

(219) 267-0960 39 hours ago

The caller ID actually said the number twice. It originates from Gary, IN

(801) 610-6271 39 hours ago

They called me 3 times and no answer.

(319) 369-4609 39 hours ago

Called but didn't leave any message.

(360) 322-6663 39 hours ago

Have a whistle ready; press 1; when someone (live) starts to speak; blow the whistle. Gives me great satisfaction to know they can't hear for a few minutes.

(315) 285-9925 39 hours ago

Pressed 1 and blew a whistle in their ear when someone started talking. It doesn't matter if you press 3, they just change their number and call again. How many times do you have to report them to the FCC--they keep changing their number and location. Getting fed up with them! Hopefully they will get the message when they are on the other end of a whistle!

(909) 694-2180 39 hours ago

We get tons of ghost calls from the 909 area code all the time. This is just one of the daily numbers. If you answer and say hello, no one is there. if you let the answering machine pick it up, no one ever leaves a message. I have no idea who this is, but I suspect it is a telemarketer. If I find out, I will repost here.

(214) 306-7738 39 hours ago

No one will answer--blew a whistle--hope it hurt their eardrum!

(352) 387-4020 39 hours ago

Anyone know this number and who it is in Ocala, Florida?

(719) 602-3662 39 hours ago

CL TX is exactly right - I called 855-818-0625. The Citizen Link recording said to "press 2 to be added to our list" so at first I was hesitant. But I pressed 2 anyway. Then it gives you the option to press 1 to remove the number you are calling from from their calling list (pressing 2 adds your number). Then the recording repeats back your number that it knows you are calling from and then asks you to press 1 to confirm removal. Then it says "your number will be removed from our calling list. Thank you. Goodbye." Let's hope this works! They had been calling us all the time.

(281) 930-6808 39 hours ago

Flagrant violation of DNC. Scam selling worthless extended vehicle warranty. No legitimate business violates DNC to solicit customers.

(856) 295-9713 39 hours ago

Don't answer!

(512) 504-7318 39 hours ago

Nothing after recorder answers.

(404) 891-5588 40 hours ago

got call on my cell phone from bad caller 95, i have NOT given my cell phone number out AND i am on the DNC list. i didn't answer and rejected call.

(620) 263-3533 40 hours ago

Called claiming to update our free subscription to a magazine we're not subscribed to. Told them I'm not interested and hung up. Received call from the same number a couple days earlier claiming to offer merchant credit card (ACH) services. Believe this to be a scam.

(360) 322-6714 40 hours ago

Someone please explain to me how we can spend MILLIONS in tax dollars to spy on Americans but we won't bother with these scamming JERKS who keep calling and wasting my time and minutes.


(571) 659-4506 40 hours ago

Has called several times leaving no message,

(717) 238-5396 40 hours ago

Called cell phone, left no voice mail.

(877) 277-4882 40 hours ago

Now that I know who these people really are I am laying in wait for them to call me back. Credit and collection CEO"S??????? and the scum who work for them are the m scum of the earth. These scums, lie, harass, intimidate, threaten, bully and torment anyone's peace of mind and well being. No person in this world deserves this over an unpaid bill that is over 10 years old. I do know this is a federal violation punishable by fines mandated by FDCPA. Get all the information you can collect from them regarding your debt. Get the origination date of the "alleged" bill and the original amount of the "alleged" bill. Get the original debtor. Find out the date they themselves acquired this debt. Get their names, address, phone number. Write down they dates they call you and the dates they continue to call you. You can get money from these people. I have done it twice and will continue to do so. There are collection attorneys who go after them vigorously. My attorney made over $7,000. I did not care if I made a single dime but I did. Catch them and turn them in. Make money off these lawbreakers. Do not let them get by with this. I can hardly wait until they call me back again. It will be easy money to me. Make their life as miserable as they make/made yours.

(717) 238-5396 40 hours ago

Called my cell phone. Did not leave a message.

(877) 336-7378 41 hours ago

UPS keeps calling and asking how they can help with my problem? The only problem is their computer voice keeps calling!

(703) 272-4699 41 hours ago

We use our recorder to screen. It's just irritating to hear it ring and no message.

(405) 563-7921 41 hours ago

phone rang, before I could answer it quit. no message was left, no name showed on the caller id. this call was to my cell phone

(888) 565-0201 42 hours ago

No voicemail left.

(855) 890-5809 42 hours ago

Call from Delta Management Associates, a debt collection firm based in Chelsea, MA.

(131) 827-7904 42 hours ago

Me: "hello".... Scammer: "Can I speak to the owner?" .... Pause... Me: "hello".... Scammer: "Are you the owner?"....Pause... Me: "hello".... And that is where the scammer hung up. We are on the do not call list, but they do not care.

(773) 492-2853 42 hours ago

Caller ID only says Illinois. No msg left

(618) 988-0276 42 hours ago

They just call and say nothing. Irritating when they do it every day.

(541) 728-0795 43 hours ago

No messages, just keeps calling.

(800) 600-8051 43 hours ago

This phone number was received on an official-looking letter from 'Vehicle Services Department'. If I don't call in 5 days then they will revoke my eligibility for coverage because my factory warranty coverage may have already expired! Oh no! I sold the vehicle over a year ago. Idiots. I read on scaminvestigatorblog dot com that this is a way to trick people into calling the company to buy overpriced coverage. That is a problem if you actually already have coverage that really didn't expire. Don't call them.

(402) 330-4659 43 hours ago

Banfield Pet Hospital at Petsmart

(240) 347-4525 43 hours ago

NCO Collections with a 54321 Zip Code according to to WHOCALLED.US
Call appears to be foreign land(s).

(414) 232-5011 43 hours ago

On returning the call, the intercept message said the Verizon number had been changed, disconnected or no longer in service.
Good trick. Guess I won't get my free cruise, huh?

(503) 734-5405 43 hours ago

Choices Insurance
61510 S Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97702
(503) 734-5405
Do you need insurance protection for your home, auto, watercraft, RVs or other personal items? Choices can help you find the right insurance for whatever your need may be!
Insurance Agency, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Insurance


(407) 205-0295 43 hours ago

Several calls lately, all hours of the day/evening. Don't know them, don't want them. What's their game?

(786) 475-3793 43 hours ago

Just got a call from this company. My grandson answered the phone the guy is some Indian by the last name of Santarini!. He ask my grandson if I'm with him he says no. He's inside the house I'm outside mowing the lawn. Then he tells him if I don't call him back he's going to call children services? REALLY? This jerk needs to have his balls tied around his throat. How insane to tell a child that. Number one you should not being talking to a child and number 2 your threat just won you a law suit.

(406) 577-1225 44 hours ago

Does not leave message. Has been calling for weeks now.

(813) 490-6939 44 hours ago

Vology - I have told them many times we don't need or want their services and they still call. Thank god for Caller ID. They are more expensive for used gear than I can get new gear for... Seriously... Stop calling Steve...

(919) 112-7896 44 hours ago

Got call from this number this morning April 14, 2014 8:54 AM EDT. Rang only 2 times. Caller ID says NAME UNAVAILABLE. Tried calling it back using my phone's number privacy feature but got no ringing sound -- line stayed silent and disconnected.

(801) 999-2550 44 hours ago


(315) 285-9925 44 hours ago

these pieces of dirt call at all hours and it says survey...just another card services scam and when you press 3 to discontinue calls they still harass you

(800) 258-8074 45 hours ago

Has called 4 or 5 times at about 8:15 am. When I haven't answered, there is no message. When I did answer, I heard a click then disconnect. My estranged adult daughter has had debt issues off and on for years so I suspect they're looking for her, as we have the same last name. I AM on the no call list. I also had a call from a different number a few days ago, saying they were looking for someone I had never heard of. I've had the same number for over 7 years.

(727) 938-0000 46 hours ago

robocaller announces: This is the US federal data corporation
and then is too stupid to properly cross connect the call ...

(340) 460-9915 46 hours ago

Calls repeatedly nearly every day. Does not leave messge.

(626) 207-7215 46 hours ago

Called about my Reader's Digest subscription. I don't have a Reader's Digest subscription.

(406) 235-1293 46 hours ago


(800) 536-1584 46 hours ago

Call came from unknown location to Kansas at 08:50-J on 4-14-2014. Call not answered and no message left. Caller ID said "Toll Free Call". Others report debt collection, others faced credit card pitches. Regardless-- unload.

(512) 936-0080 48 hours ago

left no message

(585) 633-1792 48 hours ago

got a call at 6:30 in the morning, I could,nt understand him clearly because of his accent and background noise

(626) 338-8932 48 hours ago

Usual "lower your interest rate" scammer

(623) 518-3000 49 hours ago

Company Name: Extra Electrical, INC
Address: 5728 W. Cholla St., Glendale, AZ, 85304
Phone: 623-518-3000
Skill and Technology that we bring to each and every job/ we stand behind our work, Quality & pride in craftsmanship.


(201) 285-5421 49 hours ago

"Welcome to VONAGE" - Definitely Telephone company solicitation. Message left was garbled, like something off "The Ring" movie. Unintelligible. Called back and got the VONAGE center message.

(877) 237-0512 50 hours ago

research found out this one buys up old debt- looks up phone records of anyone from US with similar names- and calls at times-- not legal times..., also a collections for tmobile. never had tmobile, also called my land line 4 times yesterday, never left answer on answering machine. rule of thumb i use if no msg left whom they are, whom they wish to speak to, and anything with any combo of 800 numbers, it does not get answered or a call back.

(951) 392-3354 52 hours ago

Ex-Press Pest Control
Hemet, CA, 92544
(951) 392-3354

Our company provides various pest control services with 30 day and 60 day warranty. Emergency services and affordable prices. Call us now!


(251) 422-3112 53 hours ago

Personal Comfort Heating & Air
2080 Laura Dr, Semmes, AL, 36575
(251) 422-3112

Best HVAC Contractor for all Semmes, AL region.


(612) 685-0440 53 hours ago

Krech Lawn Services, Inc.
637 11th Ave N, South St Paul, MN, 55075
(612) 685-0440

Offers a number of horticultural services for Commercial , Residential & Townhome associations !


(757) 209-2056 53 hours ago

I get multiple calls from this number, no name. Phone rings one time and they hang up. Anyone know who this is?

(801) 641-7863 54 hours ago

Its my cell phone

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